Chapter 334: The Acceptance Letter, I’m Tearing It

Before he could finish his sentence, he realized that the acceptance letter that was previously placed on top of the table was now in Ye Jian’s hands. Before he could react, he could only hear a ripping sound, and the paper that represented the possibility of a student entering through the school gates was torn in half by her in front of him.

“Oh, what should I do? All of you still thought that this approach was helping me, what a pity … I’m sorry, Vice Principal, I’m not interested anymore.” Gasps could be heard from behind her, but Ye Jian’s smile was still clear and beautiful, her jet black pupils carrying a smile of disdain, and she used her actions to reject their so-called “leniency”.

“I wasn’t even interested in City High itself. I was even capable of rejecting Capital’s First Experimental High and First Provincial High, not to mention such a small school like City High. Vice Principal, please don’t be mad, aren’t talented people more or less conceited and contemptuous?”

“I was always humble, but today, I’ve acted so haughtily. It feels quite satisfying.” She didn’t just tear the acceptance letter in half. Ye Jian continued to tear the paper apart in front of the vice principal’s widened eyes and under the shocked gazes of everyone else … to the point that the acceptance letter couldn’t even be pieced back together.

Then, she raised her hand and waved it gently, and the acceptance letter immediately became like paper butterflies after being away blown by an electric fan, landing in various places. While laughing cheerfully, she continued, “I’m not entering this school anymore. As for studying here, I quit.”

“There’s no need to be surprised. My personality isn’t one where I do things out of rashness. Moreover, please don’t be angry. Although I am still a student, I am used to making decisions on my own. Please don’t glare at me, too. For the school being able to do something like framing a student, I really don’t want to be studying in a place like this anymore.”

Tearing apart the acceptance letter, then letting the fan blow it all over the place … Parents and students all stood there stunned. This… Wasn’t this too… too overbearing!?

Tearing apart the acceptance letter, why was this kid so rash!

“Why are you acting so rashly like this, you could’ve … Where’s your guardian, hurry, let your guardian explain.”

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“Since you’ve already passed the test, even if the school was lecturing you, you should still let your parents come here. How could you just tear your acceptance letter just like that?”

“Principal, even if there’s something wrong happening, you guys should have discussed it with her parents, right? How could you discuss it directly with the child?”

After the acceptance letter was torn apart, the parents of other students reacted very unusually. Once they thought about their children, the parents were all worried that if their children did something wrong, the school wouldn’t notify the parents; instead, they would talk with the students, then … then wouldn’t that disrupt the order!

The vice principal wasn’t expecting Ye Jian to pull something like this. As a matter of fact, no one here would have expected this!

This time, it wasn’t the school pressuring Ye Jian; instead, it was Ye Jian counter-pressuring the school.

Ye Jian didn’t care too much about it. Her pretty face wore a smile on it, and she very blandly answered amidst the commotion, “The exam. You said that I allowed other students to copy mine. Why don’t you, the honorable vice principal, summon the students who were seated around me? Zhou Yong from Chen Tang Middle School, Liu Yang from Da Jing Middle School, An Qiaoqiao from DaShuiZhen Middle School. Those are the names of the students who were seated in front of me, left, and right, respectively.

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“During the mathematics exam, the time was 11:13 am, and An Qiaoqiao indeed hinted for me to let her copy the exam, but the invigilators noticed it and gave her a warning at 11:15 am. That teacher is Teacher Song from Cheng Tang Middle School.”

“Besides her, nobody else asked me to, because those students were discussing the right answer after the exam. Getting into First City High is a piece of cake for them. If I’m not wrong, they are definitely here, in the school right now. Why don’t we just ask them for their side of the truth?”

She truly wasn’t someone in the spotlight before this, but now that she had decided to show her strength, she amazed the world with this feat. She remembered everything with such clarity – she was even able to list the time and names of the people! No matter which angle you looked at it from, it seemed as if she had come prepared.

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