Chapter 648: Princess of Demon World

After feeling nostalgic for a bit, Long Yi walked towards the ancient transmission magic array deep within the rear mountain. With his current understanding of transmission magic array and strength, it was quite easy to activate this transmission magic array.

But, after a short while, Long Yi’s footsteps came to a halt as he sensed a familiar aura, but he was unable to grasp the clue.

A moment later, his figure flashed, and he appeared in front of a thick bush. He then pushed aside the thick bush and saw a snow-white, beautiful little lion. It was watching him with its clear eyes while wagging its small tail.

“Wuwu…” The little lion whimpered like a puppy. Walking over with its small legs, it familiarly rubbed its little head against Long Yi’s leg.

Long Yi condensed internal force on his palm but didn’t attack it. From this little lion, he could sense a kind of aura that was a mixture of evil and holy. So, before clearly knowing the origin of this little fellow, he didn’t dare to lower his guard.

The little lion rubbed its head for quite a while, and as if it was very interested in the boots and pants of Long Yi, it would frequently use its claws to fiddle with his boots and use its little mouth to bite the corner of his pants, nearly tearing them.

“Little fellow, where did you come from?” Long Yi bent over and grabbed this little lion as he softly asked while frowning.

The little lion pitifully looked at Long Yi. Its expression was very humanlike.

Long Yi used his spirit power to examine this little tiger. He noticed that, in the depths of its brain where a magic core should be located, his spirit power unexpectedly vanished without a trace. This was either the innate defensive ability of this little lion or someone had done something to its body. But, regardless of which one, it clearly showed that this little lion was extraordinary. Either it, in itself, was extraordinary or its owner was extraordinary. But, the faint strange aura on its body made Long Yi considerably alert.

“Little Xue’er, Little Xue’er… where are you…” At that time, the voice of a young girl came from halfway up the mountain. This voice, that should’ve been melodious and pleasant to hear, was embedded with the anxieties and worries making it worse and thereby lose the mellowness a young girl’s voice should have.

At this time, the little lion in the hand of Long Yi suddenly got agitated. It whimpered and struggled with all its strength.

It seems that girl should be the owner of this little lion called Little Xue’er. Long Yi’s eyes flashed and walked out of the woods while carrying the little lion. He wanted to take a look at this girl.

Soon, a graceful figure that was staggering along appeared in front of Long Yi. Observing the figure, the little lion happily cried.

“Little Xue’er, this big sister has finally found you.” That young girl quickly rushed over upon seeing the little lion in Long Yi’s hand. She then didn’t even look at Long Yi before snatching the little lion and hugged it while crying tears of joy.

The little lion licked the tears on the face of this young girl and whimpered as if it was consoling her.

Long Yi quietly stood at one side and carefully sized this young girl in front of him. Without a doubt, this young girl was very beautiful. She had a standard oval face, exquisite facial features, pure and clear eyes just like the little lion in her bosom. But, in the expert eyes of Long Yi, she didn’t have any outstanding characteristics. She neither had the bewitching charm of Mu Hanyan, the heroic spirit of Beitang Yu, the indifference of Wushuang, nor the gentleness of Sibi. She was very ordinary in the eyes of Long Yi other than her immature nature that provoked tender affection.

Only after a long time, the young girl seemed to have noticed the gaze of Long Yi and gazed up. She slightly trembled and was unable to understand why this man had such a gentle gaze and why she was feeling as if he could see her innermost soul. It was as if all her secrets were laid bare in front of him.

“Your … Your Highness the Crown Prince…” The beautiful face of this young girl reddened as she greeted with a mosquito-like small voice.

Long Yi retracted his probing gaze and nodded his head with a smile. Nowadays, his portrait was a hot-seller in the whole continent. It was truly hard to find someone who didn’t recognize him.

“Are you a student of Holy Magic Academy?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes, Your Highness the Crown Prince, I am the student of Advance Water Magic in Holy Magic Academy. I heard Your Highness the Crown Prince was also there in the past.” The young girl softly said with a red face and gazed at Long Yi with admiration.

“Oh, is that so? What is your name? Is this little lion yours?” Long Yi asked amiably.

“Replying to Your Highness the Crown Prince, my name is Siyan, I adopted Little Xue’er three years ago. At that time, it had not even opened its eyes. I wonder why it was abandoned?” Siyan frowned and answered.

“If not for that, how would Little Xue’er be by your side now? Fate brought you and Little Xue’er together.” Long Yi smiled and said. But, his gaze was deep; his smile slightly strange, too.

“That’s right.” Siyan nodded her head and enquired, “Your Highness the Crown Prince, how come you are here in Holy Magic Academy? You aren’t here for teaching, are you?”

“I came here to use the ancient transmission magic array of the academy to enter the Illusory Forest.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Oh … is that the Illusory Forest where the academy’s competition is held? I have heard Your Highness the Crown Prince’s tales of those years.” Siyan’s eyes shone as she replied.

“Yes, have you been there?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Not yet, the competition is held once every two years, I have to wait until next year,” replied Siyan with expectation.

“Hehe, then, do you want to experience it in advance?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I … can I really go?” Siyan replied with a pleasant surprise and excitedly looked at Long Yi with anticipation.

“Of course.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. His smile was gentle and magnificent.

Long Yi led Siyan to the ancient transmission magic array in the rear mountain. That little lion also followed beside the legs of Siyan.

Long Yi took out magic cores and began to arrange it. Siyan was watching his back view with a frown. This was the strongest man in the Human World. She felt like she could see through him, but thinking more about it, she was unable to see anything. This was the second person she was unable to see through after she cultivated Demonic Eyes. The first person was naturally her father she hated, the King of Demon World, Heavenly Demon King.

This Siyan was naturally the only daughter of Heavenly Demon King. Regardless of the objection of Heavenly Demon King, she, the princess of Demon World, had come to Blue Waves Continent to see how powerful Long Yi was. Her purpose to approach Long Yi was naturally not to chat.

With the activation of transmission magic array, the two people and one beast disappeared in the midst of white light.

There was still no change in the Illusory Forest. It was still covered with a layer of faint fog and verdant trees.

Recalling his past experience in Illusory Forest with Shui Ruoyan, Linna, Long Ling’er, Feng Ling, and Yinyin, Long Yi couldn’t help smiling. At that time, Shui Ruoyan was still his teacher with an ambiguous relationship. Feng Ling was still disguised as a man and Yinyin was still in love with her. Here, he discovered the Kobold Clan, the ruins of the battle between Flame Villa and Ice Palace, found Niur who was still a fur ball, and encountered Liuxu. Moreover, in the underground grotto, he saw the statue of Fire God Chiyan, and subdued the fire godbeast Fire Qilin.

After so many years, the scenery remained the same but the people had changed! More than ten years had passed in an instant and too many things had occurred. Now, everything that happened in the past was engraved in his heart, becoming a figment of his precious memories.

Siyan watched the smile of Long Yi. Although she had conducted in-depth research on human nature, she was still unable to understand the meaning behind this smile.

“Siyan, what about your parents?” Long Yi suddenly asked.

Siyan was startled and after a long time, she replied in a low voice, “My mother and father have passed away quite early. I am an orphan. A kind-hearted grandpa brought me up.”

“Then, you must love your grandpa very much.” Long Yi said with a smile as he watched this young girl who looked like a next-door neighbor.

“Yes, I love him very much,” Siyan replied without any hesitation.

“But, I don’t see any trace of love in your eyes.” Long Yi suddenly stopped smiling and his warm gaze instantly became sharp.

Siyan frowned and asked in confusion, “Your Highness the Crown Prince, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Hehe, you don’t need to pretend, if there is affection in one’s heart, then her heart must be warm, not ice-cold without a hint of warmth. But, I have to say, actually, your disguise is a failure. A normal young girl should have feelings, but you don’t have any. Originally, I want to see what kind of tricks you are playing, but your performance was so poor that I don’t want to watch it anymore. Now, speak, who are you? Why did you approach me?” Long Yi asked with a cold smile as he stared at Siyan.

The expression of Siyan changed again and again, and finally became ice-cold. She was expressionless like a beautiful sculpture and a bloody radiance was vaguely flickering in her eyes.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince truly is wise, why don’t you guess my identity and purpose?” Siyan caressed the snow-white fur of the little lion in her bosom and indifferently said.

“Perhaps, you come from Demon World … The Heavenly Demon King sent you to approach me and become a spy…” Long Yi thought for a while and said with a harmless smile. As a matter of fact, it was not difficult to guess. His current number one enemy was the Heavenly Demon King, and although this girl’s disguise was very realistic and her spiritual fluctuation when expressing her mood was also very appropriate, he could clearly “smell” her bloody ice-cold aura, and the subtle changes in her expression let him know that this girl was disguising. In addition, that strange aura which was the mixture of holy and evil on that little lion forced him to doubt her.

“You are very smart. The first half of your guess is correct, but the latter half is wrong, Heavenly Demon King? He is unqualified to order me around.” Siyan reverted back to her true appearance. She had long brown hair that reached her waist; her pupils flickered with bloody radiance. She had an almost transparent skin as well as long black nails.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart. From her tone, he could sense great hatred as well as inexplicable complex feelings towards the Heavenly Demon King. Could it be that this girl was seduced and abandoned by the Heavenly Demon King?

“Although I am not sent by that bastard Heavenly Demon King, I did come for your life.” Siyan’s pupils shone with a bloody light. She then raised her jade-like hands and those long black nails shimmered with pallid light.

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