Chapter 839 – Secret

“Wait, aren’t you the reincarnated Huan Qing Yan?”

“No, I’m just a wandering ghost. I was wandering for ten thousand years in the spatial passage with no way to reincarnate or leave. But one day, I suddenly found a baby passing through the passage, so I forced the original soul out and entered the baby’s body, which is the body of Huan Qing Yan; finally becoming a person…”

Huan Qing Yan was almost petrified.

She always thought that she was the one who had taken the body of the reincarnated girl, but it was the reincarnated girl who forcefully occupied another person’s body. So the reincarnated girl is not the original owner as well?

No, no, no, something is wrong!

The tattered small person said again, “I am a ten thousand year wandering ghost, so my soul is exceptionally strong. I could restore myself even if only a speck of my soul remained. Ji Mo Ya did burn me to death at that time, but I nourished a strand back afterward…”

So that’s why.

“Therefore, you don’t need to kill me again. I can resurrect infinitely as long as I have a shred of will inside your body. Let me go back to the wandering soul dimension so that we can end this ill-fated relationship.” The tattered small person pleaded.

“How can I believe your words? You are such a liar!” Huan Qing Yan said coldly.

The tattered small person has no facial expressions, it also lacked limbs, and so was looking vulnerable. Compared with the strong Late-Stage True Spirit Master Huan Qing Yan, the broken doll was like something made out of paper; she cannot withstand it if Huan Qing Yan if wanted to kill her.

“I will tell you another secret then, you might be the real Huan Qing Yan! Someone used some sort of rebirth technique to recall you, the original soul of the baby that I forced out. You are the baby from an upper plane, not from the Spirit Treasure Continent. Please let me go, I have already told you this secret…” The tattered small person anxiously begged for mercy.

Huan Qing Yan was stunned, really?

Is she a baby from the upper plane?

Huan Qing Yan said subconsciously, “You are fooling me!”

“I didn’t lie to you, I guess this wandering soul dimension is the passage connecting the Spirit Treasure Continent with other upper planes…”

Huan Qing Yan continued after the surprise, “Why don’t you continue to hide and then take back this body when I’m in trouble?”

“I can’t take it back! You are the original soul; plus, your cultivation is progressing at a tremendous pace, which leaves me no chance to do it. Just let me go! You will probably go through this passage in the future, as we have known each other, I will definitely help you…”

Huan Qing Yan pondered for a moment, “Fine, you can go then.”

She glanced at Ji Mo Ya and opened the golden box, a pale white mass flew out from her mind.

Ji Mo Ya acted swiftly and imprisoned the reincarnated girl with his divine sense the moment it left Huan Qing Yan.

The tattered small person was terrified and said: “You, you guys… didn’t you say you will let me go?”

Huan Qing Yan smiled at Ji Mo Ya, “Husband, how can you be so smart, you cooperated so well with just one look from me.”

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Ji Mo Ya thin lips curled up cheerfully, showing that he was satisfied with her flattery.

Looking at the small person who was sealed by his divine sense, Ji Mo Ya said: “It’s so weird, how is this remnant soul still alive?”

Huan Qing Yan repeated the words that the reincarnated girl had said earlier and added, “If what she said is true, then she can’t be left alone. It’s like letting the tiger return to the mountain. If it is necessary for us to pass through this passage in the future, this might become a big problem.”

Ji Mo Ya nodded and praised, “You are aware of this, not bad. My little girl is getting more and more cautious.”

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