Chapter 353: Who Is Helping You?

Ye Jian noticed the slight chill in Ye Zifan’s eyes, so she quietly said a few words to her classmates and waved goodbye to them with a smile.

When Ye Zifan came over, Ye Jian’s smile was still plastered across her face. She even took the lead to speak to him first, “What’s with the unpleasant expression, Mayor Ye? Who in Fu Jun Town even dares to offend you?”

“Ye Jian, I really underestimated you.” Ye Zifan wasn’t calm as he stared at her. “Are you really trying to force our family to be unhappy before you’ll finally stop?”

What he said was really unreasonable. However, it was impossible to speak reasonably to them. The corners of Ye Jian’s lips rose as she said, “Mayor Ye, you’re really funny. For someone who has just been promoted to an official, don’t you think you’re being arrogant? What does it have to do with me if your family is unhappy?”

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“You mind your own business, and I’ll mind mine, Mayor Ye. I’ve kept my promise.”

Being a dignified mayor as he was, he had just been mocked by Ye Jian with his own slogan.

Ye Zifan’s face darkened as he looked around. He saw several figures that looked like teachers taking a few glances at him. He looked down and demanded, “Don’t you dare speak to me this way! Come here! I have something to ask you.”

It was surely quite different when being an official. His look on his face sank, and he bellowed once more. However, this didn’t scare Ye Jian at all. Instead, it scared the passing students.

Ye Jian raised her eyebrows. Her gaze became cold as she smiled, “Do I have to go with you just because you asked me a question? Mayor Ye, you’re being too arrogant. Sorry, I’m not one who gives in to an arrogant person. If you had asked me politely, I might have respected you, but you’re so rude. So sorry, goodbye.”

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Just like that, Ye Jian left. Ye Zifan was so furious that the temperament of an official that he had honed for several years was almost broken. He blocked her way quickly and sternly spoke, “Ye Jian, don’t forget, I’m your uncle!”

“Uncle? Oh, so now you recall that you’re my uncle? When you ruined my future last year, weren’t you a little too happy, huh, Uncle?” Ye Jian still remained calm. She smiled before she resumed speaking sarcastically, “If we were to speak from basic intentions, Mayor Ye, you’re my enemy. In the face of the enemy, do I still have to be polite?”

She really admired the change in Mayor Ye’s expression. Oh, it was gloomy, then surprised, then furious. How intriguing.

“I’ve warned you and your family previously not to provoke me. Unfortunately, you didn’t listen to me. You just had to kick me out of First City High and assume that you had destroyed my future. But, have a look now, are you actually capable of doing so? I’ve been away from school for a year, and yet, I managed to enter high school.”

Ye Jian’s eyes were really dark; her gaze was frigid. Even under the hot sun, Ye Zifan could feel cold sweat running down his back as he glared at his niece, who didn’t even see him as someone important. Ye Zifan sneered, “Get into high school? Ye Jian, you’re thinking too highly of yourself. Don’t even think you can compare yourself with Ying Ying! You’re not worthy! She’s studying in First Provincial High now, what about you? So what if you retook the high school entrance examinations? You’ll never surpass Ying Ying.”

“Ye Jian, you’re a helpless child. What can stop me? Who can insist on being stronger than Ying Ying, who has the support of her parents! Just look at yourself, you can only retreat when something happens. Even if you managed to enter a better high school, you can’t even attend classes. Ye Jian, if you’re really smart, then you should learn how to give in!”

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