Chapter 41: Undying Body

-Inside Questioning Heaven Pavilion.-

Mo Wentian sat cross-legged within the pavilion, and spiritual qi converged rapidly towards him under the influence of Devouring Heaven God Art.

Since he had obtained a spot to compete, Mo Wentian became the biggest black horse in the Mo Family. His strength and prestige had greatly exceeded Mo Han since the latter was crippled by him.

“Right, the jade silk!” Mo Wentian’s hand lit up in radiance after recalling something. A golden jade silk appeared within his palm.

This jade silk was purchased by Mo Wentian after spending ten thousand gold coins.

“I wonder what use this jade silk has.” When he infused his sword essence force into the jade silk, it didn’t show any reaction and caused Mo Wentian to be astonished. It was as if the silk was just an ordinary jade silk!

“Could I have misjudged it?” A ray of radiance flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes but he believed that the reaction shown by the Devouring Heaven Brute Sword shouldn’t be wrong!

Just when Mo Wentian was about to study the silk in depth, an old mighty oppression spread out from the room next door.

“Not good. Something happened! Qingyu!” Mo Wentian vanished from his room after crying out softly.

Mo Wentian had arrived at Qingyu’s room the next time he appeared.

“Young Master, it’s so hot…” Her exquisite voice resonated out.

Mo Wentian’s expression immediately changed after observing. A layer of blood red radiance covered Qingyu’s body while she was lying on the bed. This layer of radiance was like a layer of flame and was extremely berserk!

“The Flame Emperor’s blood vessels are awakening so quickly!” In a flash, Mo Wentian appeared beside Qingyu and he rapidly infused his sword essence force into her body.

The redness in Qingyu’s complexion had significantly reduced after Mo Wentian started infusing his sword essence force into her. However, just when Mo Wentian relaxed, an even more frantic energy burst out from Qingyu’s body.

“S***!” Mo Wentian’s expression turned unsightly. His sword essence force couldn’t hold off that frantic energy anymore. He could only look at Qingyu as she is about to be destroyed by this frantic energy.

“What should I do?” Mo Wentian expression grew uglier overtime. Even Mo Wentian had only heard hearsay about the Ancient Emperor blood vessels.

It was rumored that there were five ancient emperors in the past and that they cultivated in one of the five elements respectively. They had cultivated the five elements to its apex before splitting apart the void and ascended – leaving behind their Ancient Emperor Blood Vessels.

Many years had passed. Even though the Ancient Emperor Blood Vessels still existed, it rarely appeared because there were no Ancient Emperor scriptures for them to cultivate.

And the Ancient Emperor scripture Mo Wentian had on him was obtained from the sword void. If it wasn’t because Mo Wentian possessed these scriptures, Mo Qingyu’s Ancient Emperor Blood Vessel wouldn’t have awakened.

“Young Master, I’m in pain…” Qingyu stared at Mo Wentian in pain.

“Seem like I can only try that!” Mo Wentian inhaled deeply.

This energy was extremely frantic. Perhaps, even a supreme sword master would be rendered helpless in front of such power.

The only thing Mo Wentian could do now was to circulate his Devouring Heaven God Art and absorbed this energy into his own body.

“Qingyu, defend your mind!” After saying this to Qingyu, Mo Wentian no longer hesitated. He sat down and circulated his Devouring Heaven God Art immediately.


Along with the circulation of Devouring Heaven God Art, the frantic energy within Qingyu’s body was pulled into Mo Wentian’s body rapidly.

*Bam* *Bam* *Bam*

This domineering energy broke through all of Mo Wentian’s defenses like breaking a bamboo shoot and charged into his dantian.

“S***!” Mo Wentian’s complexion changed. But in the next moment, the brute sword that was at the center of his dantian started trembling and all the berserk energy was absorbed by it.

“The brute sword is moving!” Mo Wentian was elated upon noticing it. Subsequently, he continued to absorb the frantic energy from Qingyu. Two hours later, the energy within Qingyu had, more or less, been fully absorbed by Mo Wentian.

“Qingyu!” Mo Wentian hugged onto her and heaved a sigh of relief after circulating his sword essence force into her body. He realized that she had merely fainted.

In the same posture, Mo Wentian sunk back into cultivation to look at the changes happening within. A type of boundless sword essence force surged out from the brute sword in his dantian and his cultivation started to advance rapidly.

Within a few moments, he broke through the 6th layer of Qi Condensation Realm, reaching the 7th layer of Qi Condensation Realm.

*Bam* *Bam* *Bam*

Mo Wentian felt an endless amount of sword essence force coursing through his body and only when Mo Wentian’s cultivation reached the 8th layer of Qi Condensation Realm, did the surge of sword essence force gradually came to a halt.

“What a terrifying Ancient Emperor energy!” Mo Wentian hissed a long breath. His strength had grown several times stronger. He estimated that with his current strength he should be comparable to the 2nd layer of Leaving Sword Realm.

*Buzz* *buzz*

Before Mo Wentian even had the time to be surprised, the golden jade silk suddenly appeared before him and the divine pattern on the jade silk had all lit up.

“Could this be…?” Mo Wentian eyes brightened as he stared at the jade silk. The jade silk had stopped moving above Qingyu’s forehead and in the next moment, countless scriptures appeared on the void.

“There were gods during the ancient times. In order for the god’s body to be an undying, the heaven and earth must not be annihilated…” Mo Wentian grew solemn as each and every word was imprinted into his mind. 15 minutes later, the jade silk fell onto the floor. However, the patterns on the jade silk had all disappeared.

“Undying body. Could it be the Ancient Emperor Golden Body that was created by the five ancient emperors?” Mo Wentian’s mind was immersed in the mysterious undying body art.

The Undying Body Art was divided into nine layers. It absorbed the essence of heaven and earth and used it to refine the body. Thus, allowing it to reach the undying state.

The first layer focused on refining an undying copper body. As long as one could fully refine an undying copper body, their physique would reach the strength of 2500 kilograms.

They would be able to withstand against the Leaving Sword Realm swordsman just by relying on their physique and if they cultivated it to the second layer of the undying body, their physique would be able to withstand against spiritual artifact’s attacks.

“If I were to cultivate it to the ninth layer, wouldn’t I be able to break the heaven and earth into pieces?!” Mo Wentian inhaled a breath of cold air while the radiance in his eyes rose drastically.

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This undying body art was clearly created for him! Since he possessed the Devouring Heaven God Art, his cultivation could advance very quickly. However, he was still limited by his physique.

If his physique was too weak, he wouldn’t be able to stand the battering of formidable spiritual qi. If he could cultivate this undying body art, he would be able to advance his cultivation rapidly.

“Hahahaha… Yu Shang, I’m afraid you would have never expected that I would come across such an opportunity in this lifetime. With the aid of the undying body art, I could return to my peak in less than 10 years!”

The radiance in Mo Wentian eyes was bottomless. Very soon, he would take back everything that belonged to him. He would expose how despicable the supreme goddess was in this Sword God Continent.

“Young Master…” Just when Mo Wentian was about to cultivate, a half conscious voice echoed out.

“Qingyu!” Mo Wentian retracted the aura on him and stood up when he saw Qingyu had awakened.

“Young Master, did I…” Qingyu flushed as she squeezed out a few words: “Sleepwalk?”

*Cough* *Cough*

Mo Wentian coughed lightly before laughing: “You didn’t sleepwalk. This is your room!”

“My room?” Qingyu was dazed for a moment before recalling something. Her face grew red as she replied hurriedly: “Then Young Master you…”

“Little lass, what are you thinking?” Mo Wentian was covered in cold sweat. ‘Why was this girl thinking of such thing every day?’

Subsequently, Mo Wentian seem to have remembered something as he grinned: “Try cultivating!”

“Cultivate?” The girl was startled. Following which, she sat up in a meditative position. But the next moment, the girl stood up with a face filled with excitement.

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“Young Master, there’s a small fireball within my body…”

“Er…” Mo Wentian stared at the girl while rubbing his forehead.

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