Chapter 121: That is called jealousy 

“Yes, we understand.” The four women looked at each other. They knew that the heiress had angered their Marquess and now she wanted to teach her a lesson. 

With the Marquess backing them up, they naturally had nothing to fear.

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At this time Ling Luo walked in with a face which showed signs of impatience, “Mother, why have you called me over here for?” 

“Of course I called you here because there’s something we need to talk about. Luo’er, don’t spoil that girl, Xiao Zi Xuan.” The Marquess said with an ugly expression on her face. 

Ling Luo frowned, “How did she provoke Mother?” These days, she’s been in her room resting, she hadn’t gone out anywhere. 

The Marquess sneered: “All I did was get a few concubines for you and she already ran back to King Xiao’s Palace, she really knows how to give your mother face.”   

Ling Luo frowned. The concept of polygamy had already changed Ling Luo. Even before he married Xiao Zi Xuan, he already had a woman.  

If his mother wanted him to start taking in more women now, he didn’t think too much about that. It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford to keep them so it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  

“Mother, don’t be upset, she’s pregnant with my child now.”

“What does being pregnant have to do with this? Just because she’s pregnant, she doesn’t know how to arrange others for you? This is what is called jealousy!” The Marquess said with unpleasant voice.   

Although she valued the child in Xiao Zi Xuan’s womb, but her attitude made The Marquess very displeased. 

“Enough, mother. I agree to accept these women. So please don’t go bickering with Xiao Zi Xuan too much. She’s going only for a few days and then she’ll be back.” Ling Luo coaxed. 

When he came to this world he was still only a child and this woman always spoiled him and loved him dearly. This caused him to really treat this woman as his own mother.  

When the Marquess heard her son speak in such a way, her expression softened, “Fine then. You go on now. I’ll go around and choose a few women for you.”

“Then I will be troubling you, mother.” 

Xiao Zi Xuan returned to the King’s palace in a huff, and went to find her mother. “Mother, they are too unreasonable.” She couldn’t help but start to complain as soon as she saw Princess Xiao.  

When Princess Xiao saw her pregnant daughter had returned and was still livid, she instantly became worried, “What’s this? Why are you so agitated for?” 

“Mother, that old lady is actually arranging four women for my husband.” Xiao Zi Xuan said heatedly. 

When Princess Xiao heard this response her brows wrinkled and then she said, “Yan’er, when you act like this it’s not good. After all, Luo’er is an heir. It’s impossible for him to have only you as his woman by his side. After all, you’re pregnant right now. It’s natural to arrange some women for him.” 

Xiao Zi Xuan looked at her own mother in disbelief. Shouldn’t her mother be angry on her behalf? How could she say those words? 

“Mother, how is that acceptable?”

“For a man to have three wives and four concubines is very common. For you to act like this will only cause your mother-in-law to be dissatisfied with you. Furthermore, aren’t they just some lowly concubines? They’re not side-wives nor are they senior rank concubines. All you need to do is to find a way to put them in their place, right?” Low level concubines are like trash compared with a person higher in ranking. With the backing of the Xiao Palace, would they be able to do things like concubines trying to suppress the wife? Even if they had two stomachs, they wouldn’t dare. 

When Xiao Zi Xuan heard Princess Xiao’s words, her original furious expression suddenly changed a lot.  

Why did it became like this? She thought that with her parents standing, she would be Ling Luo’s only woman but now her mother suddenly said something like that. 

After thinking about it carefully from all angles it really did seem to be the type of situation that her mother just explained to her: “Mother, I understand.” 

Seeing that Xiao Zi Xuan understood what she had said, Princess Xiao smiled and nodded her head. “If you understand then it’s fine. All you have to do is to keep Ling Luo’s heart in your hand, then you don’t need to worry about your mother-in-law gifting him other women, right?”

Xiao Zi Xuan thought carefully about it and concluded that it was still the same problem with the same solution, wasn’t it? But if she continued to kick up a fuss, she’d only make others detest her. “Mother, I get it, I understand now what should I do. But, I don’t want to go back today.”

“Then just stay here at home, then go back in a few days’ time.”

“Ok, it’s still my mother who is the best.”

During the next couple of days, Xiao Zi Xuan kept on waiting for Ling Luo to come and pick her up, but in the end she was bitterly disappointed. Not only did Ling Luo not come, she even heard others saying that during this time he was extremely blithe and carefree.  

While Xiao Zi Xuan’s complexion grew worse and worse, Ling Luo finally came over to get her and bring her back. 

As soon as Ling Luo arrived, Xiao Zi Xuan’s original angered expression turned into an aggrieved one, but she didn’t say anything and just lowered her head. He didn’t know what she was thinking right now, but he could tell with just one look that she felt like she was the one who had suffered. 

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