Chapter 122 – You Zi

Others may think of Ouyang Ge as just another ordinary person, but he possesses the ability to turn a fight around.

“Against them, we are more than enough.”

“Then this old man shall not disturb you.”

Ouyang Ge returned to his lab while Yang Tian continued to observe the battlefield. 

The sounds of battle were great, attracting teams from other organizations to them.


Other than the military’s, at least five other teams were hiding in the vicinity.

The army was currently in tatters, even their strongest warrior got stomped to death by the T-Rex. Without a Rank 3 metahuman, they were no different from paper in front of T-rex.

“Everyone hang on, reinforcements are coming!”

Following the direction he pointed, there were several armored vehicles and three tanks heading towards the manor. They had hope, but in the very next moment, only despair greeted them.

Boom Boom

A series of explosions buried their hope. The armored vehicles were destroyed by those blasts and the tanks were sent flying by the shockwave.

“That’s special military K5 bombs, why did those explode!?”

The Platoon Leader immediately recognized the bombs used and shouted in disbelieve.

Is the army planning to destroy them?

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The Platoon Leader kneeled on the ground as he watched their hope that was only just lit, extinguished.

After Lei Xing successfully detonated the bombs, he prepared to return to the manor with Wang Yu. However, Wang Yu noticed strange movements within the blast.

“Lei Xing, careful!”

Wang Yu pushed Lei Xing to the side.

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A steel spear was shot from within the explosion and was aiming at Lei Xing previous location. Wang Yu got to save Lei Xing from the lethal attack.

Being a Black Widow, Wang Yu possessed a heightened sensitivity for danger. Even though the person was really well hidden, Wang Yu was still able to detect the air of danger.

“Have we been discovered?”

Lei Xing said in a shocked tone, he could not believe that anyone could survive that powerful explosion. Lei Xing thought they another party had discovered them and was making preparations for them.

But Wang Yu does not follow the same train of thought; she believed that if a person could survive that blast, it would undoubtedly be a powerful metahuman.

A black figure slowly appeared in front of them.

A heroic-looking man in simple attire; a vest, camouflage pants and a pair of military boots. His black skin were injuries of various sizes, and from the murderous energy he was emitting, he was not going to be benevolent.

“Were these done by you?”

The man took out the steel spear embedded in the ground and looked at Lei Xing and Wang Yu coldly.

“You are… You Zi?”

“You know me?” You Zi pointed his spear at Lei Xing’s forehead.

“Anyone would know the strongest person of the third division.”

“Looks like you people are related to the military. The ambush this time was well planned, even the K5 bombs were not something a common organization could obtain.”

Five more figures appeared behind You Zi, but all of them have some injuries.

“Big Bro, lucky you came with us, or our team would be wiped out.”

“That’s right. We have sent so many teams out yet none of them returned, I guess there is a traitor amongst us long ago.”

“Enough. Captured the two of them first and I will surely find out who the traitor is.”

You Zi waved his hand, the person behind him move up to capture Wang Yu and Lei Xing.

“Are you sure you can catch us?”

Although the person in front of them was much more powerful, Wang Yu had prepared something beforehand.


You Zi noticed something was not right and planned to personally catch Wang Yu and Lei Xing. However, Wang Yu and Lei Xing had disappeared from where they were.

“Fortunately, I made preparations.”

Wang Yu and Lei Xing had left from the area of the explosion.

“Why did you suddenly return?”

“A pity it could only be used once, the next time would require Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to wake up first.”

Wang Yu used Dark Teleport earlier on, the reason she was able to use the skill was because of the Mimic Crystal Ball in her hands.

Mimic Crystal Ball, Rank 2 Treasure. It could store one’s skill and to allow a one time use of that skill.

The Mimic Crystal Ball was something Wang Yu obtained when she was out hunting insects, Yang Tian taught her how to use it, and Wang Yu chose to copy Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s Dark Teleport.

As Dark Teleport was carrying two people, the distance it could travel was halved.

“We need to quickly return, or they will catch up to us.”


Lei Xing and Wang Yu quickly ran back to the manor. You Zi and his group were completely beyond their abilities.

“Crap, how did they discover us so quickly.”

Lei Xing saw You Zi and his group chasing behind them, they had been discovered in a short period and would be caught up by the others at this rate.

“Look in front.”

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was in front of them; after absorbing the Blue Plains Wolf Beast Fire, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf reached Early Rank 3, while the red fur it initially had has been replaced by blue ones.

They immediately rode on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.


Although they were not a match for You Zi and his group, it was not possible for their pursuers to catch up to the speed of Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

“Big Brother, that wolf’s speed is too fast!”

Just as they were about to catch up, the wolf’s speed managed to pull their distance apart.

“Since we already know where they are heading, we will just go there and catch all of them.”

You Zi and his group ran towards the manor, just that T-Rex would be giving them enormous pressure.

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf returned to the manor with Wang Yu and Lei Xing.

“Boss, the most powerful person from the army’s third division is here.”

Lei Xing immediately told Yang Tian everything he knew.

“Boss, you have to be careful this time. You Zi, and the five metahumans with him are all not simple.”

“So it is You Zi!”

“Boss, you know him?”

Lei Xing was startled for a moment, he did not expect Yang Tian to know You Zi as well!

“A very familiar person.”

If not for Yang Tian emitting a cold murderous air, Lei Xing would have assumed that Yang Tian and You Zi were friends.

The military has been completely exterminated by T-Rex and those armored vehicles have also turned into scraps. Xu Dafu was checking if there were anyone still alive so that he can give them the final blow.

You Zi and his group soon arrived at the battlefield, Yang Tian has been focusing his attention on You Zi ever since he came.

High Rank 3 Spear Martialist

You Zi was an authentic Martialist and not like those pseudo ones. He practices a Mid Rank 4 cultivation technique and is proficient in the High Rank 3 Martial Art, Chasing Tiger Spear Technique. The fighting power he displayed will be similar to a Captain-Class Commander Beast of the same rank.

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