Chapter 362: Let Me Hear You Call Me Brother

The staff member looked at Ye Jian, then turned around to glance at the man walking towards them, and laughter slipped out of his lips, “Your brother is here, hurry, next time stay closer to your brother, and don’t wander off. He was quite worried.”

He mistook Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan as siblings. The reason: both of them had similar qualities, like steel and guns, with a frigid atmosphere surrounding them.

Before she managed to explain herself, Xia Jinyuan walked over toward them in his casual wear. He politely apologized to the train station staff, “I apologize, we’ve caused you a bit of inconvenience.” Even the words he used were very similar to what she had said.

The most embarrassing part for Ye Jian was that after the staff walked a couple of steps away from them, he turned around to look at them again, and he mumbled, “What would their parents have to look like, to be able to give birth to such an eye-catching pair of kids? They’d have to be so attractive.”

The two of them had heightened senses, so even if the worker’s voice was much quieter, they could still hear it clearly.

The elegant man started laughing. The staff member was quite a thoughtful person. After all, wasn’t he the ‘brother’? However, this ‘brother’ was not exactly ‘brother,’ but he really wanted to hear her call him ‘brother,’ though.

“You’re shocked just by me coming here?” Xia Jinyuan’s clear voice floated through the air, three parts laughter and seven parts self-control, and his voice was like alcohol as he spoke in an intoxicating tone, “The brother has come from far away, so why is the little sister so cold? I don’t even get a passionate hug.”

No enthusiasm, no shock, and there wasn’t any surprise. Her expression only said one thing: why are you here!

Such indifference really made Xia Jinyuan, who had waited for hours, feel extremely bitter. Little fox, you are so heartless.

Even if it was a meeting between old friends, at least she could show some surprise. Unfortunately, she was one of a kind, and she also disliked the fact that he showed up in front of her.

Ye Jian choked over him saying ‘brother,’ then ‘sister,’ and her fair face even started to blush. She glared at him, and then blandly answered, “I don’t have a brother. Captain Xia shouldn’t randomly declare relatives!”

After a year of not seeing each other, Xia Jinyuan was still the same Xia Jinyuan from a year ago. He liked to subconsciously act affectionately to tease her.

“I’m older than you, so there’s nothing wrong with you calling me brother.” The flush of red surfacing on her face looked really mesmerizing. There wasn’t too much or too little of it. Her natural beauty still shone through whether she was in light or heavy makeup.

Xia Jinyuan’s smile seemed to deepen while his pupils dimmed. After more than a year, his little fox had grown again.

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The Xia Jinyuan whom Ye Jian was familiar with was back. She widened the gap between them without a trace while bells were ringing in her heart. She mildly said, “I don’t have the habit of randomly calling people ‘brother’. Also, why are you here? Did Uncle Chen come with you?”

She only spoke up when she had calmed her heart and soul because the man in front of her only made Ye Jian feel that time had treated him well. What she saw wasn’t a soldier who was serving his country; instead, she saw a very handsome and outstanding young adult, with an atmosphere of elegance and warmth.

Ye Jian’s mild tone managed to successfully conceal her thoughts to increase the distance between them, and truthful to what Xia Jinyuan was thinking, she really wasn’t surprised at all when facing him.

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Xia Jinyuan, who very quickly walked out of his ‘bitter’ state, cocked his eyebrows. He naturally took the luggage from her hands and smiled quietly, “Uncle Chen is busy now. Actually, it takes time to adjust to a new working environment. He’s not free today, so he could only ask for me to get you at the train station.”

Uncle Chen is busy? How did he know that? Ye Jian stopped in her tracks and did not follow after him immediately.

Xia Jinyuan walked two steps forward and realized she was still standing in place; therefore, he retraced his footsteps with a smile on his face.

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