Chapter 196: I Want You!

Like pinching a honey peach in his hand, it seemed possible that water would come out at any time. The elasticity transmitted from his fingertips was like a wave of water. Although he loved it too much to leave it, kneading a girl’s chest in front of a crowd, only the rash Su Ke2Su KeMain Character would dare to do it. Wei Lan stared at Su Ke with a blank expression before pointing at her chest where he was pinching her. A numb and swelling feeling quickly shot throughout her body, causing her to lose control of her body.

“You!” Wei Lan’s voice was like a mosquito, her face bright red.

Su Ke finally returned to his senses with those words. He glanced around unnaturally for a moment, and although people looked at him, Wei Lan’s posture was good. His attacking hand happened to be blocked from view, so he gave a sigh of relief before retracting it.

When he did so, Wei Lan’s body was like a deflated ball before relaxing itself.

He didn’t know when, but there was sweat on her delicate little nose, some panting, and her voice trembled, “Hateful!”

Su Ke scratched his head, “I asked you for permission first!”

Although the excuse sounded bad, fortunately, Wei Lan finally recovered, her eyes slightly red and her tears disappeared.

When the bell rang, Su Ke seized the opportunity to quickly flee back to his seat with a red face. He didn’t expect that he would be able to do that kind of thing; his heartbeat was still really intense. As the morning wore on, two weird things happened that made him more confused.

Wei Lan would turn around and look at him during each class with sorrowful eyes and a shy expression. Also, no matter which teacher walked into the classroom, they would stare right at him. Male and female teachers were like this.

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After a while, school finally ended and he was packing up his books, thinking about whether to ask Liu Qing Qing out for a meal.

After all, he not only promised Liu Fei Hong to spend more time with her sister, but she was also quite likable. However, now he had all kinds of requests, so he had to plan carefully.

Just as Su Ke had decided to leave, someone suddenly shouted his name, “Su Ke!”

When he looked around, he was really surprised to see it was a girl he knew but had no contact with before.

He walked up to her and she smiled and said, “Can we have a meal together at noon?”

Su Ke was a bit puzzled, but since she took the initiative, he naturally couldn’t refuse; simply nodding his head and exclaiming, “Of course, I’ll pay!”

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When Ren Tian heard that Su Ke had simply agreed to her invitation, her slightly pale face carried a smile and her eyes became as bright as spring. She was wearing a simple frock that fit her well-proportioned body and her hair drooped over her shoulder. Her figure was as graceful and slim as a younger sister of Dai Yu (1).

Even her voice was really soft and very sweet.

Her thin cheeks carried a slight blush, making her look a bit shy and embarrassed as she said, “He he, how can that be? I should be the one paying!”

In a flash, Su Ke was like a nerve connected to the wrong line. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking like a girl facing a rogue villain, “Let me say this first: I am not a casual person!”

Ren Tian was stunned at first, trying to figure out what Su Ke was doing.

Her phoenix eyes flashed with doubt as she dazedly stared at Su Ke before she finally realized his true meaning, ‘Pfffft’

She pointed her green jade-like hand and covered her small mouth with the other, “I didn’t expect you to be so humorous!”

“Let’s go first!”

Ren Tian then walked in front and Su Ke followed behind.

When he looked at her from behind, he noticed that she was skinnier than he imagined.

If he guessed right, she should be around 1.6-1.7M and not even 80 jin (~40kg).

Her waist was slightly more than one grip, and as she walked, her butt didn’t move much.

If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t notice it. However, compared to Li Fei Fei’s outstanding butt, it was a lot less plump. The feeling that Ren Tian gave Su Ke was like she was sick. However, he didn’t know whether it was because of her own physical reasons, the stress from learning, or her nutrition. The more he thought about it, the more he looked at the long dress she wore today.

It had a simple style; white chiffon adorned with intricate embellishments. However, it seemed rather outdated. It was spotless, but there seemed to be slight damage at the shoulders. Moving down, he saw that she was wearing a pair of thin blue leather sandals that were a little faded from time. That all but confirmed Su Ke’s suspicion that this lass must be constrained because of her family’s conditions. Studying hard while not getting enough nutrients will lead to her kind of pale face. Thinking until there, Su Ke could only insist on going to the cafeteria to eat.

Su Ke suddenly turned and started going downstairs, making Ren Tian confused.

She thought about it for a moment before finally realizing the reason, causing her to smile and say, “You’re the one who asked to eat at the cafeteria! It’s not that I’m not sincere!”

Su Ke simply shrugged his shoulders and asked, “How could I?”

Although he didn’t know why Ren Tian came to ask him out for a meal, it was most likely to express her gratitude. In any case, he saved her life.

As soon as they entered the cafeteria, everyone around started staring at them. Since Su Ke had the reputation of pedaling three boats, as long as he walked in the school, he always attracted attention. Especially today, Su Ke had added another girl to his side. He was now at four ships!

It really provoked anger and complaints, attracting a lot of eyes.

The two of them then ordered their food and sat down face to face.

Ren Tian took in a breath and tried to calm herself down, but her heart kept beating uneasily.

This was her first time eating with a boy, and she was the one who had taken the initiative!

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for saving me!”

The eyes of the people around her seemed to have sensed her awkwardness, causing her heartbeat to accelerate faster. Her face flushed red, but she when Su Ke’s soft smile, her body relaxed a lot before she exclaimed, “Um… I want you!”


Su Ke had originally wanted to say something rude, but when he heard her words, he was dumbstruck. His eyes were as wide as a brass bell. Inwardly, he was wondering if his charisma had become way too strong. If he saved them from any kind of incident, they would come drooling after him. However, this girl was too direct!

Su Ke’s face was as red as a monkey’s butt and full of embarrassment, “What did you say? You, you want me?”

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1. A character from A Dream of Red Mansions
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