Chapter 838 – Fortunes Of Dragon Phoenix

Who knows, maybe opening the boxes might give them clues to Huan Qing Yan’s memories.

Huan Qing Yan did as she was told and opened the box in the middle. There was a golden scroll inside.

She unfolded the scroll and saw the word: Fortunes Of Dragon Phoenix.

There was a detailed explanation at the back of the scroll: Fortunes Of Dragon Phoenix, a couple combat skill. Suitable for cultivators possessing a Dragon Spirit Treasure and a Phoenix Spirit Treasure, it can be used after establishing a Heart Union Knot. Learning it will enhance attack, defense, and speed. Sharing the life force of each other… A rare combat skill…

“Looks powerful.” Huan Qing Yan said sourly. “It is my first time seeing a rare combat skill. Too bad there isn’t any Phoenix Spirit Treasure on the continent. This skill would’ve suited you nicely.”

Ji Mo Ya snorted, “Nothing useful, but it is a rare skill. Let’s keep it for now.”

This reminded Huan Qing Yan, “Right, we can sell it for some money, or keep it as a family heirloom in case our future son is has a Dragon Spirit Treasure…”

Ji Mo Ya chuckled at her suggestion, “That sounds good, very farsighted.”

He does not want to break the truth to her. The more powerful cultivators become, the less chance it was for them conceive a baby. Unless they use a secret technique; but even with that, the chance of success is slim.

But he was tempted by her thought of them having a son together…

“Of course, didn’t you know I am a person with vision?” Huan Qing Yan said proudly.

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The first box contained the couple combat skill, Fortunes Of Dragon Phoenix. They proceeded to open the second box, but there was nothing inside except for a black vortex…

This black vortex possessed a very powerful force within.

As if it was connected to another world.

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Just at this moment, deep within her mind, something moved…

It was a broken shadow of a small human. It was trying to escape from her mind, wanting to jump into the black vortex in the box!

There was a sudden sound, “Pop!”

Huan Qing Yan had closed the box, severing the connection with the black vortex.

Huan Qing Yan used her conscious and caught the little broken shadow before she analyzed it. To her surprise, it was…

The Reincarnated Girl!

The Reincarnated Girl is still alive!

Huan Qing Yan was dumbfounded at what she was seeing, “Reincarnated Girl, how are you still alive? Have you been hiding this whole time?”

The little broken shadow was so scared she burst into tears. “Please, Huan Qing Yan, let me go. Let me go back. I promise I will never disturb you anymore…”

When Ji Mo Ya brought Huan Qing Yan to the dungeon of Holy City to see Huan Meng Yue and Jin Da Zhong the last time she was there, she had felt the Reincarnated Girl’s presence, as if she was still alive. But it was an instantaneous feeling, and she had not thought about it after.

She had then forgotten about it. Who knew that the Reincarnated Girl was still alive!

Her will to survive was stronger than a cockroach.  Truly unbelievable.

She would not die even when Ji Mo Ya used his Heart’s Fire to burn her. What is this sorcery?

“How are you not dead? How were you hiding this whole time without me noticing? Where are you going? Where does the black vortex lead to? Tell me everything, and I might just spare you!”

Ji Mo Ya, who was standing beside her, did not interrupt. This lass had stopped moving again. There must be something happening with her. I will watch over her silently and wait till later to open the box.

“I will, I will tell you everything I know. The vortex in the box is a passage connecting to another world. I am just a wandering soul who has been roaming this passage for a thousand years…” said the Reincarnated Girl.

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