Chapter 116: Not a Robbery

With Qing Shuang’s assurance, Ning Meng Yao felt a little relieved: “I’m glad she’ll be alright. Would it leave any scars?”

After all, she was the dearest daughter in her parents’ eyes. To them, it was unacceptable if their daughter had any scars. If a woman had scars on her body, she would surely be laughed at by her husband’s family in the future.

Qing Shuang smiled and shook her head: “No, just apply some medication and she’ll be fine.”

“Then I’m relieved.” Ning Meng Yao let out a breath. Madame Yang, who was standing at the side, was relieved as well after hearing their conversation.

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In her heart, it was already enough that her daughter was still alive. Knowing that there won’t be any scars, she felt more assured.

When Qing Shuang was treating Yang Le Le’s wounds, Yang Le Le slightly tensed her body because of the pain, but she didn’t wake up.

“Young Miss, it’s settled. After about half a month, it should be healed.” When half an hour passed, Qing Shuang wiped the sweat from her face, and smiled at Ning Meng Yao.

“Go back and prepare some medicine for Le Le.” There was a small storage in the house, where all commonly used medicines were kept, so it saved the trouble of going to the town to buy them.

“I understand.”

After Qing Shuang left, Ning Meng Yao saw Madame Yang’s worried look, as she sat on the side: “Aunty Yang, don’t worry. Le Le will be alright.”

Madame Yang forced a smile: “I know. You’re here, so why should I be worried?” She noticed it now that the little girl named Qing Shuang was a good doctor. With them here, what else could she be worried about?

She loved her daughter dearly. Seeing her daughter in pain, she wiped her tears: “Thank goodness for that man this time.”


Qiao Tian Chang took Lei An to the foot of an uninhabited mountain and looked at him sternly while asking: “What in the world happened?”

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“Something happened in the capital. A certain person told me to come for you.” Lei An answered in a complicated way.

Qiao Tian Chang frowned. Seeing the coldness in Lei An’s eyes, he continued: “Tell me. What is it?”

“It’s the Qiao family. The people from the second branch made a mistake some time ago and were censured. And because of that, General Qiao wanted to call you back to protect them.” Lei An said indignantly.

Those people were real daredevils to do such a thing.

They want to use me? Who do they think they are?

A glimpse of realization flashed in Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes, and then he smiled bitterly. It had been such a long time already,but they still hadn’t let go of him. It was really unbelievable that they could still remember him.

“Other than that, did anything else happen?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Lei An, and continued: “What about those robbers?”

Coming to this matter, Lei An’s expression became very ugly: “Boss, I found this with one of those robbers.”

Looking at the token in Lei An’s hand, even the cold tempered Qiao Tian Chang couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

This… this is…

“Are you sure you found this with them?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Lei An seriously.

Lei An nodded: “Positive. I can lie to others, but would I ever lie to you about anything?”

“They are really looking for trouble.” Qiao Tian Chang sneered. These things wouldn’t cause any big impact on him, but it wouldn’t be good for the Qiao family if the matter became exposed. But what did this have to do with him?

“When you go back, tell this to those at the top, and have them send people to investigate.” Those people who dared to collude with robbers; it seemed that they really couldn’t wait to meet with death.


“People are all under the law. Besides, what do they have to do with me?” Qiao Tian Chang sneered at Lei An and taunted.

Lei An too, thought the same thing. The people in Beijing had known from a long time ago that the boss broke off his relationship with the Qiao family. Even if Qiao family caused any problems, the boss wouldn’t be much affected. At most, others might impeach him, but judging by the trust the Qiao family had in the boss, the impeachment wouldn’t have any impact on him, not to mention Qiao Tian Chang wasn’t even an official.

“I understand, I’ll not disappoint you.” Lei An nodded seriously.

If they had robbed those who had committed crime, then there might still be some loopholes. But these people were ignorant to target an ordinary person.

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