Arc 6 Chapter 91: Kapoom

The small group of mermaid warriors had already reached the outskirts of the Kapoom volcano near the deserted city of Seabenleaken but they didn’t move any closer since there were numerous guards near the volcanoes entrance.

Of the 100 warriors that had set out to fight only 80 were uninjured from the fight with the sharkmen not including Akira and his companions.

“How many do you think are there?” asked Kaerio as they watched thirty sharkmen swim back and forth in front of the entrance.

“We killed over 100 of them earlier so that should have been a large portion of the sirens minions that are close enough to do anything. We shouldn’t have any problem if we just go full power and clean up the rest,” said Orman.

“We’ll do whatever you need us to do,” said Akira.

“Alright, we’ll go in with our normal formation! Let’s take care of these weaklings blocking our path,” said Orman trying to raise the mermaid’s morale even higher.

With a motion of his hand, the mermaid warriors gave a battle shout and charged forward on their mounts headed straight for the patrolling sharkmen.

Hearing the shouts the sharkmen turned to look at the charging mermaids and after seeing a large number of enemies they chose to retreat to the entrance in order to fend off the approaching enemy instead of the open ground they had been patrolling.

The speed of the mermaid warriors on mounts was faster than the sharkmen, before they could reach the entrance the mermaid warriors slammed into the retreating Sharkmen as they tried to retreat.

The sharkmen were quickly taken care of before they could even put up any form of resistance.

“Scout, go check and see what’s inside and report back to me!” ordered Orman.

A few moments after the scout entered Kapoom’s entrance he came back and quietly delivered his findings to Orman.

“Everyone we’ll enter the dungeon now. Support you can keep watch of the seahorses inside also since there is enough room.”


You have entered the Kapoom dungeon!

“Who dares enter my dungeon!” came the crackly voice of someone in the far corner of the large cavernous entrance room.

“We have come to stop whatever you sirens have cooked up. We will not allow you to cause any harm to the residents of the ocean! Attack!” Shouted Orman.

“Naive mermaids you can not stop us! My minions kill them!” ordered the siren before hiding herself again in the shadows of the dungeon.

Over 40 more sharkmen swam out of the only tunnel connected to the room and headed straight for the mermaid warriors. But they were no match for the mermaid warriors who were already warmed up and were quickly exterminated.

“Search for the siren she’s here somewhere,” ordered Orman. but after several minutes they were still unable to find her.

“Forget about it we need to push forward. Just make sure to watch your back.”

They continued to walk through several of the dungeons passages and found many empty small rooms that looked to be where the sharkmen that had died today had been living.

They continued moving forward at a quick pace trying to clear the dungeon as quickly as they could to be done before enemy reinforcements could arrive.

But they finally ran into a problem they had not thought of before, dry land.

“I feel really ashamed and useless. I’m sorry to have to ask you this but could you please finish clearing the rest of this dungeon for us,” Orman asked Akira with an awkward expression due to the current problem they were facing.

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help, and we’ve already cleared several dungeons by ourselves so we shouldn’t have too much of a problem, and you can’t help it that you don’t have legs,” said Akira.

“I will tell the Queen of your great deeds when we return successfully. We’ll wait here for you to return.”

Akira, Varbu, Mileena, and Maya all walked out of the tunnel that had up until moments before been filled with water.

They climbed up the steep tunnel dripping wet and entered a small room.

“It feels so weird walking on dry land after almost a week of weightless movement,” said Maya as she hopped from one foot to the other.

“True,” said Akira as he stretched to get re-accustomed to the feeling of walking without water surrounding him.

“You two don’t turn around. We need to wring out some of this water it’s making my clothes and armor so heavy. If I don’t take care of it I can’t fight as good as I normally do,” said Mileena warning Akira and Varbu.

Both Akira and Varbu made sure not to turn around lest they invoke the wrath of the girls.

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But to Akira’s horror, he was able to see everything happening behind him from the reflection of his shield. Interesting…

Although the girls had their bare backs facing them he was still able to see side views of certain things.

“Hmm..hmm… it is as she said before… quite large… but smaller isn’t any worse,” mumbled Akira.

Mileena’s ears twitched upon hearing this she quickly replaced her shirt and turned around her face red.

Akira looked up from his shield and acted as if everything was normal.

“I heard that you pervert!” said Mileena kicking him in the butt.


New title: Peeping Tom!

+5 fame

Maya pat Mileena on the head as if trying to console her on her lack of development.

“Alright let’s see what this dungeon has to offer us,” said Akira walking forward as if nothing happened… and got another kick in the butt.


Only allowed on

The room in front of them was glowing brightly with their experiences from the other dungeon they made sure to be on guard and ready for any form of attack.

When they walked into the room… there was no attack it seemed that at least for this room there was no need to worry.

Scanning the room Akira was able to easily find the reason why the room was glowing. It was due to a large number of metal ores that were embedded in the walls and ceiling of the cave.

“You guys can take a quick rest here. I need to gather some of these for later use,” said Akira looking at the shiny ore.

“What? You’re stopping right now to mine ore?” asked Mileena shocked.

“Don’t worry it’ll only take a few minutes for me to gather enough for future use.”

Akira turned around and took out his pickax he had personally created and started to hack away at the ore that was calling out to him saying ‘Please sir take me with you!’ or at least that’s what Akira thought they would say if they could talk.


Glowstone ore [rare] received!

+1, +2, +1, +3, …

Mining level up!

+5 Dex!

Akira only stopped when he had gathered all the easy to reach ore. He was confident that he could make something great out of this ore when he had the time and tools to work on it.

“Are you done now?” asked Maya.

“Yup,” said Akira patting the small bag that held all of the ore. He was quite satisfied with his haul.

“I guess we should take this place seriously so might as well summon Nox to help fight,” said Akira before summoning Nox.

For some odd reason, they had not seen any monsters or pets of the Sirens for over a half-hour as they cautiously walked through the tunnels and small cavernous rooms.

As they entered one of the many rooms in the dungeon Akira stopped, the room they had just entered was not a cave this time but a room carved out from the stone. And on the floor was a large glowing circle of what looked to be dwarven runes.

“What are these doing here?” Akira asked out loud.

“You know what they are?” asked Varbu.

“Dwarven runes. But I have no clue why they are here or what they are supposed to do. Looking at the ground around them they look like a fairly recent addition to this room.”

“Is it dangerous?” asked Mileena.

“Can’t be sure…” said Akira still looking at the runes trying to figure out what they were for.

Bam! Varbu fearlessly slammed his quarterstaff into the runes and smashed a large hole in the ground where the rune circle was.

The light quickly faded from the circle after receiving a large hole destroying a portion of it.

“What are you doing? What if that was here to stop it from blowing up?” asked Maya scolding Varbu.

“You heard him he said it was new. I doubt that it was put here for a good reason,” said Varbu.

“I agree. We should take care of any others we find from here on out,” said Akira.

They continued to walk through the tunnels and rooms and found a total of 7 rune circles. The last one was not on the floor but was embedded into a plain door along with a small unnoticeable symbol of seven triangles.

Akira and Varbu stepped forward and used their full strength and smashed the runes on the door into nothing but rubble.

Varbu kicked away the rubble and pushed the door wide open revealing a large dimly lit large cavernous room.

When they entered the room they were able to see everything inside in an instant. There was a large lake in the middle of the room taking up most of the space leaving only a 20-foot walkway around the entirety of the lake.

On the opposite side of the room next to the lake were several sharkmen all gathered around someone chanting in an unknown language.

The chanting immediately stopped when they heard the doors open.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” asked a female voice from within the group of sharkmen.

Akira and the others all became alert upon hearing the voice.

On a stretcher held up by several sharkmen that looked taller and even more muscular than the sharkmen they had fought before, sat a hooded siren. Her dry tail laid limp on the stretcher as she held herself up with her arms to look at the invaders who had interrupted their ritual.

“Uh…room service?” said Akira.

“Kill them!” ordered the enraged siren.

The sharkmen who were not holding onto the stretcher charged forward to kill the intruders. [Evolved Sharkman lvl 38]

Several Green arrows shot from Maya’s bow and pierced through the Siren’s head before she could cause any more trouble for them shocking the sharkmen that were holding her up. They dropped the stretcher and looked at the dead body with disgust and joy now they were free of their shackles linking them to their former ugly master.

The attacking [Evolved Sharkman] only paused for a moment when their minds regained full power over their body again. They still moved forward to eliminate what they saw as enemies that were in front of them.

Akira Stepped forward to blocked their path and used his skill [Shield Bash] knocking the closest sharkman into the lake behind them.

The sharkman let out an odd cry and struggled to hurriedly swim out of the water with what Akira thought was a frightened look on his face.

“Gahhhh…” the sharkman shouted out in pain as a large semi-translucent tentacle wrapped around his body. The sharkman tried to struggle but his body became limp due to the toxins injected into his blood from the small barbs on the tentacle.

A second later the sharkman was pulled underwater and the lake became calm again.

Akira could not spare any more attention to the water and turned back to the charging sharkmen.

With the help of the others, they continued to fight the sharkmen but with the enemies large numbers Akira was pushed away from the entrance and down the left side of the lakes stone path.

Swish! A large Tentacle shot out of the water and just missed Akira as it grabbed onto the sharkman that he had been fighting.

The sharkman’s body went limp immediately and was dragged into the water.

One after another the sharkmen began to get dragged into the water by the large tentacles.

“Everyone, get behind me!” shouted Akira as he transformed into a werewolf unsure what was in the lake. Luckily it was night otherwise he would be in a crap situation.

Soon there were no sharkmen left on dry land. The tentacle shot out from the water and aimed for Akira who was in front of everyone.

A blue light shot forward as Akira used [sword slash] cutting the tentacle in half. The remaining half of the tentacle squirmed and thrashed around as if it was in extreme pain and retreated back into the water.

“Let’s get out of here! We finished what we came to do and that thing looks pretty dangerous,” said Mileena.

“Alright just stay behind me,” said Akira moving to the right trying to get to the exit.

BAM! A tentacle slammed into the ground in front of him blocking his path but it quickly retreated not allowing Akira to damage it.

Akira tried to step to the left. BAM! Blocked again.

Nox tried to bite onto the Tentacle but was swatted away.

‘Yipe!’ Nox could not help but let out an uncool yelp.

Varbu shot a fireball into the water after the retreating tentacle but nothing much happened.

Maya tried shooting an arrow into the water to stop it from attacking them but nothing changed.

The tentacles blocked them every time they tried to move.

“It looks like it doesn’t want us to leave,” said Varbu.

“Fine if it wants to play then I’ll play with it,” said Akira running forward and jumping into the water.

“Don’t…” Mileena shouted but was to late and unable to stop him.

Akira’s eyes quickly got used to seeing through the water and were able to see a glowing upside-down bowl-shaped sea monster the size of a small house with multiple tentacles under its body. Many of which were holding onto the now dead sharkmen.

[Big Daddy Jellyfish lvl 39]

Several of the large tentacles shot out to try and grab Akira.

With as much skill he could muster he used the movement technique he had learned to jump off the wall and dodge them sending out a [Sword slash] to cut the numerous tentacles in half enraging the [Big Daddy Jellyfish].

Akira was forced to be on the defensive having to dodge numerous tentacles that shot out at him. He was constantly jumping off of one wall towards another while sending out counterattacks dealing damage to the tentacles.

His luck ended when the last tentacle that was undamaged grazed his leg as he passed by paralyzing it.


Poison resistance upgraded:

+5%Paralyzing effect lessened.

Akira was forced to use his shield to block the incoming attacks by the tentacle and to his horror, the tentacle punched several holes into his shield.

The [Big Daddy Jellyfish] was able to grab his leg and pull him towards its main body so that it could eat the troublesome meal whole.

Akira wasn’t going to give up and used [Cross attack] while he could still move sending it straight to the large translucent body.

The attack cut through the [Big Daddy Jellyfish] like butter making the large monster let out a Pop! As it exploded and it’s clear guts and blood began to mix into the water.


Big Daddy Jellyfish Has been killed!

Level up!

You are now level 39!

New title Received: Jelly Man.

Why you so jelly?

+5 fame.

As Akira watched the [Big Daddy Jellyfish] disintegrate he saw something falling from its body. He watched it slowly fall until the paralysis wore off and he was able to swim over and pick it up.


Supernormal bracelet [Legend: Growth type]:

This supernormal not suspicious in any way bracelet was forged in this volcano long long ago near the beginning of time by an unknown person who is not important enough to know.

Great ‘normal’ things will happen if you gather all the right gems and add them to the bracelet.

‘What is this?’

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