Volume 3 Chapter 101: Newcomer’s test That Was Incapable Of Bringing Smiles

By the Vignia Lake which was the Olsylvia Academy’s largest campus lake and at Duchess Bellina’s private apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”. At Bella’s first apartment building, Bella had woken up early in the morning; she opened her eyes to a familiar sight. Lisha, who was lying on her chest, had woken up and was looking over books with Ariel and Elaine. Kriss and Noreya were still resting. It seemed that nothing had changed.

“Bella, you are awake! President Lucia from the dormitory next door seemed to be looking for you.

“Okay, got it. Thank you for your reminder, Kriss. Remember to wait for me after class!”

Bella woke up, changed her clothes and went out. All the dormitory roommates had a mutual understanding to not mention what had happened yesterday. The Doyle Hunting Grounds had already been sealed off by the school authorities of Olsylvia Academy. It was unsure if they had discovered any abnormality. As Lolita’s aim was to lie low, she had hidden in Noreya and the others’ number two dormitory, which was beside Bellas’.

“Kriss, do you mind one more person beside Bella?”

“Kriss, we are friends, right? You won’t run away like that other person right!”

“Oh? Noreya, Ariel, what are your..”

Kriss was slightly dizzy as she looked at Ariel and Noreya. Since these two dormitory roommates had come back, they had been asking her this question many times. No matter how foolish Kriss was, she could see that her two dormitory roommates had become caught up in love like herself.

“Bella, you had woken up so early, this is so rare!”

“Natasha, you are up so early too. Is the Disciplinary Committee busy recently?”

“You do not have to be concerned about the Disciplinary Committee’s matters. By the way, please watch out as the academy has quite a bit of things happening!”

Along the corridor, Bella and Natasha had a brief encounter and greeted each other in passing. Under Bella’s great effort, Natasha had reluctantly agreed to use a nickname to address Bella. This meant that Bella’s strategy had advanced by one step. Recently, the academy was not peaceful. Last night, Bella had found out from Angelia, Chief President of the Central Student Union, that at the eastern part of the campus, which was the Doyle Hunting Grounds, had a trace of activity of a Demon King and the dead bodies of many missing students.

The missing students were all mainly from Frank Civilian Academy and were students of previous years. Because they had come from a background of commoners, after they had gone missing, the school authorities had mistakenly thought it was due to the power struggle between the societies and that they were killed by societies like the Mask Of Darkness. It had not warranted attention. Additionally, the Golden Legend Society had offered the support of their funds and the families of the missing students had received a considerable amount of “hush money”. Thus, they had basically not investigated anymore.

Bella reckoned that those missing students were all experimental sacrificial items of the Demon King, Ockham. He had infiltrated in the human race and had planned to progressively to use the puppet method to control the human race in order to get information and prepare for his return in the coming days but unfortunately, he was robbed and killed halfway by Bella. He was indeed out of luck. But to mess with “one’s own people”, it would be weird if he was not counter killed.

“Mistress, I have completed the matter that you had entrusted to me. Yesterday night, after undergoing secret investigations, the demon king is not dead. But one of his substitute bodies was destroyed and in this short time, he will not be able to infiltrate into the human race empire.”

“Also, regarding his memory of meeting you, he did not retain the memory. According to the intelligence that was circulating around thousands of years in our demon world, the mind of Ockham, Demon King of the Heart, would only retain very important memories. Those immediate memories would remain in the substitute. After it was destroyed by you, he would not be able to find this segment of memory.”

Beside the door of number two dormitory, Demon World Princess Diaz, who was Bella’s familiar demon, had appeared and was reporting some situations. Under Bella’s arrangement, Diaz had temporarily moved to the number two dormitory to be on standby. As long as she had stayed in the dormitory, the people outside would not know her identity.

“Diaz, thanks for your hard work. Oh, by the way, how’s Laceman, that girl? Is she still trying to run away! I wanted to ask her out yesterday but Lolita was too strong thus I did not summon her.”

“Mistress please do not worry. Mistress Lolita has also helped to watch Laceman. Currently, she does not want to run away anymore. She needs to be trained for a period of time before she will be ready to serve you”.

“That’s good, I will then go and call on President Lucia. I will talk to you again at a later time.”

In the northern part of the campus of Olsylvia Academy was the Filomena Nobility Academy Elite Class Training Ground. The place was currently conducting a strength competition for the freshmen. In the first week of representative battle, Bella had depended on her privilege to excuse herself from the battle. In the second week of representative battle, she would not have this privilege anymore.

The entrance nobility’s ranking battle was fought by the first or second year of the nobility students. A few days before, Bella’s greatest opponent Scott, who was from the Savior, was beaten until he was disabled by Lolita. He would not be able to attend this round of freshmen battles. The other Saviors were at other branches of school and basically would not be able to beat Bella in the competition field at the Nobility Campus. In this round of competition, Bella had a feeling that this victory was freely given to her.

On the competition field, Bella was wearing the set of armor of a Dark Knight and was fighting with an archer. Both parties were using blunt weapons that were for the competition. Bella’s knight sword was blunt and the arrows that were shot by the opposite archer naturally used arrows without arrowheads. This was just a competition and not a life or death battle so there was no need for real weapons.

The archer’s brow was beaded with sweat and he had already shot out dozens of arrows that were all obstructed by Bella’s shield. If he wasn’t taking into consideration men’s reputation, he would already have given up. Losing to a female knight would be very shameful. As a good archer, it was too infuriating that he was not able to defeat Bella, who had gained her position through money.

“John, quickly shoot her. Are you still considered a man! If you are a man, don’t fall!”

“John, did you buy the strength of being ranked thirteen among the new students! Faster shoot!”

“Today, I bet all my food money on you, quickly do it!”

The spectators, who were standing in a circle watching John, the archer, had cheered for him but the most regretful thing was that the arrows that John shot out, did not manage to hit Bella from the beginning to the end. The large shield that Bella had raised aloft was usually used by a heavy knight. This large shield was two meters long and normally, the heavy knight would need to use two hands to lift it up but in Bella’s case, she could hold it up using one hand and it felt as effortless as holding a piece of wood.

What made the audience even more dumbstruck was when Bella’s the other hand picked up an arrow with no head and had hurled it like a dart. The arrow had accurately hit John’s right hand. He fell to the ground suddenly and was holding his right hand, producing a blood-curdling screech like a pig was being killed.

Examiner, this knight cheated! It can’t be that the knight did not need to charge and could directly use an arrow to shoot people. Does this Knight have no basic professional ethics! The protesting voice in the heart of the audience could not change the fact that archer John had been defeated. This archer who was ranked thirteen among the freshmen in the Filomena Nobility Academy had lost to Bella.

“Bella, you must be tired! Let me help you massage your shoulders.”

“Okay, Jenny. Thank you! Mo Wei, this shield has a lot of deep arrow marks. Do you want to repair it?

“No need, I have a lot of spares with me, you can change it anytime!”

At the resting place of the field that was used for the competition, Bella was seated on the chair and resting. She was enjoying the logistics support of the dormitory roommate from the Rose Society. Her current supporting team was absolutely the most luxurious team in the whole Olsylvia Academy. There was the weapons-in-charge, Mo Wei, Shirley, who was in charge of the mount, Sharon, who was in charge of the medicine, Nina, who was in charge of making a speech and Jenny, who was the masseur. The supporting lineup was all beautiful girls and many boys wanted to join the Rose Society.

Because of the problem of their identities, Bella’s maids in name, Angel, Mia, Noesha, and the other lolis temporarily could not enter the training grounds of the Filomena Nobility Academy that was only meant for official students. The five beautiful Divine Grand Ladies of the Rose Society temporarily served as Bella’s “maids”. Their expressions were all very happy and there were no signs of displeasure.

Luckily Bella was not a boy; with this treatment of being in a harem, if she had been a boy, it was probable that the next day, she would be on the campus gossip publication lead story again and the title should be “Some guy had died by violence at X**”. The boys had not known that sometimes Bella was even more hateful compared to those men who were gentle to their harem. This “woman rouge’s” integrity was practically worth nothing.

Since Bella had joined the Rose Society, the society was basically only accepting beautiful girls that Bella had gotten acquainted with. It was not just boys but even for those beautiful girls, if Bella had disagreed with the person, the person would also not be able to join. President Carlos of Golden Legend Society had sent a few “beautiful spies” and was directly rejected by Bella. Although she liked beautiful girls, she was not so self-indulgent that she would not let go of those “female spies” that were sent over by the enemy.

“Bella, do you and President Lucia have some hidden secrets between both of you? Till now, she has been glancing over at least ten times.”

“Oh, Sharon, you are indeed attentive No wonder you’re known as a strict alchemist. President Lucia is trying to ask when I can report to the Student Union and assume the post of something secretary. “

“Oh, so this is what is all about! I thought that the both of you had some friendly relations. Our Rose Society members will be moving over to your dormitory building this week. Presidents, except President Isaman, from each branch of the campus will also be moving to your dormitory building this week. I don’t understand why are they moving over. “

“This, probably because of my personal charisma… I am joking, please do not take it seriously!”

Bella’s dormitory building was progressively developing into a “harem” which was Bella’s collection of beautiful girls. That she could “snatch away” so many high quality beautiful girls resources on campus, with the existence of various Boy Saviors at the same time, could also be considered Bella’s ability and she could boast about it for some time.

At the highest place of the training grounds which was the viewing platform, was President Lucia’s seat. She was seated together with Natasha who was the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief and saw Bella with a pleased face who was at the resting area below. Both of them had all sorts of feelings in their hearts and President Lucia had felt speechless as she did not think highly of Bella. Currently, Bella’s current strength was hard to grasp; maybe she had misinterpreted her.

Although Natasha’s face still showed signs of displeasure but her thoughts towards Bella was not as extreme as compared to the past. At least, she had removed “ignorant and incompetent”, which was her evaluation of Bella but she was still slightly doubtful. Bella had used the defense tools supplied by Mo Wei, in addition to Sharon who had provided high-level medicine that was able to restore physical strength. Wasn’t this using high-level equipment to bully people!

“Natasha, do not be impulsive. Currently, it is the freshmen’s strength test. You, as a knight, going down to join in the fun, won’t this smash the confidence of the new students!”

“President Lucia, someone below is using equipment to destroy other people’s confidence. Do you not have any objections? Do you have a favorable impression of her that is beyond the relationship between fellow classmates since you have been siding with her recently!”

“No… I did not! Natasha, do not make irresponsible remarks. You are the one who crouches at the door of her dormitory to wait for her every day…”

“Do not make irresponsible remarks, who is crouching there everyday… Forget about it, I do not want to talk about it with you anymore.”

Bella’s rest area was further away from the viewing platform and she did not hear the conversation between Lucia and Natasha. If she had known, these two sisters would be “in danger” during this weekend, perhaps they would have been “forced” by her. Natasha was the most unstable factor in Bella’s dormitory building as she was indeed the Chief of the Disciplinary Committee. If she did not push Natasha, it would be inconvenient for Bella and her girlfriends to commit misdeeds.

If only Bella was just strong, that would be fine, but her supporting team was basically all divine beautiful girls. Was this still fair to other people! The audience’s eyes were almost burning with rage and were filled with envy and jealousy. Bella leisurely walked back to the arena once again. Her body’s armor and shield were once again changed to a brand new set. This was practically flaunting wealth and showing off equipment. Does this competition field still have integrity or ethics?

Facing the audience’s meaningful glances that were thirsting for “fair play”, the teacher, Knight William, that was conducting the freshmen strength test had chosen to ignore the choice with integrity. This middle-age greedy Holy Knight’s strength was ordinary but was exceptionally proficient in accepting bribes. He had already received a certain number of gold bars from Bella and if it was not for Bella’s request, he would have already “blown the black whistle” and judged Bella to be the winner.

The other freshmen had also tried to bribe him but William had refused. He had his own set of principles in accepting bribery which was to only accept the presents from the person with the most financial resources. In this training ground, the one with the most financial resources was obviously Bella with the Rose Society being her supporter behind-the-scenes. Even the next-in-line, Albert, who had the behind-the-scenes support of the Golden Legend Society, was not even comparable to Bella.

“The respected Knight Ingrid and Holy Maiden Susan. In this round of competition, both parties’ weapons have no issues and are both using blunt weapons. This does not go against the basic principles of a fair competition. Please allow me to declare the start of the competition.

“Alright, please start, I have no objection.”

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“I represent the Radiant God and church to approve the fairness of this competition.”

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What made the audience feel worse was that the teacher who was in charge of supervising the freshmen strength test, Knight Ingrid and the representative of the Radiant Church Vatican, Holy Maiden Susan, were all standing on Bella’s side. Susan and Bella had already slept together a couple of times so naturally, she would not destroy Bella’s stage.

As for the Beautiful Dragon Knight Ingrid, it was due to her guilt towards Bella. In the previous round, Bella did not find a suitable mount in Holy Dragon Valley and a big part of the reason was that she had one-sidedly withdrawn from the plan early. As a result, Ingrid had tacitly accepted Holy Knight William’s “corrupt officiating” ways.

This time the person who was battling was an assassin and among the new students, Clifford, who was ranked twelve. Seeing that his opponent was Duchess Bellina, Clifford’s considerably handsome face had become so worried that it almost became deformed. Were these judges and supervisors all standing together with Bella? Why were they all supporting Duchess Bellina, had Duchess Bellina done something to them?

Was this even the same equipment? Discerning people could see that although both people have the same weapons but the armor and shields were different. The black knight’s suit of armor that Bella was wearing looked like normal armor but a person who knew what’s what could see the clues. On Bella’s body and hands were the reputable armor and shield which were ranked second in the family of Mo Wei. These two items were currently sold by the family of Mo Wei and were the Dragon-slaying Armor and Limit Guard.

These two pieces of equipment were prepared for warriors who were going to kill the evil dragon and the armor and shields were specially forged. The defense was targeted towards an evil dragon’s strength and even if he was holding regular assassin equipment, he could not even stab through the defense of Bella, let alone while he was holding a blunt dagger.

If he could not destroy Bella’s defense, how could he still fight as an assassin? This kind of tournament would not bring smiles. Compared to Clifford, Bella felt even more depressed. Although the freshmen strength test was based on a random drawing of lots, she was indeed unlucky and had drawn all boys in these few rounds.

Fighting with a boy was no fun and she longed for beautiful girls, to defeat the girls and to bully them in the name of the competition. This was her true aim. After finishing this round, she would need to remind Judge William. To battle with boys, Bella did not feel happy and this type of competition would not bring smiles.

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