Chapter 630: The space gate

“Believe it or not, I personally saw your father emperor…” Long Yi suddenly paused. Originally, he wanted to say that her father emperor had personally killed his own wife in order to swindle his Blue Sea Divine Soul, merely, just when he thought about Blue Sea Divine Soul, he suddenly understood something.

Blue Sea Divine Soul, yes, Blue Sea Divine Soul. The Sea Emperor had personally ended the life of his own wife for this Blue Sea Divine Soul, in addition, he had also lost all the treasures in his treasury for it. In the past, Long Yi had yet to understand why the Sea Emperor wanted this Blue Sea Divine Soul – why he paid such a huge price without any complaint – but now, he seemed to understand. To activate the magic formation carved in the magic core that could control the Sea Swallowing Beast, he might need the special energy contained in Blue Sea Divine Soul. Like that, the Sea Emperor would be able to use the Sea Swallowing Beast as he willed.

If this truly was the case, then … Long Yi sneered in his heart, the Sea Emperor gave his enemy a wife and lose soldiers to the enemy as well.

“I don’t believe it.” Martha took a deep breath and faintly said. She neither wanted to know nor dared to hear the explanation of Long Yi. In addition, she felt bitter in her heart because she knew that a rift was born between her and Long Yi. Now, that feeling of her accelerating heartbeat just a moment ago when Long Yi appeared seemed like a good dream.

Long Yi just shrugged his shoulders and sighed in his heart. No matter what scheme the Sea Emperor had, he still needed to cooperate with him to oppose the Heavenly Demon King.

At that time, Iron Shark suddenly rushed over in a hurry and said, “Master, Demon Shark has returned.”

The pupils of Long Yi shrunk, what the hell is the Sea Emperor doing? Didn’t I tell him to delay Demon Shark as long as possible? I have just arrived here, but he is already back, could it be that Sea Emperor is doing this intentionally? Long Yi quickly tossed aside this thought. Although this old fogey Sea Emperor was an astute and deep schemer, there was no benefit for the latter if he was exposed at this time. Moreover, they must rely on each other. The Sea Emperor was not stupid enough to destroy himself.

“Iron Shark, go and help me look for a set of heavy armor. I will disguise as a heavily armored guard and stand at your side.” Long Yi instructed as he guessed the reason for the quick return of Demon Shark.

“Yes, Master,” Iron Shark replied.

When Martha saw Iron Shark addressing Long Yi as Master, her emotions became complicated for some unknown reason.

When everything was arranged, Demon Shark had already entered the restricted zone of the underground base.

“Patriarch, how come you returned so early? Did the Sea Race Convention go smoothly?” Iron Shark went to welcome Demon Shark and asked.

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Demon Shark seemed to look and also not look at the two heavily armored guards behind Iron Shark and replied, “The Sea Race Convention went smooth. However, a problem occurred in Treasure Seizing Conference. I will tell you about it later. I returned quickly for a matter, but you don’t need to care about it. Just speed up the manufacturing process of heavily armored guards. They might come in handy very soon.”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Iron Shark respectfully watched Demon Shark walking down the circular staircase and entering the central passage that only Demon Shark was qualified to enter.

“Iron Shark, does this passage Demon Shark entered directly lead to the place where Heavenly Demon King is sealed?” Long Yi asked.

“Replying to Master, I don’t dare to confirm, but there must be something related to the Heavenly Demon King,” Iron Shark replied.

“Lead me to the entrance of that passage,” Long Yi instructed.

Iron Shark led Long Yi down the circular staircase. The manufacturing process of heavily armored guards was running in full swing. The slaves of various sea clans that were captured by Shark Clan were working desperately for their life. From time to time, physically weak slaves would collapse and the supervisor shark guards would kick them into a strange magic array emitting purple light below.

After walking down ten floors, Iron Shark pointed at a pitch black cave entrance and said, “Master, Demon Shark has entered this passage. There is a powerful barrier outside the cave entrance, and Demon Shark will detect even the slightest fluctuation in this barrier.”

“You don’t need to worry about it, I have my ways,” Long Yi indifferently replied. When Demon Shark had entered the restricted zone, Long Yi had boldly attached his spirit power on him. He betted that the awakened section of the Heavenly Demon King’s consciousness that was whole-heartedly focused on refining God’s spirit was basically too busy to spare any attention to this factory. As it now seemed, his gamble succeeded.

When Demon Shark entered this passage, a section of his spirit power attached to Demon Shark remained behind to maintain the hole in the barrier. Because the barrier was opened using normal means and hadn’t closed, no alarm was triggered. Therefore, Demon Shark was entirely unaware of it.

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Long Yi entered the passage without any obstruction in front of the surprised gaze of Iron Shark. Because of the remaining section of his spirit power, Long Yi could sense his location. At this moment, he was not far away.

Inside the passage, it was not as dark as it was seen from outside. There was one illumination pearl every dozen or so steps. Perhaps these pearls were too far apart, the light of these pearls appeared dim.

Long Yi followed behind Demon Shark neither closely nor slowly. He discovered that this passage was surprisingly long.

After an hour, Long Yi suddenly could no longer sense his spirit power attached to Demon Shark. He was startled and quickly rushed forward.

“Eh … Is this a space gate?” Long Yi gazed at the milky-white light door at the end of this passage and muttered. Other than in Dragon Island’s ancient battlefield of God and Demon, he was seeing this kind of space gate elsewhere for the first time. Merely, the space gate of Dragon Island required divine power to activate it, but he didn’t know whether this space gate also had a similar restriction.

Long Yi reached out his hand. When his finger just came into contact with that milky-white halo, he was absorbed in. A black and white light shone in front of his eyes, and he unexpectedly appeared inside an undersea cave filled with seawater. He didn’t know the source of this soft light, but he could clearly see even the lines on the walls.

Long Yi swam forward for a while and pressed his palm on the wall. He then felt a peculiar feeling which was also very familiar. He frowned and pondered.

Suddenly, Long Yi punched the wall. He finally recalled where he had felt this peculiar feeling before. At that time, when he, Yamei siblings, and Karl were passing through the undersea forest, they had discovered an undersea cave. The feeling of that cave walls was like this. He was absolutely sure. Later, because of the magic array of the cave wall, they were teleported to the Land of Holy Spirit.

“Could it be that this is Undersea Forest? Did Demon Shark come to see the Heavenly Demon King?” Long Yi thought and rushed forward.

Long Yi was inwardly annoyed with the complicated layout of this undersea cave, but he was suddenly able to sense his spirit power attached to Demon Shark again.

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