Volume 2 Chapter 91: Holy Lake, Babbit Lake’s Evil Actions Against Another Evil

The infiltrators were the Oliver Hunter Group of the Holy Dragon Valley, the famous underground organization from the Human Race’s continent. They are a very notorious group that dealt in various shady businesses with many other human underground organizations. They were scattered throughout the continent and dealt with illegal hunting activities. Also, apart from stealing treasures from other races, human trafficking was also apart of their mainstream income.

Bella’s opposition, the Golden Legend Society’s President Carlos’ family, was the shareholder behind the scenes for this black hunter group. The Oliver Hunter Group had seized various slaves and treasures from the other races and would offer them to Carlos’ family for those underground transactions and auctions. In certain aspects, they were considered Bella’s ‘acquaintances’.

The infiltrations had two objectives; plunder the treasures of the Dragon Race, and if they were lucky, they would capture two dragon whelps and sell them off for a lot. After all, they have already succeeded in capturing slaves of the Beast Race, so they came well-prepared for this operation.

Once Bella finished reading their plan, she immediately burned it. She didn’t care about their plan, but it did say there were a few areas where the Dragon Race frequently appears. One of these locations wasn’t very far from where she is now, Dragon Race’s Holy Lake, Babbit Lake.

Bella herself didn’t really require a mount, but if possible, she wanted to help her sisters, Irene and Luce find a suitable dragon mount. Even though she had a few dozen bone dragons, they paled in comparison when riding the real thing. High-grade Dragon Race can even transform into humans, while bone dragons can’t. In Bella’s opinion, a giant dragon that can’t transform into human form is no different than salted fish!

(TL Note: Salted fish means it’s useless)

Babbit Lake has a huge surface area and Bella could sense it’s presence from far away. 

Due to the frequent appearance of the Dragon Race here, Bella could immediately sense their aura when she approached. When she reached the lakeside, she was obstructed by a powerful and transparent barrier. It was defensive magic unique to the Dragon Race and the dragons that know of such magic are definitely esteemed. Bella wasn’t in a hurry to destroy the barrier because based on the information from the Oliver Hunter Group, she easily found a hole that the vanguard opened beforehand. At the damaged entrance, there was an assassin who was supposed to provide support to those that followed up from behind. This unlucky fellow couldn’t even let out an alert before his throat was pierced by Bella’s dagger.

“This person’s infiltration level isn’t even close to cold lass Noreya’s level! Truly a pity.”

Bella glanced at the assassin that crucified on the tree with her dagger before moving on. Unknowingly, Bella was already used to such slaughter and taking another person’s life, but she didn’t realize it in her heart yet.

At the lakeside of Babbit Lake, Bella hid behind a huge tree and noticed a dra… dragon girl relaxing in the lake. There was a small island in the center and a golden-haired loli was leaning on a large tree that had grown by the edge of the island. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, as her snow-white body was covered with a layer of special golden dragon scales. They covered up all her crucial parts and looked just like a luxurious undergarment.

This dragon girl might have a loli’s appearance, but she had a fiery hot figure that was similar to Bella’s familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz. They both had the height of a loli, but a body which seriously violated the rules. Her bust was of the same standard as Diaz, and they were so ample that Bella was a little envious. Her beautiful hair and eyes was the shade of pure gold, and among all the blonde beauties that Bella has encountered before, this Dragon Race loli’s gold color was the purest and most flawless. 

It was even purer than the Beauty Dragon Knight Ingrid’s hair!

Other race’s beauty had this indescribable aura and this loli was definitely from the Dragon Race. The reason why Babbit Lake was named the Dragon Race’s holy lake is mainly due to the water. Beings without the blood or the lineage of a Dragon Race wouldn’t be able to play or stay here for too long or an unexplainable accident will occur.

Naturally, Bella didn’t bother about such trivial matters. This Dragon Race loli’s face was excessively exquisite and she looked just like a delicate doll that Bella had made. 

Just from looking at her, Bella actually had the urge to pinch her delicate and tender face. 

She didn’t know why, but she also felt a sense of familiarity with this loli, like she had seen her before. As for where exactly… Bella temporarily couldn’t recall. 

Not far away from where Bella was standing, there were dozens of black-clothed man hiding in ambush, staring at the dragon loli. Had it not been for the various bows, arrows, and hidden weapons all over their bodies, Bella would have praised this gentry group’s behavior.

These men were the Oliver Hunter Group’s third elite team. The team leader, Habakak, is a profession black hunter that has had many successes when catching valuable prey. 

For this dragon hunting operation, he is the main person in charge. He might seem calm down, but his heart was extremely anxious!

“Damn it! Where are the reinforcements? Has the follow-up team made contact!?

It was inevitable that Habakak was complaining. After all, a dragon hunt is much harder than just killing whatever dragon you see. A dragon slaughter only requires the team to kill the dragon, but in a dragon hunt, you must capture the target alive. You also shouldn’t damage it’s body because it’ll affect the price of the prey. It’s similar to live-capturing rare magical beasts.

A dragon slaughter is already a difficult operation, which is why Habakak brought along various tools for restraining the Dragon Race, but he still wasn’t fully certain that he would be able to capture this loli alive. From the looks of the special pattern on her golden scales, this Dragon Race loli is probably a member of the imperial family.

Habakak’s reinforcements were destined not to arrive. Apart from the two other elite teams that the Oliver Hunter Group sent for this infiltration mission, the rest of them had already been found by Bella’s subordinates. They all were dragged into the forest and “dismembered”. 

Demon World Princess Diaz, who led the team, used her acute sense of smell to easily find all the humans in their area. Everything was really simple after that. The discovered people couldn’t even resist as they were all killed by the shadow demons that were similarly adept at sneaking around.

When Habakak noticed the Dragon Race loli extending her pair of dainty legs into the lake and rowing around, he finally made his decision and determined that this was his only chance. 

He took out a strange black chain and quietly put it into the lake. Once the chain made contact with the water, it was as though it had gained life as it snaked towards it’s target.

Right behind Habakak, Bella who had locked onto him, quickly changed into her stealth clothes that she got from the infiltration at St. Louis Church Academy. She effortlessly sneaked up behind him, but because of the black chain, she stopped from slashing out with her dagger. Behind the rest of the elite team members, there were two or three shadow demons standing by, so as long as Bella gave the signal, they would immediately send these infiltrators to heaven.

At the same moment… 

Those Six Abyss Demonic Kings that were closely tied to Bella turned themselves into tiny components that she could bring with her. That’s why, during this trip, Bella intentionally brought all Six Abyss Demonic Kings out with her. Three of the Abyss Demonic Kings; Black-Widow Empress Ulysses, Emperor Scorpion Gresham, and Scourge of the Skies Grisbane used telepathy to inform Bella that the golden-haired Dragon Race loli was the one that fought against them. She was actually Lisha’s mount that had abandoned her, the Golden Dragon Race’s Princess. She then recalled her first encounter with Lisha and remembered that she was brutally beaten by this loli. Now that she encountered her again, how could she not ‘take revenge’!? 

It’s a good opportunity to help her little sister settle the problem with her previous mount. 

The T-Rex magical beast that Bella had gifted to Lisha was very powerful, but it couldn’t transform into a human. What use does it have!?

Golden Dragon Race’s Princess Laceman was enjoying the clear waters of Babbit Lake. 

In her opinion, a bath is a pleasurable activity, so she naturally had to switch into her human form to enjoy it. If she was to maintain her dragon form and bathed, it wouldn’t be as comfortable as what she was feeling right now.

Strictly speaking, a Dragon Race’s human form is much more fragile than their dragon form. Firstly, when in human form, their defenses aren’t as powerful as their dragon scales. Secondly, as the Dragon Race mainly specialized in physical attacks, her physical attacks will drop by a few levels while human. This is how she knew that she is the most fragile right now.

However, as a Princess, Laceman was naturally very arrogant and chose to completely disregard the danger. This gave the infiltrators a perfect chance to strike using the venomous snake they threw into the water. 

Bella quietly watched the snake-like thing slowly approach its prey. 

This situation was exactly like a few months ago when Bella saved Kriss from the Deep Sea Demonic Snake.

“Eh, why is there something wrapping around my leg in the water? Where did this sea snake come from!? How dare you challenge this Princess’ power!”

The black chain slowly crawled up Laceman’s tender foot, which in her eyes, was a direct challenge that she couldn’t put up with. She readied her body to take care of the ‘black snake’ when several arrows came flying at her from the other side of Babbit Lake.

“Foolish humans! How can a mere arrow penetrate the defenses of the Dragon Race!? All of you are sick of living… What is wrong with this arrow!?”

Before Laceman could fully react, the arrows accurately pierced her arms and legs. 

The Golden Dragon Race’s physical defenses are very tough, so normal weapons shouldn’t have been able to hurt her, even if she was in her human form. The arrows that pierced Laceman are obviously weapons that are meant for dealing with the Dragon Race.

Laceman felt as though her limbs were instantly paralyzed. It seems like the strange arrows were coated in some kind of poison effective against the Dragon Race. Just as she was going to fall over, the black chain moved like a real venomous snake and wrapped up her body. 

It took just a split moment before binding her up into a strange posture. 

“Human, do you know that you’re playing with fire!? Let me go now and I can forgive your sins on behalf of the Radiant God!”

Laceman glared at the Habakak that appeared in front of her with her golden beautiful eyes. 

She might sound tough, but she was actually panicking. This middle-aged uncle is a prominent symbol of the Oliver Hunter Group and Laceman has heard many unpleasant rumors related to him. They were a group of lawless black hunters that captured a bunch of different races and sold them as slaves. Now that she had fallen into their hands, she didn’t dare to imagine what was going to happen to her.

“Your tough mouth won’t last for long! This rope is a demonic tool called the Dragon Binding Rope! It was left behind by one of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings. When it binds dragons in their human form, not even the Dragon King can escape, let alone just a mere Princess of the Golden Dragon Race!”

“Oh, there’s something else! Those arrows are the long-lost Dragon Corroding Arrows that are smeared with the venom of the Deep Sea Demonic Snake. You’ll slowly lose your strength to resist! You Golden Dragon Race are just tough against physical attacks and aren’t adept at magic. What else can you do right now!?”

Laceman’s arrogant eyes had finally vanished. When she abandoned Lisha to escape back then, she had used the power from the rescinding of the contract to escape. At that time, she knew that she wasn’t able to beat the Abyss Demonic King, Black-Widow Empress Ulysses. It was just a fluke that she managed to dodge her fate of being bound by the spiderweb. However, it didn’t seem like she would be able to escape this time. Could this all be a predestined fate!?

“Don’t come closer. I’m warning you! If you come any closer, I will… I will…”

“Hmph. I think if I don’t peel off all the obstructing golden scales, you will not yield, uh!?”

“You pervert, don’t come closer… Wait, behind you… there is a demon!”

“Do you treat me like a child!? Do you think I will be tricked by you? Just be good and wait for me to peel you naked. I will… cough cough, this knife…”

Habakak smiled lasciviously and was about to make a move on Laceman, but before he could start, he felt an intense pain in his chest. He looked down and saw that a black blade was shoved through his chest. He turned his head to see that the preparator was a black-armored blonde beauty who patted him on the shoulder and said, “Uncle, why are you so… Eh, wrong. Why are you bullying my prey!?”

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“You actually dare to sneak up on me! You underestimate me, lass.”

Habakak’s entire body then let out a black mist as he tried to break out of Bella’s suppression. However, after it was released, he stood there with a stunned expression on his face before looking at her again.

“You actually know the moves of a demon. Not only do you have the demonic tool, Dragon Binding Rope, you even know a demon’s move. You aren’t as simple as you look, huh. A pity that you encountered me!”

Bella then released him and continued to walk forward. 

Habakak, whose chest had been penetrated by a black blade, had non-human black blood in his mouth. He warily looked at Bella as a powerful unknown presence emitted from the young lass. Apart from Habakak, her shadow demon legion had already assassinated the rest of his elite team. However, Habakak didn’t even bother about the deaths of his comrades, as though they were just unrelated people.

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“Can I ask which Demon King you are, Mistress? My Master is the Terror Demon King…”

“No, I am not those so-called Demon Kings on your side. I am just a knight passing through. I do not care about the rules of your side!”

Bella then walked over to Laceman and reached over to carry this terrified Dragon Race loli like a princess. She obviously recognized Bella’s identity… wasn’t she that corrupt Holy Knight that fought with her previous owner, Lisha!? 

Her drastic rise in strength in just a few months was too excessive! Previously, she was just a witch that Laceman could casually smack away, but right now, Bella’s presence looked like she wouldn’t be so easily pushed around anymore.

Laceman didn’t even try to resist, as it was better to be carried around by another girl instead of that middle-aged uncle! Even though Bella definitely had ill intentions, she wasn’t as dangerous as that uncle! Laceman was just like the other girls when they first Bella, ignoring her strength as a ‘female rogue’. She was actually much more dangerous than those perverted men, and when all the girls realized it, they had already been practically “consumed” by her.

When it seemed like Bella was going to snatch his prey and conveniently take the Dragon Corroding Arrows and the Dragon Binding Rope as well, Habakak was furious.

“Mistress Demon King, I don’t care if you admit it or not, but the Demon Race still has to abide by the rules, right!? My group has obviously captured this dragon girl first. What you’re doing… isn’t it..”

“Uncle, are you joking? What do you mean by you first or I first? I rely on my capability to seize what I want! Why should I give it to you? Furthermore, when a Demon King takes something, is it considered snatching!?”

With regards to Habakak’s infuriated expression, Bella couldn’t be bothered. She spared one hand and gently propped up Laceman’s smooth chin, looking at her as though a victor looking at their spoils of war. Her words nearly angered Habakak to death. 

This was the first time he had seen such a despicable and rogue Demon King!

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