Volume 3 Chapter 113: A Frenzied Battle Between Dark Forces in the Alcott Valley

The outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, Alcott Valley, on the perimeter of the Manasvir Empire’s base camp at Simon Quarry.

The battle fire had ignited once again. This time, the rebel army was forced to retreat to their base camp to defend it until the end. They were facing an army, consisting of twenty thousand skeletons, that was five times their size. Despite being confronted with an undead army that easily outnumbered them, these rebel troops did not panic. They retreated to their base in an orderly manner and used their defensive walls as part of their strategy

“What is wrong with these people? This combat power is far too…”

The Skeleton Emperor Fred looked out into the distance. Along the path, his skeletal troops had been suppressed by the force of the rebel troop’s arrows and exploding spheres. The metallic balls that this bunch of humans used as explosives had managed to blast the advancing skeletal troops into smithereens.

“D*mn it, my mistress, the Demon King, said that we should avoid damaging the army base camp at all costs. What should we do now?”

Due to Bella’s orders, the Skeleton Emperor Fred was unable to unleash his ultimate move, which would blast a hole in the rebel army base camp’s defensive walls. At that moment, Fred was suddenly at a loss. The quality of this group of human troops’ combat ability was much higher than he had expected. Ever since he had become a Demon Lord, he had never seen a human army with soldiers with such strength and ability.

“What’s wrong, Fred? Are these enemies too much for you to handle?”

“Sky Demon King, why have you come? Your humble servant deserves death for troubling Your Excellency into coming here in person.”

An interdimensional door had opened up behind Skeleton Emperor Fred and the Sky Demon King, Dolores, had walked out. Back in the day, she had been a princess of the Demon Race and she had now grown into one of the three demon kings of the Darkness Sacred Region. In comparison to Bella and Eleanor, who preferred to maintain low profiles, Dolores had a much more imposing presence as a Demon King.

“Fred, Bella… Where is she?!”

“Sky Demon King, Mistress Demon King is still recuperating at the small pond in the mountains! Shall I inform her of your presence? Mistress Kriss is there as well.”

“Never mind, I will speak to her during her vacation. I am here to help you resolve the situation. There is no need for you to mention anything about me being here to Bella. I will do it myself the next time I see her.”

“Your wish is my command.”

On the defensive walls of the rebel army’s base camp, their ringleader, General Colin was paying close attention to the advancing troops. He was the team leader who had an altercation with Bella earlier on, where she had used his head as a soccer ball. Even though the skeletal troops outside the camp had stopped their attacks, they had not retreated. Instead, they had surrounded the base camp.

“General Colin, the route for our retreat has been blocked. These skeletal troops have a chain of command and are a different level of species from the ones in our continent.”

“I know. You may leave. How is the situation at the Simon Quarry? Tell the main team to pick up their speed. Even though my people have control over the teleportation arrays coming in, these skeletal troops that have appeared out of nowhere are making me uneasy.”

The feelings of unease that Colin had felt continued to grow. Their initial objective for invading the Coristel Continent was to kidnap Princess Pamela and attempt to resurrect the big guy lying dormant in the Simon Quarry. However, there was now a sudden change of plans as there was an unknown dark force interfering with their sneak attack.

At the same moment, many demonic beings began to appear in the distance behind the skeletal troops. Those demonic beings looked just like eagles but they were ten times bigger. When the eagle-like demonic beings had all emerged, many more skeletal troops began to follow.

“How is this possible? Aren’t we still in control of any magical teleportation arrays?”

As far as Colin could see, the skeletal troops had almost doubled in strength and there were more than forty thousand skeletal troops. By now, the rebel troops were outnumbered by troops that were ten times their size. It seemed like it was going to be impossible to emerge victorious this time.

These massive eagles were more than ten meters tall and their wingspan was eight meters long. The eagle-like beings flapped their giant wings and sped towards the base camp. It was a terrifying sight to behold as hundreds of giant eagles hovered in the skies over the base camp.

The rebel’s archers were not able to shoot their arrows far enough to reach these giant eagles and could only watch helplessly as they circled the camp. To make things more frightening than they already were, the giant eagles began to toss hundreds of mysterious objects from the skies. These black objects caused many huge dents when they slammed into the ground.

“What is this black stuff? Let me take a look…”

“Robin, stay back. That thing… there’s…”

A few of the rebel troops stood around one of the black mysterious objects, trying to figure out what it was. When one of the team leaders was about to stop their thoughtless behavior, the black object exploded, spraying black goo all over anyone who was nearby. Many of the rebel troops who were standing close by had been sprayed right in the face. It was a strange sight to behold.

“My eyes…”

“It burns! This liquid is poisonous…”

Once the rebel troops had been splattered with the black goo, they fell to the ground, screaming in pain. It was as though they had been splashed with acid. Even though they were unable to die, they were still susceptible to pain, especially from something as strong as acid.

This was not the end. Many horrifying humanoid creatures began to crawl out of the pile of black goo on the ground. These creatures looked like zombies but were much scarier. The creatures had bodies that resembled black mud and their features were indistinguishable.

“Die, you monsters, die! This is… help..”

When a few courageous rebel troops took up their weapons and attempted to slash some of the black mud men, their swords got caught in the sticky bodies. Before they could react, a large slit split open and the black mud men revealed terrifying mouths. Taking advantage of their distracted states, the black mud men bit off the troops’ heads and swallowed them whole.

More black mud men continued to crawl out of the holes in the ground and started to run towards the rebel troops like scavenger ghosts. The entire scene descended into chaos and seemed like an apocalyptic biochemical warfare scenario. Many of the rebel troops had been pushed to the ground and eaten alive. Their unkillable nature was completely useless in the face of these monsters as the mud men’s only objective was to eat humans.

The rebel archers who were further away had prepared their arrows to retaliate. However, the black mud men seemed to be able to anticipate their every move and many black tentacles emerged from their chests.

These tentacles shot towards the archers and each archer was pulled towards the black mud men. The archers suffered a worse fate than those on the ground as some of the tentacles directly pierced their hearts before they were devoured.

Every time a black mud man devoured a rebel soldier, it would split and form another mud man. In no time at all, the hundreds of black mud men had multiplied tenfold. At least one thousand rebel troops had been eaten alive and they had deteriorated into military chaos. No one listened to any commands. All they knew was that they had to try and get out of this alive.

The stronghold in the army camp toppled almost immediately. The rebel soldiers were frantically running in every direction with a horde of black zombies chasing them. Often, random soldiers would be grabbed by a tentacle and dragged back towards the horde and devoured. Their unkillable abilities were useless now. Once they had been eaten, there was no way they could be revived.

The outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, outside of the Alcott Valley, on the perimeter of the Manasvir Empire’s base camp at Simon Quarry across from the base camp of the Darkness Sacred Region’s army.

“Sky Demon King, aren’t these scavengers… Didn’t Mistress Demon King prohibit the use of these creatures on humans?”

As he spoke, Skeleton Emperor Fred trembled slightly. Even Demon Lords like him were a little frightened of these scavengers. These creatures were similar to scavenger ghosts but were far more terrifying as they ate anything and everything in sight. Their targets were determined by their master and could change at any moment.

Within the Darkness Sacred Region, the scavengers were used to deal with failed demonic beings who did not adhere to the Demon King’s rule. If any of the Demon Lords were to stage a revolt, they would be dealt with using these scavengers as well. Even though no Demon Lord had ever attempted to revolt, they were all rather frightened of the scavengers anyway.

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If the scavenger’s targets were to switch to the skeletal people, Fred would have to make a run for it with his army as soon as he could. These scavengers specialized in biological warfare. The only good thing about them was that they would only attack and devour their targets and nothing else.

“Fred, these people are barely human anymore. Bella has already permitted me to proceed. Your army will be in charge of cleaning up the loose ends in the battleground. If there is nothing else, I’m leaving as I have more things to take care of.”

As soon as she was done, the Sky Demon King Dolores turned to leave through the interdimensional door. Once the scavengers were done eating, they would turn back into black goo. After that, all the skeletal troops had to do was help in cleaning up the area.

“Emperor Fred, Shadow Demon Dhampir has sent an urgent message. There is a huge commotion at the Simon Quarry. A big boss has appeared. It requires us to head over to assist immediately. This thing seems to be rather tricky to handle and the other Demon Lords infiltrating the human race have already been notified.”

“A big boss huh… I think it might be better if I report this to my Mistress Demon King as well. Seriously, this bunch of humans has gotten way out of hand. They’re even better at creating trouble than us demonic beings, and they do this nearly every day. Sooner or later, this continent will be destroyed by the humans.”

The outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, in a hidden pond in the depths of the Alcott Valley.

“Bella, these clothes are too… too revealing. Get me a change of clothes. Something much more normal would be great!”

“President Ivy, these red ribbons look beautiful! Don’t you like them?”

“This looks weird on me. Also, what’s the deal with these bells?!”

“These bells are a demonic artifact, the Soul’s Melody. They can detect even the slightest sounds within the atmosphere and it is a treasured artifact used to stop assassins. Also, the red ribbons are Blood Silk. It’s extremely rare and not something that you can simply get anywhere.”

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“President Ivy, you only have two options. Either you wear this or nothing at all. I have already chosen for you, so you’re welcome.”

President Ivy looked at Bella, feeling a flush of red creeping her neck and cheeks. The “clothes” she wore were simply various strips of red ribbons crossed along her body. This outfit was a product of Bella’s kinks and it was no different from the little eye candy outfits in the “gentleman games” of the previous world which depicted “Christmas presents”.

Being “Christmas presents” meant that only the crucial parts of the young maiden would be covered in red ribbons with most of her skin revealed. President Ivy’s wrists, feet, and neck were decorated with small, delicate bells. If not for the other girls nearby who were watching them, Bella had had every intention of tying President Ivy up, throwing her into a gift box, and wrapping her up, just like a real “Christmas present,” after whisking her away.

The outfit was truly made from some extremely rare ingredients. As for Bella’s argument, President Ivy was not able to come up with any retort and could only keep the outfit on. At least, she would not be naked when she returned to school. Her assassin’s outfit had been destroyed in the earlier battles.

Kriss and Ariel had turned their heads away in embarrassment. These outfits, normally only seen in erotic games, were not things that an innocent girl of the Other World like President Ivy would understand.

As interdimensional travelers, both of them knew exactly what this outfit was used for. They secretly wanted to put on the outfit as well, just that they were too shy to say anything.

“Bella, could you send me back? If these rebel troops are a human race from another continent, I have to report this to my father. This information is going to be a big deal to all the human empires.”

Just like President Ivy, Pamela was also wearing a “Christmas present” outfit. However, it was decked with pink ribbons instead of red. As for this outfit, Pamela felt embarrassed as well. However, to persuade Bella to let her go, she did not care anymore.

President Ivy and Pamela were trapped close to Bella, one on the left, the other on the right. They knew that if they did not please Bella, this female hooligan of a Duchess would never let them leave. As they were unaware of the situation outside, and they were wearing such unique underwear, Ivy and Pamela did not dare to make their escape.

“No, no, you are both injured and need to rest. Leave everything to me. I will deal with it. Any incoming teleportation arrays should have already been blocked by the rebel army.”


Bella knocked both Ivy and Pamela out with a light knock on their backs. She did not intend for either of them to see what was about to happen. When she had decided to use the scavengers to get rid of the rebel army, she knew she could not let them know what occurred after.

The image of the scavengers eating humans was far too gory and frightening. Any girl who was not from the Darkness Camp would be heavily traumatized by the sight. However, these rebel troops were unlikely to be from this continent. The human race from this continent would not have abilities that would render them unkillable.

“Bella, you don’t intend to bring these two juniors back to… to do naughty things to them, do you? Erotic things are prohibited, and you know that.”

“Kriss, don’t look at me like that. I just do not want them to tire themselves out. President Ivy is going to move into our hostel, which means that we would be roommates. Also, Pamela is Elaine’s younger sister. It’s simply not right to leave them be.”

As for Bella’s rogue explanation, Kriss decided not to pursue any further. Anyway, Bella would not really enslave them. Even though this female Demon King had alternative tastes, she was always gentle with the ladies around her.

“Bella, these humans could be undead. I agree with you that it is extremely likely that they came from a different continent.”

“Ariel, let’s go and help Pamela reclaim her military base! By now, the scavengers… I mean, my underlings should have already devoured most of the rebel troops in the camp.”

Ariel and Kriss had a dark past and did not seem to be repulsed by things like massacres. Bella knew that unlike President Ivy and Pamela, they were strong enough to stomach such bloodshed, and decided to bring them along.

As for President Ivy and Pamela, Bella had brought them with her as well. To leave two ravishing beauties in the forest would be too risky. If they were found by any lucky pervert, they would definitely be taken advantage of. From her Space Ring, she retrieved two Flying Magic Carpets, placed both girls gently onto the carpets, and handed them to the heavily armored Elite Skeletal Troops nearby.

“Honestly Bella, if my ancestors were to see you do such a thing with a Flying Magic Carpet, they would roll over in their graves!”

“Ariel, what do you mean… the Flying Magic Carpet is nothing but a small thing which can never be compared to any of you. It can’t be eaten! At least you ladies could… y’know…be eaten… Hey, stop looking at me. Quickly, we need to head to the military camp!”

“What… What about me? Am I food to you? You… Where did she go? This is so annoying, I hate it when she leaves so quickly.”

Before she revealed her true colors, Bella quickly changed the topic. She left so quickly that she did not hear what Ariel was mumbling at the end. However, Kriss heard it all but she did not say anything. Ariel was one step ahead of her and said everything she had wanted to say. Instead, she was berating herself for being so slow!

The Coristel Continent was not the only continent in this dimension. There were many of them. In the same vein, the human race was not limited to the Coristel Continent. Even though the continent was named as the “Human Continent”, it did not contain all of the human race in this Other World.

The rebel army that had attacked the military base could have been “mutated humans” who had crossed over to this continent in secret. If they were able to reach out to the Manasvir Empire, it meant that they had already infiltrated deep into the area as this region was central to the Coristel Continent.

To prevent any unnecessary panic among the human empires, Bella planned to blame all of this on the Demon Race. One of her subordinates, Skeleton Emperor Fred, and his skeletal troops should be able to pass for the Demon Army.

When the undying bodies of the rebel troops were finally devoured by the scavengers, she would tell Fred to leave a pile of skeletons as proof. Bella was confident that the Manasvir Empire would corroborate her story and place the blame about what had happened on an attack by the Demonic Race.

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