Chapter 119: Finding Her Something To Do

Ning Meng Yao took a deep breath and followed Qiao Tian Chang home. At night, Ning Meng Yao was sitting in the study room. After some thinking, she felt that she would be less worried if she had sent someone to investigate.

Thinking so, she called Qing Xuan: “Qing Xuan, send a few to investigate the places that Yang Xiu Er went to recently, and also Le Le’s incident too.”

“Very well, Young Miss.”

After Qing Xuan left, Ning Meng Yao walked up to the window and looked at the village. Her face was really unhappy at the moment.

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She had let off Yang Xiu Er many times previously because she was just a young village girl with little thoughts, but it seems that they weren’t little anymore.

In the next few days, Ning Meng Yao always brought Qing Xuan with her when she went to Yang Le Le’s home to see to her wounds or chat with her.

Soon, the investigation had some results. Qing Xuan went to find Ning Meng Yao.

“Young Miss, Yang Xiu Er had been spending a lot recently. In fact, she had those extravagant money after going to the town just one time a few days ago.”

Ning Meng Yao slammed the table, her cold face showed no emotions. After a long time, she asked: “You’re saying that Yang Xiu Er met someone in the town?”

“Yes, and that person was the prince’s wife.” Qing Xuan said in a single breath.

Ning Meng Yao was stunned. She felt somewhat strange: “Even if that person met with Yang Xiu Er, she should be dealing with me, isn’t it? Why did she attack Le Le instead?”

The woman was Xiao Zi Xuan. Ning Meng Yao knew that she had hatred towards her. But why did that woman deal with the wrong person?

Qing Xuan looked at Ning Meng Yao, then answered: “Young Miss, you have Master by your side, plus you’ve sent her heads before, so she surely wouldn’t dare to touch you for the time being. So her only possible move was on Miss Yang.”

Ning Meng Yao thought about this for a while. But what’s the benefit of killing Yang Le Le? None. Then, how does that affect me?

It did not seem to affect her, but for the Yang family, it would be a loss of a family member. By then, the Yang family would surely look for the county, that would inevitably get her into trouble. As long as Ning Meng Yao entered the county, it would be much easier for Xiao Zi Xuan to do whatever she wanted to do.

Ning Meng Yao smiled coldly. It seemed that Xiao Zi Xuan’s ultimate goal was still her. In order to deal with her, Xiao Zi Xuan even implicated an ordinary person into her schemes.

Ning Meng Yao touched her cheek. Her action looked a little sweet and cute, but Qing Xuan knew that she was actually furious at the moment.

“Qing Xuan, let’s give that Prince’s wife something to do.” Since she’s so free to trouble me, then I’ll give her something to do.

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“What do you mean, Miss?”

“The Prince’s wife is pregnant. The Lady of the family should’ve arrange some other women for him, right?” Ning Meng Yao said with a cold smile.

Qing Xuan looked at her and suddenly realized that she was unable to keep up with her missy’s thoughts.

“Very well then, off you go.”


“Do I have to teach you? Find a way for the Marquess to arrange a few women for Prince Ling. It’ll be the best if they will accompany him, so much so that he wouldn’t have time to visit her. Just do this.” With this plan, Xiao Zi Xuan couldn’t possibly have the time to trouble her, right?

After all, it was known in history that if a man wanted to change his heart, it was during his wife’s pregnancy. Not to mention, if the women were arranged by her mother-in-law, would she dare to object? She wouldn’t dare to. In fact, she would also have to smile and accept it, if not she would be in trouble.

Qing Xuan finally understood. It was really difficult to live with insidious people.

“Yes, I know what to do now.”

After Qing Xuan left, Ning Meng Yao went to look for Qiao Tian Chang: “What’s the relationship between Xiao Family and those robbers?”

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao. With some doubts, he asked: “Why do you ask this?”

“This matter has something to do with Xiao Zi Xuan.” Ning Meng Yao replied to Qiao Tian Chang seriously.

If Xiao Zi Xuan had nothing to do with this matter, then how did she order those robbers to attack Yang Le Le?

“What have you found?” He had been looking into the Qiao family, so he hadn’t considered this factor at all.

Ning Meng Yao informed him about what she found out. Then, she scornfully looked at Qiao Tian Chang: “In the end, the goal of those robbers was me.”

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