Chapter 869 – Old Couple

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He nibbled gently and drew circles using the tip of his tongue; Huan Qing Yan felt her whole body went limp. While he used his tongue, she wrapped her weak legs around his waist and was moaning in pleasure. 

Ji Mo Ya went from one side to the other; Huan Qing Yan’s dress was all crumpled and had ridden above her hips, while her underwear had slid down to her knees. Ji Mo Ya reached down with his hand and felt her. She was thoroughly wet.  

He lightly slipped inside her and hooked his fingers a couple of times, before gently taking out and pinched the area between her thighs. It was wet and slippery to the touch. She had raised her hips to him. 

Huan Qing Yan felt nervous and her body tensed up. Ji Mo Ya did not want to hurt her, so he tried to calm her down and kissed her earlobe. “Relax, relax. My blood is not as tasty as it used to be…”

He slid inside her just as she burst out laughing.

Ji Mo Ya groaned in a low voice as it went deep inside her. Huan Qing Yan moaned in pleasure as he started moving. 

The good time came fast, and it went fast. 

After an hour, Ji Mo Ya let go of Huan Qing Yan, who was covered in sweat. They hugged on the bed for a while.

The fright and fear leftover from the Lightning Tribulation have finally evaporated. 

Ji Mo Ya asked Huan Qing Yan, “Should we get married at Surging Wave Academia or Hanging Cloud? Or do you prefer the Holy City?”

“Let’s do it at Surging Wave Academia! I’m afraid Mother will be shocked if we do it at Hanging Cloud, while there are too many spectators at Holy City.”

“Ok. Let’s do it once my Dragon Spirit Treasure refines the lightning he swallowed. I’m sorry, both your Spirit Treasures have regressed because of me.”

Huan Qing Yan climbed out of bed and got dressed. Even though they were an old couple now, cough! She still felt embarrassed to have done it in the middle of the day. 

“It’s fine. My Spirit Treasures leveled up too quickly anyway. Now they can train again and build a stronger foundation.”

Suddenly, Ji Mo Ya’s face turned pale.

His Dragon Spirit Treasure managed to free itself from his wrist. It looked as if it was suffering from the lightning within its body. The dragon was struggling in mid-air, its tail swiped about randomly and broke all the decorations inside the room.

Almost hitting Huan Qing Yan a few times.

Ji Mo Ya, too, had gotten dressed; he yelled, “Quiet!”

Dragon Spirit Treasure turned around to face Ji Mo Ya. It let out a fierce roar, scaring Huan Qing Yan who was beside him. 

Ji Mo Ya used all of his will to suppress Dragon Spirit Treasure and put it back in his wrist.

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His forehead was covered in sweat. 

Huan Qing Yan had a bad feeling about this. “Ji Mo Ya, what is wrong with Dragon Spirit Treasure?”

“It’s nothing. Probably just some side effect from swallowing the lightning. It should be okay once it refined the lightning.”

Huan Qing Yan’s eyelid twitched. “Really? Don’t lie to me.”

Ji Mo Ya stroked her hair, he smiled gently and said, “Yes. Why don’t you go train in the Dimension to regain your rank? It shouldn’t be hard for you. Eat more Spirit Meals and Spirit Plants. You should be able to get it back in less than a year or two. I’ll also use the time to assist Dragon Spirit Treasure and refine the lightning. It will take around ten days to half a month.”

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