Chapter 871 – Radiant Sage

Nan Gong Bei Chen smiled humbly, his third eye swept through the crowd. 

“Let’s work hard together from now on! And to strive to make our clan prosper again.”

“We will follow the lead of our Clan Patriarch!” the crowd cheered.

Madam Lin was delighted too, “Bei Chen, we received a few Spirit Crane messages before you came home. You are at the right age for marriage and you are still single. A few great clans are proposing marriage. There’s Shang Qiu, Shangguan, He Lian, even Mu Rong. Why don’t you have a pick so that we can send them a reply…”

Nan Gong Bei Chen kept quiet. 

Madam Lin continued, “Bei Chen, now that you have awakened the bloodline, your future success will be different from now on. You are no longer weaker than Master Ya or Master Shang Qiu. You can and should choose properly.”

Disappointment and pain flashed past Nan Gong Bei Chen’s eyes. 

He said, “I will listen to aunt’s arrangements! Bei Chen will listen to aunt regarding such affairs.”

All his close relatives have deceased. The closest relative he has left was his aunt. Plus as a female, she can manage such affairs. 

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Madam Lin said, “There are too few men in our family. Little Wu and Little Ba just got another concubine recently. As an adult, it would be even better if you get married and have sons to add to the male members of our family. If you trust aunt, I will help you make these choices.”  

Nan Gong Bei Chen replied, “Ok.”

His voice was flat.

Just at this moment, a flash of rainbow-colored light shone from the top of the roof. 

The crowd was surprised. 

The light became a hollow shadow, yet the shadow was strangely clear enough for one to see it was an old man with white brows. His whole body was radiating light, a light which was shining upon every inch of the room.

Suddenly, the shadow spoke.

“I am the Radiant Sage! Nan Gong Bei Chen, you did extremely well in Blood Moon Hidden Realm and even awakened the third eye, Radiant Eye. I am here to ask you, are you willing to become my successor?”

“Lord… Lord Sage?” the whole of Nan Gong Clan was taken aback and, simultaneously, they all kneeled down.  

Nan Gong Bei Chen couldn’t believe his eyes, but the colorful shadow was so real.

The successor of a Sage. Does that mean he can be a God Chosen?

There was a legend in Spirit Treasure Continent that says those who enter Blood Moon Hidden Realm may be selected as a God Chosen! 

Is such good luck really going to be his?

Furthermore, this Radiant Sage was once from the Nan Gong Clan!

Nan Gong Clan is really going to rise to the top this time!

“Little Chen, Little Chen, quickly kneel and acknowledge your Master!” Madam Lin quickly pulled Nan Gong Bei Chen down when she saw that he was still too stunned to react. 

Nan Gong Bei Chen kneeled on the floor with all his might, “Junior Nan Gong Bei Chen pays his respect to Lord Radiant Sage! This junior is honored to be your successor.”

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He kowtowed heavily thrice, knocking hard on the ground and that caused his forehead to bleed.

The rainbow shadow smiled and lifted his arm. An invisible force pulled Nan Gong Bei Chen and the rest up from the ground.

“Very good, you are determined. With your Unicorn Spirit Treasure and the awakened bloodline, it is an excellent foundation. I will pass some of my knowledge to you…”

A ray of light connected with the top of Nan Gong Bei Chen’s head. 

Nan Gong Bei Chen did not put up any resistance. He felt a massive wave of information flowing into his mind…

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