Chapter 141: Mother and Son’s Plan

Qiao Tian Chang’s cruel words might have sounded rude, but they were reasonable..

Yang Huai might be good in his studies, but he wasn’t great. He almost didn’t manage to pass his examinations. Although he did pass, but he was ranked last. So how could he take the top position in the palace examination?

Madame Chen hated when others talked bad about Yang Huai, let alone mock that her son couldn’t possibly become the top in the palace examination.

Now that others were mocking her son in front of so many others, Madame Chen felt as if they were trying to challenge her authority.

She shouted: “Qiao Tian Chang, you’re just jealous of my son. I’m not going to waste my time to argue with you. I want you to marry my daughter. You’re not allowed to marry Ning Meng Yao.”

Everyone started having cold sweat. Was Madame Chen over-reacting?

How could she even think of forcing someone else to marry her daughter?

Qiao Tian Chang felt that there was no need to talk too much to this kind of person. He grabbed onto her collar and dragged her out to the door.

“Today’s banquet is for the folks. If you’re going to bark like a crazy dog, you better leave.” Qiao Tian Chang folded his arms around his chest and glared at the trembling Madame Chen.

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Madame Chen’s trembling fingers pointed at Qiao Tian Chang, but Qiao Tian Chang turned away impatiently and shut the door at her face.

Madame Chen grumbled all the way home. On the way, she spotted Yang Huai and she suddenly felt angrier.

“Mother, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Huai frowned as he asked helplessly.

After being questioned by Yang Huai, Madame Chen told him what happened earlier, focusing on the fact that Qiao Tian Chang had cursed him to end up falling behind in his studies.

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Like Madame Chen, Yang Huai didn’t like others talking bad about him.

Especially at this period of time, since it was almost the period of his examination. Such words were unlucky to him, especially the fact that Qiao Tian Chang was engaged to Ning Meng Yao?

At the thought of Ning Meng Yao, Yang Huai’s expression turned dark.

“Mother, let’s go there and have a look. I want to ask, who does he think he is to curse me” Yang Huai said angrily.

Madame Chen had the same thought, but she also said mysteriously: “My son, Qiao Tian Chang’s rich. He even has a part in Ning Meng Yao’s sauce workshop. If Yang Cui married him… don’t you think we’ll have a good life afterwards?” Madame Chen said dreamily.

Yang Huai’s eyes flashed. They really needed money. If he wanted to continue with the examinations in the future to become an official, they would really need to spend a lot of money. Unless…

“Mother, instead of Qiao Tian Chang, don’t you think that Ning Meng Yao has more money?” Yang Huai couldn’t help but blink as he wondered.

 Madame Zhang frowned. She looked at Yang Huai unhappily: “What do you mean?”

Yang Huai smiled: “What do you think a woman cares the most about? Obviously, status and wealth.”

 “What do you mean?” Madame Chen didn’t understand what Yang Huai was trying to say. What did this have to do with what she was talking about?

Yang Huai looked at her mother and thought that this woman was indeed an ignorant woman: “I’m only a scholar who passed the college examination right now, but I’ll become an official one day. If I’m married to Ning Meng Yao, she would become the wife of an official. Do you think she’ll choose an official, or live with a hunter from the mountains?”

Listening to Yang Huai, Madame Chen suddenly felt her hair stand: “You want to marry that stupid girl? I told you not to think about it. You must marry a beautiful lady with a wealthy background in the future.”

Yang Huai’s eyes turned cold; he sneered out loudly: “Of course, I know that. Marrying Ning Meng Yao is only so that I can take all her money. Once we’ve got all her money, then we can just get rid of her. Don’t you think this is a good plan?”

Although Ning Meng Yao was a talented girl, but to Yang Huai, besides the money she had, she was basically nothing to him.

Madame Chen considered the idea for some time. Her son’s idea was quite reasonable. If it actually became true, the sauce workshop and the wine shop would be theirs. By then, she would have all the wealth she ever wanted. Madame Chen thought happily.

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