Chapter 868 – Overbearing

He is going to dominate Spirit Treasure Continent!

“Handsome Ya! You are so awesome! I’m going to have to look at you differently now.”

Ji Mo Ya laughed. There was a soft glow in between his eyebrows, “Lass, thank you for helping me with the Lightning Tribulation. I wouldn’t have succeeded without your two Spirit Treasures.”

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He did not expect that her spirit treasures were able to offer some help even without Heart Union Knot. On closer thought, other than the reason that her spirit treasures must be extraordinary, the only other reason he could think of was that they dual cultivated together before and it had somehow helped. 

Huan Qing Yan felt a huge wave of relief that the terrifying Lightning Tribulation was finally over.

She had planned for the worst and was ready to die with him…

But now that they are both alive, she could not be happier.

The heavens have shown them mercy!

She smiled and said, “I’m glad to be of help. Are you really okay after the Lightning Tribulation? Did anything happen after I passed out? I did not know what happened after I lost consciousness.”

 “Because of you, my Ginseng Spirit Treasure had enough time to heal the Dragon Spirit Treasure. And coincidentally, I awakened my family bloodline and gained more power. The Dragon Spirit Treasure swallowed the lightning.” Ji Mo Ya picked his words carefully.

Huan Qing Yan’s beautiful eyes were radiant. “I didn’t know that your Ginseng Spirit Treasure had such power, it could heal the injured dragon? Did you use the Derivative Skill?”  

She learned the Derivative Skill for dual spirit treasures when she was in Sand Tower. One Spirit Treasure could sacrifice its rank, spirit energy, or life essence to heal or prolong the life of another Spirit Treasure or its master.

However, this type of powerful skill requires a long time to execute. Not something one can use during a battle.

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“No. This is the Ginseng Spirit Treasure’s talent, it will then lose its cultivation level. Unless it is a matter of life and death, it will not be used unnecessarily.” Ji Mo Ya gave a bitter laugh. 

The Ginseng Spirit Treasure was his second Spirit Treasure, one that he had kept hidden all this time. Most people knew of his second Spirit Treasure, but they did not know what it is as he had never revealed it as all.

His second Spirit Treasure did not have any attack skill, only a very powerful support ability. 

One is to change his body constitution, allowing him to train many times faster than other people. The second is turning his blood and flesh fragrant, making everyone want to eat it.

And it can also heal the Dragon Spirit Treasure by converting its cultivation to recover the Dragon Spirit Treasure to its best state.

However, by doing so, his Ginseng Spirit Treasure had turned into Early-Stage True Spirit Treasure and was now in a deep sleep.

It would take a few years of training to restore it to its previous state.

“That’s great!” Huan Qing Yan could not help but gave Ji Mo Ya a kiss. 

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes and smiled. He extended his head towards her and kissed her soft lips before pulling her into his arms and also felt about her perfect body. He could not wait to enjoy her voluptuous body.

The kiss was strong and domineering. It was painful yet pleasurable. 

She laid her hands softly in front of his chest as if to pull him closer and to push him away at the same time. He kissed even harder, wanting to transfer all the joy of surviving a calamity to her.

Her whole body turned red and she was gasping for air after the kiss. She caressed his chest, arousing him even more. 

“Give it to me.” Ji Mo Ya said in a low voice. He was defenseless against her body.

They were even more excited and passionate now that they had just escaped death. 

Huan Qing Yan did not refuse. She asked, “Is your body ok?”

Ji Mo Ya did not say anything. He tore her clothes off, revealing her soft breasts.

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