Chapter 121 – Combat

“Oh? There are more people? Boss did not say anything about these people, let’s kill them all!”

Brain-Eating Terror Hog nodded in agreement.

“Hold right there, we will shoot if you come any closer.”

The military had caught sight of the approaching Xu Dafu and Brain-Eating Terror Hog, and they were gripping their rifles nervously.

“You can try to shoot.”

From a walking pace, Xu Dafu suddenly sprinted and Brain-Eating Terror Hog did so as well.


The soldiers started shooting at their unknown enemies.

Bang Bang

However, in the next second, these soldiers became perturbed. Their bullets had been unable to pierce the skin of both Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Xu Dafu. Those bullets fell off upon bodily contact.

The soldiers were only using ordinary bullets, their hope to pierce through the skin of the two Early Rank 3 were just wishful thinking.

Xu Dafu’s speed and explosiveness has dramatically increased after he grew a pair of wings, additionally, the strong acid on his claws was lethal toxin for these soldiers.

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Every time Xu Dafu made a move, someone from the military would die. While Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s attacking method was even more overbearing; it simply used its huge tusks to massacre everyone.

The people in this squad were not all that the military had sent, they were just a patrolling team; unfortunately for them, they encountered Xu Dafu and Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

Within a few minutes, all the soldiers were killed.

Xu Dafu rode on Brain-Eating Terror Hog and brought back the thirteen Rank 2 metahumans.

After returning to the manor, Xu Dafu reported his encounter to Yang Tian.

“Did you exterminate all of them?”

“Yes, I cleaned them up.”

Yang Tian had a slight frown, the soldiers were too near to the manor. Now that the patrol team has been killed, the military would undoubtedly notice and easily link the occurrence to the manor.

“Bring them into the research lab first.”

Lei Xing was also present in the lab, he emptied out all the equipment in their backpacks.

In the afternoon, the sun was blazing outside. The military had surrounded the manor and it looked like at least half its numbers have already arrived.

“The people inside listen up, we are the country’s military; you better open your doors, or we will siege the place.”

However, only the wind answered them.

“Xiao Huan, are you sure there is life detected inside?”

“Platoon Leader, the device will never make a mistake. Look, it is displaying obvious signs of human life.”

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“Platoon Leader, I believe they are the ones that killed the patrol team and they do not dare open their doors now. Why not we just charge in!”

“Okay. Take a team with you to climb the walls. If anything happens, shout loudly.”


A team of soldiers has the intention to climb over the walls to enter the manor? Unfortunately, they did not know that crazy vines are waiting for them.

As the team was climbing the wall, the crazy vines started to take action as well. These were all food delivered to its doorstep.

“What the hell is this!”

“Help, help!”

The team that was climbing the wall immediately sought help, but the crazy vines were too quick, they were instantly turned into dumplings upon being caught and then turned into nutrients for the crazy vines.

“What are those things.”

The Platoon Leader’s expression was extremely ugly, a team of Rank 1 metahumans disappeared just like that. The entire duration took only a few seconds.

“Dammit, blast that thing away, turn those damn things into dust.”

With his command, twenty soldiers with shoulder launch rockets appeared. The might of the rocket launchers was equivalent to a full powered strike of an Early Rank 3 power. The crazy vines will not be able to endure the barrage and might even be blasted off the walls.


A huge T-Rex appeared in front of them, frightening the soldiers who were carrying the rocket launchers.

“Change target, shoot that dinosaur!”

The flustered Platoon Leader ordered, he did not expect a T-Rex to make a sudden appearance.

The twenty soldiers quickly did as ordered and aimed at T-Rex.

Boom Boom

Twenty violent explosions were heard, a thick smoke enveloped T-Rex and hid it from sight.

“Good job!”

The Platoon Leader sighed, relief, and from the scene presented in front of him, the rockets had indeed destroyed T-Rex.


A roar scattered the smoke away, revealing the grey T-Rex within. Except for some faint white marks on its skin, there were no other injuries to be seen.


The Platoon Leader took several steps back in fear, nearly falling over on his butt.

The appearance of T-Rex has completely disrupted his emotional state, the mighty T-Rex had caused him to lose the desire to continue fighting.

“Re, retreat!”

The Platoon Leader sat on an armored vehicle and ordered his soldiers to retreat; his men have long been scared witless by T-Rex and they immediately ran into the armored vehicles when their Platoon Leader ordered.

However, they would be disappointed because Yang Tian was not about to let them leave this place. T-Rex received an order to exterminate everyone.

As they were about to leave, Charmeleon appeared behind them.


After evolving to become Charmeleon, the might of Flamethrower was no longer the same as before.

A jet of flames shot underneath the armored vehicles and the high heat melted the tires, forcing the soldiers from driving away.

 “Oh no, the vehicle cannot move anymore.”

The soldiers were in a panic, they were somewhat regretting that they had not driven the tank over.


A signal flare was shot by the Platoon Leader, he was glad he had brought it along. With the flare launched, the other team would see it and can quickly come to support them.

Yang Tian observed the signal flare in the sky with a calm expression.

“Take care of the ones here first.”

Xu Dafu rode Brain-Eating Terror Hog and charged into battle.

The military team had several Rank 2 metahumans too, but against Rank 3 powers, they were obviously not enough. Just the T-Rex itself could wipe out everyone. A stomp of its feet and several soldiers would lose their lives, after walking a few times amongst the soldiers, a pile of bodies was left behind.

Charmeleon and Xu Dafu focused on the people who were trying to escape; once they noticed someone running away, the two of them will stop and kill that person.

“Plant bombs along the road for the approaching soldiers.”


Lei Xing took action immediately; the thirteen Rank 2 metahumans happen to have several bombs in their backpacks, well suited for the current situation.

“Boss, I will go as well!” Wang Yu spoke, being a Black Widow, she could also plant interference traps along with the bombs.

The Wilderness Wolfmen were eager when they had been told to prepare for battle. As for Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, it has entered hibernation after absorbing the Beast Fire so it still needed some time before it will wake up.

“Need any help?”

Ouyang Ge appeared behind Yang Tian and asked.

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