Chapter 123 – Chasing Tiger

The other five metahumans were all Early Rank 3 metahumans.

Rank 3 Rock Warrior

Two Rank 3 Frost Elemental Envoys

Two Rank 3 Fire Lion Warriors

“Powerful ones have arrived.”

Xu Dafu also sensed danger coming from You Zi, but their side’s fighting power was also not weak.

You Zi had noticed Xu Dafu and the rest upon arriving, he was focused on T-Rex earlier on and just only noticed that the rest were strong too.

On his way here, You Zi guessed that the opposing force has more mutated beasts other than the T-Rex, but he did not expect to see so many. Be it Brain-Eating Terror Hog or Charmeleon, they all possessed high fighting power. Moreover, Xu Dafu was also giving off an unknown sense of danger and threat even when Xu Dafu was obviously weaker than him.

Also, You Zi knew that he has to deal with the T-Rex personally and his subordinates might not be able to win Xu Dafu and the rest.

“Big Bro, we have seen our fair share of metahumans controlling mutated beasts and otherworld creatures, but this is the first time I’ve seen so many. Plus, they are all powerful.”

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The other five metahumans have already entered battle mode, only now did they understand how terrifying this place was; each of the enemies they were facing was giving them enormous pressure.

You Zi’s expression was slightly ugly as he said:

“To be going against the military, it looks like you people are tired of living.”

However, Yang Tian only found it funny when he heard those words.

You have targeted me continuously in my previous life, causing me to live a life even worse than a dog, a pity you did not die in my hands in the end. This time, I will let you die painfully. When Yang Tian thought about this, his face revealed traces of madness.

“Hahahaha. You Zi, are you afraid?”

Yang Tian waved his hand down and T-Rex started attacking You Zi.


T-Rex stomped towards You Zi and his group, forcing them to scatter.

When You Zi saw T-Rex attacking, he quickly went into battle mode.

High Rank 3 Weapon, Chasing Tiger Spear

Fire Dragon Claw

T-Rex used Fire Dragon Claw and clashed with You Zi.

You Zi used Chasing Tiger Spear Technique, each strike of the spear was filled with the overpowering might of a tiger. Moreover, with his Mid Rank 4 Cultivation Technique, he possessed a vigorous amount of fighting power.

Xu Dafu, Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Charmeleon numbered only three altogether, but they possess enough power to face against the five metahumans.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf had wanted to join the battlefield as well to help Xu Dafu and the rest, but Yang Tian stopped it; Yang Tian wanted to use Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to threaten You Zi at the crucial moment.

The new skill that Dark Crimson Fire Wolf obtained after it ranked up was very lethal when used against Martialist.

Xu Dafu immediately used Black Mist when the fight started.

Yang Tian had given Xu Dafu the Ravenous Wolf Set, allowing the latter’s fighting power to obtain an instant boost. With the high endurance and fearless attitude towards injuries that Carnivores held, Xu Dafu was able to literally use a berserk style of fighting.

The Rock Warrior had wanted to use the principle of exchanging injuries for injuries against Xu Dafu, but he soon noticed that the difference between them was too big. When the Rock Warrior’s attacks landed on Xu Dafu, he found it to be ineffective; but when the latter used Ravenous Wolf Blade to attack his rock body, a heart-chilling chunk rock would be hacked off.

The Ravenous Wolf Set provides a 20% boost in agility, but Xu Dafu did not find it useful as he does not rely on agility when fighting; he handed the shield to Charmeleon instead.

Although it was three versus five, Xu Dafu and the rest did not display any signs of being in a disadvantage.

On the other hand, Lei Xing had retrieved a specially made gun from the laboratory, this gun was crafted entirely from Rank 2 materials, its might was undoubtedly outstanding.

Lei Xing aimed the gun at the five metahumans.


The Flaming Bullet made from Firecloud Stone was enveloped in fire upon being shot out. Its target was the Ice Elemental Envoy that was fighting against Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

The Ice Elemental Envoy did not expect someone would launch a sneak attack, this resulted in a huge hole appearing on his back, the fire element also created a suppressing effect against his ice ability.


Another bullet was shot, an Exploding Bullet. The target was the Rock Warrior, on his back was an injury left by Xu Dafu, the Exploding Bullet hit that spot directly.


A powerful explosion was released by the Exploding Bullet, and that injury was blasted open. Being already injured, how could that spot resist a close range explosion?

The bullets used were all made from Rank 2 materials, the power they produce was equivalent to a full powered attack of a Rank 2 fighting power. Also, it was a sneak attack, even as Early Rank 3s, it was hard to take an undefended attack like that.

The Rock Warrior had it worst; Xu Dafu slashed on his chest at the same time the explosion occurred and the wound extended from his neck to his abdomen. If not for the rock that covered his chest, he would have likely been slashed into two by that attack.

“Ole Three!”

The other four metahumans wanted to help the Rock Warrior when they saw his sorry state, but their opponents did not allow them the chance to do so.

“Good one!” Xu Dafu shouted excitedly.

Lei Xing’s support came at a great timing.

Xu Dafu raised Ravenous Wolf Blade, preparing to deal the final blow.

“Get lost!”

A Fire Lion Warrior ignored Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s attack and crashed into Xu Dafu.

However, this decision gave Lei Xing a great opportunity.


An Exploding Bullet flew towards the chest of the Fire Lion Warrior, even if the Fire Lion Warrior saved the Rock Warrior, receiving an Exploding Bullet on his chest was not any better.

Another explosion could be heard; the Fire Lion Warrior had sent Xu Dafu flying away, but he was also heavily injured now.


The Fire Lion Warrior vomited blood, his expression was dispirited.

“Die for me!”

Two icicles appeared in front of Xu Dafu. Since the two opponents were both heavily injured, he would just exterminate them at the same time.

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“You dare!”

Seeing his brothers about to die, You Zi moved away from his fight with T-Rex and blocked the icicles for them.

Giant Dragon Ram

Unfortunately, T-Rex was not charitable and You Zi’s actions undoubtedly provided an opportunity for it to attack. Moreover, the destructive power of Giant Dragon Ram made it hard for You Zi to ensure that he could protect Fire Lion Warrior and Rock Warrior safely.

Rumble Rumble

“Block for me!”

You Zi shouted.

However, You Zi could only protect himself, Fire Lion Warrior and Rock Warrior were turned into meat paste from the impact of Giant Dragon Ram.

You Zi understood that it was now not the time for grieving and if he wants the rest of his brothers to survive, he needs to first get rid of Lei Xing stationed on top of the wall, the latter was the most significant threat.

However, little did he know that Yang Tian has been waiting for him for a long time.


You Zi leaped and he appeared in front of Lei Xing, but when he suddenly saw a black monster and the wolf creature he had sighted earlier on, he knew that something was not right.

Enfeeble: Reduce the enemy’s speed and attack by 25%.

This was a new skill that Dark Crimson Fire Wolf learned, a lethal skill for Martialists and assassin-type metahumans.

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