Chapter 195: A Serious Illness Needs a Strong Medicine

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character finally sent Yang Pei Er out. However, the price he had to pay was that he had to wait until this girl was willing and then treat her to a meal.

When Su Ke walked back to the classroom after morning self-study, he didn’t expect the results to be posted so early. Just as he walked in, Wang Xiao Gang waved at him and said, “Boss Su Ke, come over her!”

Wang Xiao Gang was exceptionally shocked as he exclaimed, “Boss Su Ke, you’re so awesome! Top of the class, top level in three subjects, and 50th rank in the whole school!”

Once he finished, he then glanced at Wei Lan and Su Ke followed his gaze, “What is it?”

Su Ke noticed that Wei Lan was lying on her table, sobbing spasmodically, her body trembling in bursts.


“Hai, she didn’t do very well on the exam! Boss Su, you didn’t know, but now you’re the top of the class and Wei Lan is second. However, you’re ranked 50th in the school while she’s ranked 70th. How could she not be sad!?”

Wang Xiao Gang then shook his head, feeling like it was a pity.

He pointed a the results list and said, “Boss, I’m already ranked below 490 and I didn’t have that big of a reaction!”

As soon as Wang Xiao Gang was finished, Su Ke walked away and headed towards Wei Lan.

Wang Xiao Gang slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “I can’t take it, have a girlfriend and lose your humanity!”


When the results came out, Su Ke felt like his classmates looked at him differently.

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With every step he took, he attracted a lot of gazes of envy of jealous.

Even when he caused a stir on the forum, he didn’t attract this much attention.

Su Ke arrived by her side and softly asked, “What happened?”

Wei Lan had buried her head in her arms, her body trembling as she tried restraining her sobs.

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Su Ke lightly touched her arm and worryingly asked, “Why are you crying?”

“What are you doing!?”

When Wei Lan looked up, her face that was filled with baby-fat was covered in tears.

Her eyes were bright red as she glared at Su Ke and her small and lovable nose flared as she breathed. The tear-stained face of a beauty really made people’s hearts hurt.


Even though he obviously knew the reason for her tears, Su Ke acted like he was clueless, hoping that he could divert her attention.

“Is it because I did really well on the exam this time so you were too emotionally moved?”

When Wei Lan heard that, it instantly made her originally bad mood worse. She was able to stop crying when he touched her, but now, it was like a dam had burst. Her head drooped like she was about to lie back onto the table.

Su Ke didn’t expect that not only would he fail to divert her attention, but he would also provoke more trouble. With a flustered expression, he quickly reached out his hand, and right before Wei Lan laid her head on the table, his arm crushed by her head. However, since his movements were too sudden and he didn’t grasp the right timing, as soon as her head reached his arm, his hand accidentally touched her chest. Even though Wei Lan knew that she was crushing Su Ke’s arm, her tears were coming out like a waterfall and she was too embarrassed to lift her head.


There was a cold feeling on his arm from where the tears fell, making his heart feel complicated.  After all, his fingers were touching her soft little rabbit.

Su Ke was instantly struck dumb by the situation. Her summer uniform was extremely thin, so he could clearly feel her soft and tender skin through his fingers. Even though Wei Lan was not exaggeratedly developed, her chest was as tall and straight as a crisp pear or a green bamboo shoot. However, Wei Lan was in such a depressed mood because of her exams, she still hadn’t realized that her chest had been attacked. She could only bury her head in Su Ke’s arm and cry bitterly. Her body trembled as she sobbed, accidentally pressing Su Ke’s hand against her chest even more.


His face flushed red and his heartbeat accelerated before he audibly gulped and said, “Don’t cry. A lot of people in the class are watching, it’s not good!”

Wei Lan remained unmoved and mumbled, “…You say what you want to say, I’ll cry what I want to cry.”

“Isn’t it just a monthly exam? It’s not even college entrance exams, so not being up to standard is quite possible!”

However, Wei Lan continued to cry, so all he could do was plead with her, “Is it because of our bet? It’s just a kiss! If you’re that uncomfortable with it, I won’t, okay?”

Su Ke felt like he was playing the piano to a cow. This lass seemed like she didn’t even register a word. At this time, Su Ke also noticed that he had become the center of attention for the whole classroom. More and more people were looking at him; his entire body felt like it was on fire.


Su Ke took a deep breath and pulled a long face, speaking through clenched teeth, “Elder Sister, I beg you to stop crying. How about I help you cry!?”

Using force during a chaotic time, a serious illness needs strong medicine.

At wits’ end, Su Ke finally decided to use his ultimate tactic.

After all, his fingers had already crossed back and forth across the ball of flesh for like five minutes, “Wei Lan, if you continue crying, I’ll have to use my perverted claws!”

As expected, Wei Lan still didn’t have any reaction.

“I’ve asked you many times already! If you still don’t speak, I’ll take it that you agree!”

Su Ke said as he focused on Wei Lan’s movements. Her heartbeat obviously accelerated, the ba-thump, ba-thump of her heartbeat like the sound of a drum when an army marches to war.

“Do it!” Su Ke inwardly said. The arm that had been crushed by Wei Lan suddenly went deeper. The fingers on his right hand spread open, like a pincer, quickly grabbing onto the ball of flesh he had been touching.


He pinched his fingers and his palms were suddenly filled with soft, elastic, and smooth flesh. His hand touched something soft, elastic and smooth. Like a sponge or a water balloon, the top half of her chest was uncovered. At the same time, an electric current from the tips of his fingers quickly spread to his entire body, making him completely numb.

“You!” He didn’t know when, but Wei Lan was looking up at him with a stupefied expression. Her cheeks were bright red and her entire body was stiff and unmoving.

When she felt her chest being groped by Su Ke, she didn’t dare explode. Her heart was in her throat and her mind was utterly blank. The right side of her chest actually felt like it was swelling. Exam? Rank? All that mess had been abandoned to a faraway place, thrown to Java.

When Su Ke saw that he had finally stopped Wei Lan’s tears, he awkwardly coughed and quickly pulled his hand back. However, who knew that his brain would give such a chaotic order and actually pinch her again, twice.

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