Chapter 117: Guilty

This kind of behavior was undoubtedly asking for trouble. In fact, from the boss’s expression, it seemed that he wanted this matter to be investigated.

“Boss, that woman before, is she your wife?” Lei An carefully took a glimpse at Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Lei An, then faintly smiled: “You want to know?”

Lei An lowered his sight to the ground and shook his head violently: “No, I don’t want to.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure. I don’t want to know. I’m going back now, Boss.” Lei An wanted to slap himself. He shouldn’t have asked.

Their relationship was so obvious, why did I even asked about that? I’m just looking for trouble.

Qiao Tian Chang stared coldly at Lei An’s stunned look: “After going back, it’s best that you keep your mouth shut about the things you shouldn’t say.”

“I understand. I’ll not say a word about her.” Lei An nodded quickly.

“Go back to Yang Le Le’s house first, then leave afterwards.” Qiao Tian Chang noticed that Lei An was about to leave right away, so he added immediately.

Lei An was puzzled at first, then he understood what Qiao Tian Chang meant and nodded slightly: “Very well, I understand.”

The two of them went back together. When Madame Yang and Yang Zhu spotted Lei An, they fell to their knees and thanked him gratefully: “Thank you for saving our daughter.”

“Uncle, Aunty, please don’t be like this. Anyone would do the same.” Lei An was embarrassed that they were on their knees to thank him, so he quickly helped them up.

Seeing Lei An’s frantically trying to help them up, Yang Zhu couldn’t help but laugh. This man was a good man: “Don’t say that. You’ve saved our precious daughter’s life.”

“Is she alright?” Lei An couldn’t bear to see such a scene, so he quickly changed the topic.

“Yes, Meng Yao’s servant girl came over to check earlier. She said everything would be fine. We just have to take care of her wounds for a while.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll leave first.”

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“Ah? So soon? How about you stay a while to eat something before leaving?” Yang Zhu anxiously said after hearing that Lei An was leaving.

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Lei An glanced at Qiao Tian Chang, and finally shook his head: “Thank you, Uncle, but I have something important to do so I have to go now.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Zhu was slightly disappointed, but he couldn’t bear to delay his daughter benefactor any longer.

“Alright then. Please come over if you have a chance to do so next time. Thank you very much,” Yang Zhu said softly.

“Of course. I’ll be leaving now.” Lei An smiled and promised. even though in his heart, he knew that he wouldn’t have the chance to come back here next time. After all, this wasn’t a place he could stay for a long time.

After Lei An left, Qiao Tian Chang turned to Yang Zhu: “Uncle Yang, don’t worry. We’ll get to the bottom of this matter.”

“Yes, I believe so too.” Yang Zhu nodded and said with a smile.

He now understood that Qiao Tian Chang wasn’t an ordinary hunter. Since he had said it himself, he believed that this matter would be handled well.

Ning Meng Yao stayed at Yang family’s house, so Qiao Tian Chang did not leave and went to chat with Madame Yang in the yard. When night was closing, Ning Meng Yao went out and said: “She’s awake.”

Yang Zhu stood up and walked tiredly towards her. It was obvious from his movements that this whole time, he was actually hiding his worry from others.

“Father, you don’t need to worry.” Yang Le Le was lying on the bed. With her pale face she looked at her father, who came rushing in.

Yang Zhu reached out to pet his daughter’s head. He smiled and said: “Don’t worry about me. Just rest well.”

“I know. But the big brother who saved me isn’t here anymore.” Yang Le Le was a little sad. If he hadn’t protected her, he wouldn’t have died.

Seeing his precious daughter like this, Yang Zhu didn’t know how to comfort her.

“I know. Let’s ask Meng Yao if there are any other people in his family. If there are, we will take care of them.”

“There’s none. Big brother was an orphan. It was when he met Yao Yao, that he had a place to live in.” Yang Le Le was feeling depressed, which made Yang Zhu very worried.

Ning Meng Yao heard their conversation from the outside, so she knocked on the door and came in. When she saw Yang Le Le looking sad, she sat down on her bedside: “Don’t think too much about it. We will avenge him. For now, you just need to take care of your wounds.”


“Le Le, I know that you’re feeling guilty, but it wasn’t your fault. Those robbers are to be blamed.” Ning Meng Yao was helpless. She understood why Yang Le Le was feeling that way, but that brother was just doing his job, and his job was to protect Yang Le Le.

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