Chapter 112 – Z City

However, to Xu Dafu, it would be a rich supplement.

“Eat it.”

“Is… that okay?”

After all, it was once a companion who fought together with them, Xu Dafu was unable to accept that he has to devour its body after it had died.

“We are now in the post-apocalyptic era.”


The disgust halo of Carnivores made it hard for them to have companions, but Xu Dafu was able to continually have companions within the manor. Although the time that Dark Storm Eagle and Xu Dafu had spent together was not much, it would only be a matter of time before they become companions. That was why Xu Dafu had subconsciously treated Dark Storm Eagle as one of his companions.

Xu Dafu was slightly reluctant to eat it but he also understood Yang Tian’s meaning.

Xu Dafu started devouring Dark Storm Eagle.

The embryonic form of wings was already growing on Xu Dafu’s back, after completing the devouring this time, he would surely grow a pair of wings.

Moreover, the Dark Element within Dark Storm Eagle did not disappear when the latter died; it was also one of the reasons why Yang Tian wanted Xu Dafu to devour it.

“Don’t stop, endure it.”

Xu Dafu’s body started to turn oddly swollen, he was only a Rank 2 Carnivore while Dark Storm Eagle was a Rank 3 beast, but Yang Tian did not believe that this much was Xu Dafu’s limit. To put it another way, Carnivores basically did not possess the so-called limit, the formidability of Carnivores were all enforced by themselves.


The current Xu Dafu looked like a huge red balloon, yet he did not stop devouring until he devoured Dark Storm Eagle entirely.

“Bring him back.”

Yang Tian ordered Brain-Eating Terror Hog to carry Xu Dafu back, the wound on Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s chest had already stopped bleeding so it will have no problem taking Xu Dafu back now.

Yang Tian placed a red ball of meat on the back of Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the weight of the meatball nearly cause the latter’s wounds to crack open.

“The rest of you return together.”


Lei Xing and Wilderness Wolfmen followed behind Brain-Eating Terror Hog, the battle this time have left substantial injuries on the Wilderness Wolfmen and they would likely require some time before they could recover.

After everyone left, Yang Tian head to the Zombie King’s territory.

“The bone claw got destroyed, your situation should not be good as well.”

The zombie race could temporarily separate a part of their body, but if that part were destroyed, it would deal substantial injuries to the main body.

Yang Tian avoided the zombie sentries within the territory and quickly arrived at the accommodation of the Zombie King.

“Big Brother!”

Xiao Xiao appeared in front of Yang Tian.

Xiao Xiao, hidden within the darkness, made Yang Tian give off a shudder.

Is she still Xiao Xiao?

“Why are you here?”

The Zombie King appeared behind Xiao Xiao, but it was looking dispirited and listless.

“I am here to take a look at you.”

However, Yang Tian’s gaze was mostly on Xiao Xiao, she was indeed Xiao Xiao. However, Yang Tian sensed extreme danger coming from her, Yang Tian was confused about this.

“Rest assured, there are no problems.”

The Zombie King seems to be answering Yang Tian’s confusion.

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“I hope so.”

Yang Tian was having some regrets, he should not have allowed Xiao Xiao to remain with the Zombie King.

“She is very dangerous.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but comment.

Yang Tian frowned, he recalled something unpleasant.

“I hope it is not true, I hope it is not true…” Yang Tian repeated it seven times in his heart.

Yang Tian’s face even held a trace of madness as he did so.

“Wake up!”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen seemed to have noticed Yang Tian’s strange state and immediately called out to him.

Yang Tian was silent after he recovered.

“I hope you are not her.”

Yang Tian spoke each word slowly as he looked at Xiao Xiao.

After speaking, Yang Tian turned at left.

Yang Tian originally wanted to test the limits of the Zombie King while it was injured. However, Xiao Xiao’s change had caused Yang Tian to be exceptionally irritable.

“Are… you alright?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen carefully asked.

Unfortunately, Yang Tian only replied with silence.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had never seen Yang Tian in this state before.


Violent Corpse Worm Queen detected this emotion directly from Yang Tian.

Yang Tian seems to have become a source of dread, even the atmosphere was tainted with terror.

When Yang Tian returned to the manor.

Even Yang Tian’s tamed beasts dare not approach him.

After entering the small house.

Yang Tian remained indoors, until the next day.

When Yang Tian appeared on the second day, he was back to his original state. However, only Violent Corpse Worm Queen knew what happened last night, it was something she had never seen before in her life. It was unable to imagine how a human could create such a hell-like scene.

“B… boss?”

Wang Yu appeared in front of Yang Tian.

“Go ahead.”

“Dafu is getting more and more swollen.”

Xu Dafu’s size had increased over the night, but Yang Tian was immensely terrifying last night so no one had dared to approach him.

“There is no need to worry.”

Yang Tian assured Wang Yu, Yang Tian had never heard of an incident where a Carnivore had stuffed themselves to death.

“What did you see last night?”

After Wang Yu left, Yang Tian and Violent Corpse Worm Queen communicated.

“You are very terrifying, no wonder you did not display any fear when facing so many Commander-Tier Creatures.”

“I also want to see your strength.”

Ever since Violent Corpse Worm Queen had followed Yang Tian, it had never displayed its true abilities.

“There will be opportunities.”

Seeing Yang Tian powerful side, Violent Corpse Worm Queen had already thought of showing its worth in front of him. As an individual that possessed a King’s Bloodline of the Insect World, Yang Tian did not believe that it only has Soul Shock in its repertoire.

Yang Tian walked to the Crazy Vines.

“Create a sealed house.”

Crazy Vine Matrix referenced the small house and constructed a house twice the size with its vines.

This is the research building that Yang Tian made for Ouyang Ge.

Yang Tian planned to make a trip to Z City, there were several research facilities within Z City; Yang Tian was thinking of going there on an armored vehicle to bring back more research equipment.

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When Lei Xing saw Yang Tian appeared beside him, he immediately stood up and greeted.

“Ask Ouyang Ge what sort of research equipment he needs.”


Lei Xing and Ouyang Ge conversed for a long time, only after confirming everything and making sure there are no errors, Lei Xing returned to Yang Tian.

“Got everything?”


“Then we are leaving.”

Yang Tian sat in the second driver seat while Lei Xing drove them to Z City.

Z City’s zombie wave was still ongoing, Yang Tian was very cautious as they approach.

Z City’s zombie wave was not as hard to deal with as F City, just that the metahumans within Z City were not as powerful as F City.

In his previous life, Z City would eventually become the territory of zombies.  Z City did not have any powerful individuals to defend it, but Z City was vast and it had been the reason why took longer to fall.

F City’s zombie wave was huge while the city was relatively smaller, that was why the zombies could surround it, sweeping through the city. The zombies of Z City were unable to do the same, that was why there were many areas not occupied by zombies. Z City’s zombie waves were also one of the last to end in the Celestial Empire.

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