Chapter 42: Battle for the Sword Son

“Young Master. I’m able to cultivate! I can really start cultivating!”

“Young Master, I can release fireball!”



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Mo Wentian couldn’t help but shake his head, when he saw how excited Mo Qingyu had become inside the room. However, after he sensed the aura on Mo Qingyu, Mo Wentian grinned.

‘Truly, worthy of being called blood vessels of the Ancient Emperor. It had merely just awakened but she had already advanced to the Pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm.’

That’s right. The Pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm. Mo Qingyu’s cultivation was already a small realm higher than Mo Wentian.

“Qingyu, the blood vessels in you are extremely formidable. You must cultivate diligently, alright?” Mo Wentian spoke heavily.

“En en!” Qingyu nodded seriously. Subsequently, she replied: “Qingyu will cultivate diligently. In the future, wherever Young Master goes, Qingyu will follow suit as well!”

That childish voice caused Mo Wentian to be in a daze. ‘What a devoted lass.’

“If you wish to follow Young Master, you will have to put in more effort!” Mo Wentian grinned when he turned sober.

With the undying body art aiding him, Mo Wentian wouldn’t need to waste so much time to return back to his Sword Emperor Realm. Although Mo Qingyu possessed the Ancient Emperor blood vessels, it still wouldn’t be easy for her to reach the Sword Emperor Realm.

“Qingyu will certainly work hard!” When Mo Qingyu heard Mo Wentian’s words, her eyes instantly lit up firmly. Mo Wentian instructed her for a few moments more before returning to his room. Since Mo Qingyu had awakened her Ancient Emperor blood vessels, the worries of Mo Wentian had significantly decreased.

Even though being at the Pinnacle of Qi Condensation Realm couldn’t be counted as strong, it wouldn’t be easy for people in the Mo Clan to continue bullying her. Mo Wentian’s eyes flashed in radiance after inhaling a breath of air.

When Mo Wentian sent his consciousness into his body, the words from the jade silk appeared within his mind again.

“I shall start refining this undying body. As long as I reached the first layer of the undying body, I would be able to withstand against sword qi just by relying on my physique!” With some expectations to look forward to, Mo Wentian consciousness submerged into the undying body art.

The undying body. It used the heaven and earth’s essence force to forge the physique. With the copper physique aiding him, he would be able to strike out with the strength of 2500 kilograms. This amount of strength had greatly exceeded the strength an initial stage Leaving Sword Realm swordsman could bring forth!

“The undying body. It converged the heaven and earth’s essence force and used an exceptional god soul to forge the body…”

He chanted the scriptures. Suddenly, the sword jade in Mo Wentian body started to circulate rapidly. Subsequently, a series of different energies entered Mo Wentian’s body.

“This is the essence force of heaven and earth!” The radiance in Mo Wentian eyes rose drastically.

When the energy entered his body, Mo Wentian felt the cells in his body turned lively. Even his spirit had improved several times.

“This feeling is pretty satisfying but the speed of progression…” The corner of Mo Wentian’s mouth twitched. Although it was quite satisfying when the heaven and earth’s essence force entered his body, the speed of progression was simply… too slow! Mo Wentian estimated that he would need at least 100 years to reach the first layer, if the progression was going to be this slow.

“If this continues on, I would have already reached the Sword Emperor Realm even before I have refined the undying body!” Mo Wentian lamented. The undying body art was very similar to the Devouring Heaven God Art. The amount of essence force it needed was too terrifying.
*Buzz* *buzz* *buzz*

Just when Mo Wentian was about to stop cultivating, the sword jade within Mo Wentian started revolving rapidly.

“What’s going on?” Mo Wentian’s expression changed. But at the next moment, a boundless amount of essence force surged out from the brute sword.

“This is…” Mo Wentian eyes turned elated. This essence force was several times stronger than what he had absorbed from the outside world.

“Undying body. It is created especially for me…Hahaha” After shouting out, Mo Wentian started operating his undying body art rapidly. Boundless essence force entered Mo Wentian body from his skin. A layer of bronze radiance gradually appeared on his skin and after an unknown amount of time had passed.


Mo Wentian suddenly stood up and punched out. The void resonated out in the explosion.


Before his punch landed onto the stake, it had already been shattered into pieces.

“So strong!” Mo Wentian hissed out. ‘This punch was at least 2500 kilograms strong or perhaps even exceeded 2500 kilograms.’

“As expected from the cultivation technique left behind by the Ancient Emperors. If I can cultivate it to the second layer, wouldn’t my physique be able to withstand against the sword dipper of the sword masters?” Mo Wentian eyes grew incomparably feverish.

“Young Master, the great elder is calling for you.” Just when Mo Wentian was about to study the technique, Qingyu’s voice rang out.

“Great elder?” Mo Wentian paused for a moment before looking up the sky. Unknowingly, the night had gone by. However, Mo Wentian didn’t feel exhausted at all, even though he had cultivated for the whole night. Contrary, he felt his current state was a lot better than the past!

“Got it!” Mo Wentian smiled faintly before walking out of the room.

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In just a night, his cultivation had increased by two small realms. Furthermore, his physique had also strengthened by several folds. Currently, Mo Wentian’s strength was not any weaker than the 3rd layer of Leaving Sword Realm swordsman.

The contest to select the Sword Son could no longer garner much interest from Mo Wentian. What he wanted was to enter the Three Great Sword Sects as soon as possible. Only by entering it would he have the chance to progress even faster.

15 minutes later. Mo Wentian appeared within the hall. Mo Yizhan sat down as the host while Lin Cheng and the nine Mo Family elders sat beside him. Meanwhile, Mo Han wasn’t in the hall.

“Mo Wentian!” The cold air in Mo Yizhan exploded out when he saw Mo Wentian.

He knew that Mo Wentian was their best candidate in seizing the Sword Son position but Mo Wentian had crippled Mo Han. If there was a chance, Mo Yizhan would never let Mo Wentian off.

Simultaneously, Lin Cheng was also looking at Mo Wentian coldly.

‘Contesting for the position of Sword Son, Hmph? Brat, it would be lucky for you to lose today’s match. If you become the sword son, I will let you experience a fate worse than death in the Central Sword City!’ The anger in Lin Cheng heart couldn’t be quenched.

A trash of Mo Family actually dared to make a fool out of him in the auction? If he couldn’t repay the humiliation he had suffered, how was he going to continue mingling in the Central Sword City?

“Young Master Wentian had arrived!”

“Since Young Master Wentian had defeated Young Master Mo Han. Young Master Wentian shall become our Mo Family’s genius!”

“That’s right. Young Master Wentian will definitely be able to obtain the position of sword son!”


Discussions rang out in the hall.

The stares Mo Wentian was receiving no longer contained the slightest amount of contempt. Rather, it was filled with reverence.

“All of you are waiting for me?” After Mo Wentian entered the hall, he sat down at the seat dedicated for the first young lady. The smile on him was extremely splendid.

“Waiting for you?” Coldness flashed in Mo Yizhan’s eyes. Subsequently, he seemed to have recalled something as he chuckled suddenly: “Wentian, you have to be careful. Qiu and Yuan Families aren’t someone who can be bullied so easily!”

“Thank you, Patriarch!” He would have long fallen out with Mo Wentian, if it wasn’t because he wanted to retain his City Lord position!

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