Chapter 354: Let’s See What Happens

Ye Zifan’s tone was getting colder, accompanied by even more dangerous threats. “No matter who’s supporting you, the only way you can survive is to learn how to respect and give in to others who are better than you! Otherwise, even if your grades are good, there are still people who can stop you from getting what you want.”

Ye Zifan seemed to have been plotting a scheme before coming to meet Ye Jian. If Ye Jian showed any hint of fear, he would definitely manipulate it. 

He believed that his threats could scare Ye Jian. After all, she was just a child. She should be scared after being screamed at by adults. As long as she was afraid, he would be able to persuade her to give up studying. Then, all he had to do was to plot some schemes so that she could never return to the South Province for the rest of her life!

Ye Jian’s eyes flashed a little upon hearing his threats. Why was there some probing within his threats?

An idea flashed across Ye Jian’s mind. She laughed with calmness, like the sound of a clear spring in the mountains, “Stop me from getting what I want? Mayor Ye, you must be quite capable. Well then, let’s just see what happens.”

“See what happens? You’re just a useless item who thinks too much of itself. Let’s see what you scored for your exam! Do you dare to compare with Ying Ying? Just keep on dreaming!” At this time, Ye Zifan was utterly unaware that he had completely fallen to an inferior level. His emotions were completely under Ye Jian’s control, yet he didn’t want to accept that fact. He glared at Ye Jian with a sullen look and revealed a proud smile, “Ye Jian, I’ll wait for you to cry and beg me for help!”

“How good is Ye Ying? I really don’t bother to compare myself with her. As for begging, I’ll have to ask you to wait, Mayor Ye!” After he finished threatening Ye Jian, Ye Jian already had a comeback as she smiled, “And, oh, Mayor Ye, please be more careful when you speak as an official! I’m worried that you might fail!”

What an official feared the most was hearing others say that he had failed. Ye Zifan was the same. When he heard that, his expression, which was already ugly initially, had become so angry that he turned red.

Once again, seeing his face change, Ye Jian’s laughter was even more musical. When she left, Ye Zifan’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. He watched Ye Jian’s silhouette leaving before whispering, “I’m giving you chances, and yet you don’t want to accept it. If you think you’re comparable to Ying Ying, then you’re overestimating yourself!”

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At the end of the day, he couldn’t reveal that he could kick Ye Jian out from school with just his command because he knew that it was impossible to get hold of her papers this time!

The troops were here, and they invited the notary to send the test papers directly to the province for review. Ye Zifan actually understood it very well. However, he was too angry and frustrated. That was why he came to threaten Ye Jian, and at the same time, to find out whether someone was supporting her.

Yet, he was so mad that he didn’t manage to get any answers!

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It was a pity. Not only did Ye Jian totally ignore his threats, but she also realized that his real motive was to find out who was supporting her.

After finding out his intentions, Mayor Ye was just a paper tiger to Ye Jian: furious on the surface, but empty on the inside.

After calming himself down for a long time, Ye Zifan finally returned to his car. He called his daughter Ye Ying that night. He didn’t hide the fact that Ye Jian had come back to participate in the senior high school entrance examination. After all, it was good for her to be prepared.

Ye Ying was still revising for her final exam when she received the call. She laughed at what her dad said, as if it was just a joke, “Dad, so what if she participated in the senior high school entrance exam? If she’s accepted into the worst high school, her life will still remain miserable.”

“My teacher has already told me that as long as my scores are in the top 30, I will still be in the best class when we get split into different classes for the arts. Besides, the teacher is also the head of the top class.” After a year, Ye Ying had become more patient than before. Regarding the news of Ye Jian’s return to campus, she laughed disdainfully, “I still have two years before graduating from high school. However, she still has three years. You just wait! I will definitely destroy her!”

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