Chapter 118: The Lucky Yang Le Le

Yang Le Le was still feeling very guilty, but seeing that her father and Ning Meng Yao were constantly trying to comfort her, she smiled: “I understand, Yao Yao.”

“Then rest well. I’ll go back first and come to see you again tomorrow.” It was already late, the outside would only be darker if she stayed any longer.

“Meng Yao, how about you have a meal before you go?” Madame Yang quickly called out to her before she left.

Ning Meng Yao shook her head: “I’ll have to refuse. Aunty, I have to send people to look into this matter.” There weren’t any robbers for a few months, and it happened too suddenly this time. It felt a little odd.


“Aunty, are you still worried that I’ll no longer eat at your house? We live close by. I can come here whenever I want, right?” Ning Meng Yao smiled and said.

Madame Yang thought about this a little. It was indeed true, so she nodded and bid goodbye to the two.

On the way back, Ning Meng Yao’s face had been difficult to read so Qiao Tian Chang said: “Don’t worry, I have told Lei An to inform those above.”

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“Yeah?” Ning Meng Yao turned to look at him. Her eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Inform those above? What does he mean?

Looking at Ning Meng Yao’s frown, Qiao Tian Chang reached out to calm her: “This time, the robbers weren’t as simple as how they portrayed themselves on the surface. They had something to do with the people above. The place where Yang Le Le’s accident happened had always been rather busy, where else could those robbers come from?”

Ning Meng Yao was stunned for a moment. She hadn’t thought about this issue at all. Now that Qiao Tian Chang mentioned it, it did seem possible.

She had traveled through that place for a couple of times already, but she had never heard of robbery or anything like that happening there. Yet, they appeared this time, and even attacked Yang Le Le…

“I know that you have your means, so help me investigate this matter.” Ning Meng Yao said coldly.

Anyone who dared to hurt a friend of hers was simply looking for trouble.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

The two were walking towards the entrance to the village when they suddenly heard an unpleasant voice: “So lucky. She actually made it through.”

The voice was familiar… The two of them looked at each other. It was Yang Xiu Er’s voice.

They tiptoed to the door and stood there quietly. Then, Ning Meng Yao heard Madame Luo’s voice: “Xiu Er, what nonsense are you saying! What if someone heard you, do you think we can still stay here then?”

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“Did I say anything wrong? Yang Le Le’s really lucky. Even encountering the robbers, she made it out alive. Heck, she was even saved by some random passerby.” Yang Xiu Er said indignantly.

She saw the person who saved Yang Le Le. He looked quite handsome. In fact, he didn’t look like an ordinary person. There just happened to be such an excellent person to save Yang Le Le.

A trace of anger flashed in Ning Meng Yao’s eyes. She was about to push the open door, but Qiao Tian Chang stopped her and pulled her away.

“What are you trying to do?” After leaving the village, Qiao Tian Chang let go of Ning Meng Yao, but she just glared at him.

He reached out and lightly knocked on Ning Meng Yao’s head: “Lei An didn’t say to anyone that Yang Le Le met robbers. He said that her horse got scared by something and ran into a tree, and that the injury was caused by the branches.”

This excuse seemed to be reasonable, but the mystery was what Yang Xiu Er just said about how Yang Le Le managed to survive the robbery.

How did Yang Xiu Er knew that Yang Le Le met with robbers?

“Are you saying that Yang Xiu Er is related to this matter?” Ning Meng Yao frowned: “But she’s just a farm girl.”

“It’s still too early to judge, but it’s possible that Yang Xiu Er knows something about the accident. As for what role she played in it, we’ll have to wait until after the investigation.” When Qiao Tian Chang heard what Yang Xiu Er said, he knew that she must have something to do with this matter.

This thought actually seemed possible.

Ning Meng Yao’s eyes darkened: “If Yang Xiu Er was really involved in this attack, I’ll not let her off.”

After a while, she had another odd thought. If Yang Xiu Er was part of the robbery plan, then she really was quite capable.

Qiao Tian Chang petted Ning Meng Yao’s head: “Let’s go, we’ll talk about this matter after the investigation.” He too felt that girl should be taught some lessons.

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