Chapter 332: Nobody Can Threaten Her

After Ye Jian took a glance at him, a cold smile surfaced on the edge of her lips.

He was the vice principal of First City High. She had seen his pictures before, so she could recognize him immediately.

If even the vice principal was there, then her enrollment … This was quite interesting.

Ye Jian, who wasn’t in a rush, decided not to push through the crowd, so she just stood in line and waited for the parents and students in front of her to finish their enrollment. What was there to rush? She wasn’t even intending to study here now!

Zhang Jingyi, who had already finished his enrollment procedures, walked out and saw Ye Jian, who was there standing in line. He pulled her out of the line while sweating heavily, “Ye Jian, why are you staying in line for? Hurry, hurry. I’ve already seen the vice principal, he’s waiting for you now, you know.”

Then, he teased in an envious tone, “You’re so impressive. Having remarkable results is great, even the vice principal is here to see you.”

“There’s no need to be envious, my intuition tells me that my enrollment today won’t be smooth.” Ye Jian passed the luggage in her hands into Zhang Jingyi’s care, “Help me look after it, you go rest under the shade, I’ll be back soon.”

It’s better for him to not know about the things happening between her and the school. It wasn’t even a good thing, so why did she need to ruin his image of the school?

Zhang Jingyi still thought that she was joking. After holding onto her luggage, he said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you outside. Enrollment is very fast; all you need is to hand in your acceptance letter, photo, and fill in the enrollment form. It’s just a matter of minutes.”

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Something that was only a matter of minutes to others wouldn’t be so for Ye Jian.

Right after she sat down, Teacher Fu immediately stood up to invite the vice principal, who was already sweating heavily, to sit in his chair. Then, he motioned for Ye Jian to take out her acceptance letter, “You can take your acceptance letter out now. As for the details, the school principal will tell you personally.”

What he meant was, to have the school principal explain the details to her personally, she should feel honored and lucky.

In front of the school teachers, Ye Jian was always a good and obedient girl. Listening to his words, she immediately took out her acceptance letter without uttering a word. She maintained the politeness a student had to give to their teachers. First, she expressed her greetings, then she said, “Principal, if you have anything to say, you can say it to me directly; I came here alone, and my guardians are not accompanying me.”

“The thing is…” The vice principal cleared his throat, then looked at Ye Jian with a stern gaze, “After we’ve mailed your acceptance letter, the school’s leadership received a phone call, reporting that you’ve helped people cheat during the exam.”

“Student Ye Jian, your actions have already heavily violated the code of conduct a good student should have. Meanwhile, through investigation and combining the statements from a couple of students who were seated around you, we can safely assume that you have indeed violated the rules of the examination.”

“However, due to the fact that your personal results are indeed outstanding, and you have also won a gold medal in the global Olympiad, our school has decided to still make an exception and enroll you into our school. Only that…”

The vice principal’s voice was already as serious as a judge in court, as if his one word could determine Ye Jian’s life or death, and he made an intentional pause. But when he saw that the expression of the student in front of him hadn’t changed one bit and that she also had a few hints of laughter on her face, the vice principal’s intentional pause started seeming awkward.

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What’s the scariest thing a student could hear? It’s that the one who managed to get first place obtained her position through cheating in exams. That’s even scarier than skipping classes and instilled more fear.

Based on that, when he spoke up until now, Ye Jian’s reaction should be one that was quite afraid, and she should also be quite anxious!

After all, this determined whether she could continue on to high school!

But Ye Jian wasn’t flustered, and she could even laugh out loud. That was not something a vice principal like him could tolerate.

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