Chapter 111 – Evolution Projection

Flame Tackle

Metal Devouring War Wolf received another Flame Tackle from Wilderness Wolfman.

The corrosive effects of Dark Pierce were continually dealing damage to Metal Devouring War Wolf, which was why it was held in a passive state.

However, an attack from Wilderness Wolfman was not distinct against a Mid Rank 3 Commander Beast.


Xu Dafu released icicles on Metal Devouring War Wolf.

“It is about time that you do something as well.”

Yang Tian looked at the bone claw floating in the air; it was highly likely that it had been sent by the Zombie King, and Yang Tian does not plan to waste such a useful resource by not using it.

Yang Tian used his mental power in a bid to forcefully control the bone claw and when the bone claw detected a threat that was Yang Tian, it seems to understand the Yang Tian’s intent.


Bone Claw finally started attacking Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Metal Devouring War Wolf also seemed to have noticed that the bone claw was not simple and looked at it with viciousness.


Metal Devouring War Wolf released an angry roar, its eyes were filled with rage.

“Despicable” Metal Devouring War Wolf suddenly spoke human.

“Oh? It thinks that I am with the Zombie King?” Yang Tian thought.

Unfortunately, the bone claw was not bothered by that.

The newly created metal shield was corroded by the bone claw and, once again, shattered.


After destroying the metal shield, a green smoke suddenly appeared. 

“What a powerful corrosive poison.”

Yang Tian was able to determine what that green smoke was and was startled by its appearance.

The corrosive poison was the primary attacking method of the bone claw, even Metal Devouring War Wolf was very fearful of it and focused on dodging without attacking.

However, how could a battered and injured Metal Devouring War Wolf avoid it in the end?


The bone claw sliced away a front limb of Metal Devouring War Wolf, the corrosive poison spread through the body of Metal Devouring War Wolf from that injury it sustained.

Metal Devouring War Wolf was familiar with this corrosive poison and immediately got rid of the wound that was created by the bone claw. Although it looked as though Metal Devouring War Wolf was harming itself, had it not taken this action, only death awaited Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Flame Tackle

Wildness Wolfman and Xu Dafu were both watching Metal Devouring War Wolf nearby, they did not allow Metal Devouring War Wolf to rest and continued to force it to fight.

At this rate, Metal Devouring War Wolf would be tortured to death.

“You forced me.”

Metal Devouring War Wolf growled in human.

It was still a Captain-Class Commander Beast, the strength it could display before death was not to be belittled.

“Everyone step back.”

Yang Tian instructed Xu Dafu and Wilderness Wolfman, they immediately followed as ordered and slowly retreated.

Fortunately, Metal Devouring War Wolf was focusing on the bone claw, Xu Dafu and Wilderness Wolfman did not attract the attention of Metal Devouring War Wolf as they retreated.

The bone claw seems to have noticed Metal Devouring War Wolf’s plan and it chose not to withdraw; but, on the contrary, adjusted to its peak state.

The energy of Metal Devouring War Wolf rapidly increased and soon reached High Rank 3.

Ah Woo

A full moon appeared behind Metal Devouring War Wolf, the moon was releasing faint energy that entered its body.

“No wonder Metal Devouring War Wolf had the qualification to reach General-Class.”

Yang Tian was shocked at the scene happening in front of him.

None of the Captain-Class zombies in the zombie wave could reach the level of Metal Devouring War Wolf. If Metal Devouring War Wolf were replaced by any Captain-Class zombie, they would have already died.

Evolution Projection

Metal Devouring War Wolf used its chance to evolve to exchange for a temporary boost in battle power. Using Evolution Projection once would mean that the difficulty of it reaching General-Class would be multiply, also it might never be able to evolve for the rest of its life.

After the moonlight vanishes, Metal Devouring War Wolf’s strength had a significantly increase. A portion of its golden fur had turned silver, and the silver-white wolf was emitting frosty energy.

A silver shield appeared around Metal Devouring War Wolf. Compared to the metallic shield earlier, the silver shield was much more powerful in all aspects; and most importantly, it no longer feared the corrosive poison.

Metal Devouring War Wolf used its claws filled with sharp energy to attack the bone claw.


In this exchange, Metal Devouring War Wolf held the upper hand. The bone claw continued to clash with Metal Devouring War Wolf and cracks were appearing on the bone claw.

The second time was the same

The third time

Only allowed on

Tenth time

The bone claw was covered in dense cracks by now, any casual blow would likely shatter it into pieces.


Metal Devouring War Wolf unleashed a voice unlike a wolf, its ripples started appearing on its silver shield.

As Metal Devouring War Wolf ran, the ripples on the shield turned into offensive pulses.

The bone claw finally shattered with that attack. The instant the bone claw was destroyed, the Zombie King far away suddenly turned pale, a blood tear rolled out of an eye.

“We are retreating.”

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The current Metal Devouring War Wolf could not be easily taken down, they might even die if they got careless.

A struggle flashed within the eyes of Metal Devouring War Wolf, the Evolution Projection was about to end, it was not confident about taking down Yang Tian and his group in a short time.

A trace of determination appeared within the eyes of Metal Devouring War Wolf.

Ah Woo

The energy within Metal Devouring War Wolf exploded, it chose not to let Yang Tian and his group escape. 

Using the same method used on the bone claw, Metal Devouring War Wolf charged towards Yang Tian.

Metal Devouring War Wolf could see that Yang Tian was the pillar of the group, the former wanted to take down the head of the group first.

Dark Terror

Yang Tian did not plan to use this skill, but when he saw the charging Metal Devouring War Wolf, he had no choice but to act.

Darkness enveloped Metal Devouring War Wolf, the terror within its heart festered.

Since its birth till present, all the horrifying memories within its heart was expanded and wrapped around it.

However, after a short moment, Metal Devouring War Wolf had noticed that it was still in the back mountain. It was at that instant that it discovered that it had been struck by Yang Tian’s attack, and was enraged.

It charged towards Yang Tian once again.

However, Yang Tian was holding a golden mirror this time. Metal Devouring War Wolf felt dizziness before a new scenery appeared in front of it. Metal Devouring War Wolf assumed that it was Yang Tian’s doing again; but after a long time it still did not wake up, the scene in front of it was still realistic and familiar.

Double Illusion

After entering Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, if Metal Devouring War Wolf is not able to break the illusion, it would eventually die within the mirror.

Yang Tian had first used Dark Terror to deplete the mental power of Metal Devouring War Wolf, now that it was caught in Double Illusion, the death of Metal Devouring War Wolf was almost inevitable.

“Just wait to die!”

Yang Tian added a terror element within Double Illusion, even if it were to die, Metal Devouring War Wolf would not experience a peaceful death. Torturing has always been Yang Tian’s hobby, it is just that he had hidden it in his heart ever since his reincarnation. The death of Dark Storm Eagle had aroused the anger within Yang Tian.

Yang Tian looked at the body of Dark Storm Eagle and shook his head.

When Dark Storm Eagle used Life Burn, what it burnt was its energy crystal; the corpse of Dark Storm Eagle currently no longer has an energy crystal.

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