Chapter 355: Frog In A Well

Ye Ying’s self-confidence made Ye Zifan laugh, and his doubts were cleared immediately. “Ying Ying, you’re definitely my daughter. You have direction and foresight! Alright, Dad just wants you to be prepared, but since you’re not worried, I won’t delay your studies any further.”

“Sure. Also, Dad, I’m not returning to the city during the summer vacation. I’ll be attending several extra classes. Give me a call if you have any news on that stupid Ye Jian. Looking back, if she really went to high school, as her younger sister, I should call her to congratulate her!” Ye Ying was completely contemptuous of Ye Jian. Since she had determined that Ye Jian’s future was to be destroyed by her own hands, even if she got accepted high school, it would just be to a high school with lower standards.

The father and daughter were chatting happily together. Even Sun Dongqing, who was listening, started laughing arrogantly. When Ye Ying hung up the phone, the mother and daughter duo continued laughing at Ye Jian for a while.

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Ye Jian didn’t care what that family was thinking about. Without feeling any pressure, she returned to Shui Kou Village on the same day. She only stayed at home for one night. It wasn’t even day when she walked through the long tunnel behind her house that led to the army, which she hadn’t visited for almost 11 months.

Seeing the iron barracks and the new soldiers, Ye Jian entered the army and saw many unfamiliar faces. They were the new recruits from last winter.

Many familiar faces could no longer be seen. They had already retired and returned to their respective hometowns.

“Hey, little lass. You’ve been hiding for almost a year. Well, aren’t you a little too unkind?” It was as if the political commissar was welcoming his own child. He patted Ye Jian’s shoulder and continued, “Not bad, you’ve grown taller! You’re not as short as you were last time.”

In a year’s time, Ye Jian’s height rose to 165 cm. She was a tall girl among her classmates.

Returning to the familiar army, Ye Jian’s smile became relaxed. Her eyebrows were arched as she replied, “Of course, I’ve grown taller. If I don’t grow tall, I’ll become a dwarf. Then, I wouldn’t be able to attain the height requirement for a female soldier’s enlistment. I’d cry.”

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“You are still so cheeky.” The political commissar was still the same as before. He had a soldier’s strictness, yet was also caring. “Let’s go to the practice ground and practice for two laps to see if you’ve made any new progress!”

After that, he brought Ye Jian directly to the practice ground. He walked a few steps before he peeked at Ye Jian, “Come on, go to the department of internal affairs to get a training suit first. It’d be wrong to not wear a military uniform or a training suit when you’re here. You would stick out like a sore thumb, do you understand? Hey, you can’t be the odd one out!”

Recalling how Uncle Gen had asked him for a favor on the phone, the political commissar laughed once again, “Change into your uniform, then go to the practice ground. Recently, a few arrogant soldiers have joined the army. Maybe you can teach them a few lessons!”

Arrogant soldiers were soldiers who thought highly of themselves just because they were a little better than the rest. They didn’t respect the squad leader and sometimes spoke rudely.

Before Ye Jian came, there were several arrogant soldiers from the international metropolis who threw two green-headed flies into the squad leader’s mung bean soup. The pitiful squad leader had diarrhea all night and even had to be on an IV drip.

These were the arrogant soldiers that needed to be taught a few lessons.

After putting on the summer training suit, Ye Jian walked out, looking tall and mighty. The political commissar couldn’t help but clap. This Ye Jian was no longer the little lass who entered the army two years ago.

She was heroic and cool, as tall as a long gun. Standing there in her uniform, she looked like the standard model of a soldier. The political commissar could sense her inviolable military power.

She was only sixteen and was still a high school student. Yet, she had such military might. She was truly incredible!

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