Chapter 197: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s head was full of black lines as he repeated it with his mouth.

When he saw that Ren Tian was even more embarrassed, he waved his hands rapidly.

He didn’t know if it was because of excitement or nervousness, but this girl spoke intermittently, her face bright red, “No, no! I mean that I want you for something!”

Su Ke was unable to process the current situation, but he still smiled and said, “I have something to do!”

Ren Tian took a few deep breaths before finally calming down.

Su Ke stared at her and saw that she was tightly clenching both of her fists until blue blood vessels appeared on her white skin.

“I mean, I want you to help me with my homework!”

After giving her true meaning, Ren Tian finally relaxed and stared at Su Ke with hopeful eyes.

During morning self-study, it wasn’t only Su Ke’s class that announced their results; all the third grade classes were like this, so Ren Xiao saw the whole level ranking. She didn’t know why, but when she saw her name fall from the top hundred, she immediately searched for Su Ke’s name.

Ren Tian’s previous performance wasn’t bad- she was about rank 80. The difference between her 80 and Su Ke’s 50 wasn’t big, but Ren Tian saw that Su Ke was at the top in mathematics by scoring a 148/150. Mathematics has always been a girl’s weakness. Of course, this was not absolute, but Ren Tian’s was slightly more serious. It didn’t look so hard to improve her mathematics and rush to rank 50. Su Ke stared at Ren Tian, and although her face was red, he was faintly aware of her sickly paleness. Her phoenix eyes were very beautiful, bright and filled with expectations. However, when he thought about how he had a part-time job and that he didn’t have much time, he hesitated.

Ren Tian noticed Su Ke’s hesitation and her face paled even more as she anxiously exclaimed, “When we were on the roof you said that you would help me!”

Indeed, as Su Ke suspected, Ren Tian’s family situation was rather difficult. Her mother had severe high blood pressure and cannot work, her father is just a taxi driver, and the whole family’s expenses relied on his salary. As a high school student and a girl, the only real way she could help her family was complete her studies, enter a good university, and get a good job after graduation. The constant pressure made her thinner and thinner as time went on. The stronger the psychological burden, the more despair she felt, even having suicidal thoughts after the last test results were released. An introverted girl, taking the initiative to find a relatively unfamiliar boy for help, needed a lot of pressure and motivation. She had only one idea at the moment, and that is to get to the top of mathematics by asking Su Ke to help her.

When Su Ke saw that Ren Tian’s eyes were a little red, he suddenly panicked and said, “Ren Tian, don’t worry! Listen to me!” Wei Lan had already cried this morning, and now there is Ren Tian, how could he not be at a loss? What made him unable to refuse was that if this girl tried to do another foolish thing because of his refusal, it would be difficult to escape the blame.

“I’m willing to help you!”

When Su Ke finished, Ren Tian’s eyes immediately lit up as he quickly continued, “But I have a part-time job at night, so I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time to help you!”

“You have a part-time job?” Ren Tian was stunned by his words. She didn’t expect that Su Ke was still working. This year’s 3rd-year high school students were all under a lot of pressure and their parents were hopeful that their children can get into a good school. If he’s still working at this time, looks like Su Ke’s family situation isn’t much better than her own.

The kind of camaraderie as impoverished people made Ren Tian have an indescribable feeling towards Su Ke as she exclaimed, “I will not take up too much of your time!”

 “En!” Su Ke muttered to himself for a little while, looking at Ren Tian; he could understand her mood. When he heard that his parents were losing sleep over his grades, the feeling he had when he couldn’t quickly improve by leaps and bounds is exactly what she’s probably feeling!

Su Ke nodded heavily and said, “Good! Although I might not have much time, I will try my best to help you!”

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When Ren Tian saw Su Ke finally nod and agree, the stone in her heart lifted, “Thank you!”

She then suddenly stood up and tried to bow to express her gratitude to Su Ke, but he quickly stood up and yelled, “Don’t!”

That’s when he noticed that Ren Tian became a lot paler than before, her body shaking involuntarily and her eyes blurred. Su Ke quickly grabbed the stool and ran over. Sure enough, after Ren Tian’s body swayed two or three times, she suddenly tilted and fell.

Luckily though, Su Ke arrived at the right time and caught her in his arms.

Su Ke hugged Ren Tian from the side and looked at her closed eyes, “Ren Tian! Ren Tian!”

However, there was no reaction at all since she suddenly fainted. Su Ke then surveyed the area. At this time, someone had discovered the peculiarity here, but no one came forward.

Su Ke was in a hurry, so he princess-carried Ren Tian and directly rushed out of the cafeteria.

He quickly rushed to the infirmary and forced opened the door, “Is there anyone here!?”

Unfortunately for him though, there wasn’t a single doctor inside.

“F*ck!” Su Ke cursed in his heart.

Regardless, he directly put Ren Tian onto a bed and shouted a few times, but no one answered.

She was quietly lying on the bed with her eyes closed tight. Her long eyelashes hung above her eyes, looking pale and pitiful. Her breathing seemed to have become somewhat slow. Su Ke was as anxious as an ant standing on a frying pot, but nothing could be done.

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At this time, the system suddenly dinged with a new task for him, “Task: Perform CPR on Ren Tian. Reward: RMB 500.”

“Ah? CPR?” When Su Ke read the word CPR, he was stunned. He was completely ignorant of what happened to Ren Tian, but to ​​even use CPR, the situation was serious. However, since the situation gave him such a task, it seemed like the situation wasn’t too bad, indicating that it could be resolved. He heaved a sigh of relief since he was taught first aid during an emergency class set up by the school. He didn’t listen very seriously during that time, but he more or less remembered how to do it. Su Ke took a deep breath and looked at Ren Tian’s constantly moving chest, her double peaks reminding him of a delicate pigeon standing up.

He then slowly extended his hand…

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