Volume 2 Chapter 97: An Interlude to Euphemia Academy

At the elite’s classroom in the Euphemia Imperial Academy, located at the west campus of the Olsylvia Academy. It was after class and many students were moving around in the classroom. The imperials and nobles had different class schedules as there were certain classes that the Filomena Nobility Academy didn’t offer to their students.

A silver-haired Kriss sat quietly in an inconspicuous corner of the classroom, wearing the stiff and conservative uniform of the Olsylvia Academy that covered every inch of her body. However, this did not affect the allure she had on boys.

The Euphemia Imperial Academy and Filomena Nobility Academy had similar classroom layouts, with their desks in individual rows which were clearly not meant for sharing. As Isaman and Angelia were not in this classroom, Kriss was evidently the most beautiful female freshman, thus dating her was a pretty good choice. Since Natasha, the Chief of the Disciplinary Committee was from Filomena Nobility Academy, this place was out of her jurisdiction.

“Princess Kriss, are you available after school later? I know of a great restaurant that we could go to.”

“Leonard, for goodness sake, don’t you already have a date with some other princess! Why are you here, causing Princess Kriss so much discomfort?”

“Edward, isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? I believe it was the last weekend that you brought a girl to a love motel.”

Kriss was at a loss for words as she watched the two boys quarrel by her seat. The blonde swordsman was the eldest son of the Brittany Family, who was the head of the three main families of the Gabriel Empire. Even though the Brittany Family was noble by birth, they were definitely royal by blood. The family was a branch of the Brittany Imperial Family of the Aldridge Magic Empire and was closely related. One of Bella’s roommates, Brittany Ariel, was a princess of the Aldridge Magic Empire.

As for the brunette boy on the other side, he was the Third Prince of the Kristoff Empire, Edward. Even though the two boys were not one of the Top Ten Academy Beaus, they were definitely one of the Top Thirty. If it were any other princess from a smaller country, they would have accepted their invitations with wide smiles on their faces.

In her heart, Kriss already had a date in mind, but she had no clue how to reject the two suitors, especially Leonard. He was already “chosen” by the old fogey at home as her consort. If she had not met Bella, she would have given in to his demands by now. However, after meeting Bella, she no longer wished to submit herself to any of the arrangements made by the Gabriel Empire’s imperial family.

Nearby, sat Kriss’ roommates, Lisha, and Irene, who were comforting Luce. They were probably “clearing up” the mess after Bella’s actions the night before. Luce was cornered by both of them, unable to leave and could only give in to their “brainwashing”.

At this moment, Elaine had her nose buried in a mysterious restricted book. Even in the class, she wore a large and heavy cloak which covered her face. Due to the rumors that she carried a curse, no one dared to strike up a conversation with her. Nobody would expect that the book she was reading, was one of the four highly restricted tomes of the Olsylvia Academy – “Olsylvia Academy’s Midnight Unbelievable Tales”. At Bella’s request, she was browsing through the book to look for potential locations to set up the Rose Society’s new clubroom.

Both Ariel and Noreya were seated in Kriss’ vicinity, wearing similar cloaks that covered their faces, thus no one thought to disturb them either. As for Kriss’ current predicament, they could only express their sympathies as they watched Kriss being harassed by a horde of suitors, and were unable to offer any assistance.

It would have been much easier and less awkward if it was some other boy and not Leonard or Edward. Technically, Leonard was part of a branch of the Brittany Imperial Family of the Aldridge Empire and was considered Ariel’s distant relative. Noreya and Edward were both from the Kristoff Empire’s imperial families, hence it was hard for her to interfere.

Kriss felt a surge of envy as she looked at Elaine, Ariel, and Noreya who were simply sitting there “watching” as the situation unfolded. Even though the three of them were equally attractive, their low profile allowed them to lead their lives peacefully. If she had known this earlier, Kriss would have put on an ugly disguise from the beginning too.

“Since both of you already have dates, Princess Kriss, why don’t you spare me some of your time? I found a place with the most gorgeous scenery!”

Leonard and Edward turned around and stared maliciously at the new “third party”. He was yet another good looking boy with a head of dark navy-blue hair and wore a mage’s robes. It was Adelaide, who was currently taking the world by storm. Brittany Adelaide was the youngest prince of the Brittany Imperial Family of the Aldridge Magic Empire. His true identity was one of the male saviors who was summoned by the creator of some other dimension. Currently, he was a prodigious young mage who was well versed in all forms of magic.

“Adelaide, aren’t you always surrounded by many princesses from various small countries? Since you already have their company, then leave us be! Don’t join in for the sake of it!”

“Keke, those are just misunderstandings. The princesses and I merely share platonic relationships.”
Regarding the commotion, most of the royal students were delighted to hear of it. However, there was a small group of lower-ranked imperial males who had no other choice but to sulk in a corner and curse at the three boys. They had also wished to go on a date with one of the Top Ten Academy Belles, especially those in the top three. Their hopes were dashed by those jerks and their imperial statuses which were not compatible with those three sneaky guys. All they could do was mutter curses under their breath.

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Just as Adelaide was about to present a gift that would blow the two snobbish competitors’ minds, the entire classroom suddenly fell eerily silent. Kriss smiled as she looked the other way, her expression no longer seemed cold and aloof. At the rare sight of her smile, the squabbling trio stopped to stare in amazement. One after another, they turned to see what Kriss was looking at.

At the entrance of the classroom in the Imperial Academy, a stunning female knight with blonde hair strolled casually into the classroom. Even though she wore the Filomena Nobility Academy’s school crest, everyone knew exactly who she was. Duchess Bellina was the ruler of Sarnia Duchy, the Chief of the Elite Nobles Class in the Filomena Nobility Academy, as well as the newest member of Olsylvia Academy’s Rose Society.

In front of these worldly royal students, a mere Duchess was no cause for attention. They had seen beautiful young ladies from all over the world. Even though Bella was stunning, but they were not interested in anyone that was not in the same class as Kriss. The real reason behind the imperial students’ jealous stares was the female attendant following Bella, who was a dark attribute loli servant.

If one were to compare, Lolita’s visage was almost on par with Kriss’. Adding to her allure, she was exotic as she was of another race. Nobles who were able to own a female attendant of another race were few and rare within the five major Empires. To the untrained eye, Lolita did not look like she was of the Dragon Race, she simply appeared to be like any other human. The only way to determine that she was not human was a unique aura that set her apart from others.

Bella looked glumly at Kriss as she was surprisingly popular amongst the boys. In just one day, she was already surrounded by a swarm of “flies”. If they had to stand in line, she most likely could not even make it to the third place. Before this, Bella had only heard of Edward and Leonard. She had seen Adelaide before and had guessed that he was probably a savior, just like Scott.

She had enough of this group of saviors. The 12 Evil Demon Kings were almost fully resurrected. Rather than spending their time slaying demons to improve their skills, they still had the mood to indulge in such frivolous things like picking up girls. Once the 12 Evil Demon Kings had regained their full powers, this band of saviors would be in for a lot of suffering.

“Kriss, I have taken a day off from classes on your behalf from the teacher. Let’s go, I’ll bring you somewhere.”


Kriss trusted every word that came out of Bella’s mouth. She had never wanted to waste her time here anyway. Since Bella had managed to get her out of the class, she had no reason to remain here any longer than she had to.

Lisha, Irene, and Luce snapped their heads up in surprise. Lisha was especially shocked as Bella did not mention any of her plans with Kriss as Bella cuddled her to sleep the night before. What a naughty older sister! Could it be that she shared some unspeakable secret with Kriss? As she had to work on convincing Luce of their “ideology” with Irene, Lisha had no choice but to bite back her impulse to immediately question Bella right there and then.

Compared to Lisha, Noreya, Elaine, and Ariel were far more composed, at the very least, they did not explicitly express their reactions. As for whether or not they had harbored any complaints about Kriss and Bella’s little “escapade”, no one knew for sure.

Instead, the three ladies were focused on Lolita, the Darkness Attribute Loli. Most people were probably unable to tell the difference, but the three of them were rather special. Just like Kriss who had seen Lolita the night before, they too could tell that Lolita possessed this strange energy.

“Duchess Bellina, you do not belong here. Please watch your words and deeds!”

Leonard attempted to block Bella’s way as she tried to pull Kriss away and he could no longer contain his fury. After all, he was the eldest son of the Brittany Family, who was the head of the three main families of the Gabriel Empire. In addition, he was related by blood with the Aldridge Empire. Normally, no one dared to stand up to him. This Duchess Bellina was nothing but a title of nobility that she had bought. If she was not a beautiful young lady, he would have attacked her a long time ago.

“Hey… you’re the one who ran all the way here from Sack Reed… What’s your name… Leo-something? I remember that you were only conferred as an Earl, so this doesn’t seem like a place that you belong to either!”

Bella held Kriss’ hand and began to walk out of the classroom. As for Leonard’s taunts, she decided to ignore them. Either way, Leonard was just an elite swordsman. His actual combat ability may not even compare up to Ivy, who belonged to the same generation of the three main families of the Gabriel Empire. Anyone who dared to go against Ivy most likely had a death wish. Gavin, who was the last one to challenge her, had already been beaten to a pulp by the fraternity.

“Duchess Bellina, think about the safety of your own country! In the Gabriel Empire, my family’s power is…”

With a resounding smack, Lolita stepped forward and slapped Leonard, causing him to fly across the room and into the opposite wall before anyone knew what had happened. Who knew that this Darkness Attribute Loli possessed such immense strength. With one slap, she had managed to send all six feet of Leonard into a wall a few meters away.

“What are you looking at? This guy was deliberately committing insubordination. He deserved to get hit!”

Bella had never intended to raise a hand to hit anyone this time. However, since Lolita had made the first move, she had no choice but to finish it off. Even though Leonard’s family was indeed powerful, but his status was merely a conferred Earl. According to the imperial basic etiquette, if an Earl was to threaten a Duchess, this punishment would not be an unreasonable course of action.

Although Leonard appeared to be in pain as he flew and crashed into the wall, no one had pleaded on his behalf. It could be guessed that there were many who were secretly upset with him thus Bella and Lolita’s actions had provided them with a form of vindication.

“Student Bellina, this is the imperial families’ classroom. Who gave you permission to barge into our school? Even if you are a Duchess, bringing your servant here to cause injury is also prohibited. Moreover, I don’t recall agreeing to Kriss’ leave of absence.”

Just as Bella was about to whisk Kriss away, an old man appeared in the doorway. The old man seemed to be getting on in years, but his piercing eyes were filled with vigor, unlike what you would expect to see on a typical elderly man. He wore a set of mage’s robes with many complicated patterns on his garments. One could basically tell the level of the mage’s ability just by the pattern on their robes. As the patterns got more complex, the higher the level of the mage.

Judging by the complexity of the patterns on the old man’s robes, he was at least a Holy Magic Mentor. Even in the Aldridge Empire where it was mainly filled with mages, those who could attain such a level were extremely rare. Being able to meet one here, Bella had no clue if it was her luck or the downfall of this Holy Magic Mentor.

“Servant? Old man, you’re seriously calling Lolita a servant? Forget it, I shall let it pass this time. Just leave, one look at you and I already know that you are no match for me!”

“Bella, this is our teacher, Gilbert. He is one of the only few Holy Magic Mentors in the Aldridge Empire. I think you’d better… just don’t hurt him.”

Kriss had deliberately lowered her voice as she told Bella not to hurt him. She knew how truly powerful Bella was. As they were in a classroom, even if Gilbert was a Holy Magic Mentor, this landscape was not to his advantage. With so many students as onlookers, he would definitely not dare to use any high-grade moves on Bella. However, when Bella came down to it, she fought not to maim, but to kill.

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“What arrogance… Today I shall… Uh, what is this energy?”

Before Mentor Gilbert could complete his sentence, he was sent to his knees by a powerful pressure. He was not the only one who was affected. Anyone who was close enough to the classroom was forced to go on their knees by this unknown pressure and was unable to resist it at all.

This power, it was the dragon pressure from a Dragon Race! As a Holy Magic Mentor, Gilbert had lived a long time and had met many who were of the Dragon Race. Thus he had some understanding of the Dragon Race’s power. This power was emanating from the Darkness Attribute Loli that stood beside Bella and he had no idea which type of Dragon Race she was. Even when he had met the Holy Dragon King earlier in his life, he had not felt such a terrifying force.

Lolita simply stood silently and no one could see what she was doing. The only thing they knew was the intense force emitting from her body. Even Adelaide, who wanted to play the hero when Bella was hitting Edward, was rooted to the ground. Lolita’s combat abilities had long surpassed their expectations. Anyone who was the master of a loli servant girl that could easily crush a Holy Magic Mentor was not one to be trifled with.

“Lolita, stop playing. Didn’t I tell you to respect the old and cherish the young?!”

Amused, Bella pulled Kriss away to leave. Before she left, she stopped Lolita’s actions in passing. Luckily, she had intervened in time. If she had waited a little longer, Mentor Gilbert would have gone down in history as the first Holy Magic Mentor to meet with such a tragic death in times of peace.

“Understood, Mistress. Hey old man, this time, my Mistress decided to show mercy. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Lolita then removed her dragon pressure. Subsequently, Bella walked away haughtily with both Kriss and Lolita, leaving a dazed Mentor Gilbert and a petrified crowd of onlookers. Many of the students took their time to regain their senses. Weren’t they openly skipping classes!

To be able to create such a commotion out of skipping class, it could be expected that Bella would once again make the headlines of the current week’s issue of the Olsylvia Academy’s School Gossip Weekly. Everyone was completely filled with awe and admiration at her actions. When Scott had awakened, he sulked for an entire week. What a rip off! How could he live on happily in this world when injuring every bit of his body had not landed him in the headlines?

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