Chapter 202 – One more time

Spring had bloomed in the house.

A spring palace drama, a dragon with two phoenixes.

Qin Tian had not expected that everything would happen suddenly, so suddenly that he was not mentally prepared.

However, none of that was important now.

The most important thing was to help detoxify them and he had to detoxify them ‘hard’.

It took a long time for the flames to die down and by now, all three of them were lying together. Their heavy breathing stabilized and they finally calmed down completely.

All three were stuck together, soaked in sweat from intense exercise. Their bodies were sticky, but no one moved, as if there was some kind of tacit understanding.

The poison of the nine acacias had been dissolved.

The evil flames in both Yan Xin and Yan Bing had disappeared, but their cheeks were still very hot. Afraid to open their eyes, their eyes moved back and forth under their eyelids.

“So embarrassing.”

“What to do, what to do.”

Yan Bing felt very contradicted. Before she lost her mind, she knew that she had been poisoned. Replaying the scene in her mind, her face flushed crimson like a peach blossom in spring.

What Yan Bing was thinking about, Yan Xin was also thinking about.

Originally as indifferent as an iceberg, the scene just now had completely subverted her image. Under the influence of the nine acacias, she was like a volcanic eruption, releasing the most primitive instinct. Recalling that she had just been pressed down by Qin Tian, bringing pleasure to her body again and again, her heart panicked and she did not know what to do.

Both their minds were in chaos.

Qin Tian also felt the same, however he did not dare to think about this in his heart as he was afraid that his thoughts would be known by the girls. Yet he still could not stop the feeling of ecstasy.


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He had never dreamed of this in his previous life, never attempted thrəəsom and not with a pair of twins. Something he had not dared to dream of before, but now he had actually done it.

Qin Tian’s heart was suddenly filled with intense satisfaction, like his wish had come true.

“Hai… hai…”

Qin Tian pretended to cough a few times as he laid on the bed, both his left and right arms having become pillows. Half an hour ago, his arms had already began to numb and he endured. Now both arms seemed to be unconscious. If he did not soothe the meridians soon then blood circulation would stop, crippling him.

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From his coughing, Yan Xin and Yan Bing both shut their eyes tightly, their heartbeats accelerating. Shivering a few times, they did not dare to open their eyes.

For a long while, Qin Tian saw that they did not respond. Having no choice, he sighed and whispered, “That… like this… we can’t stay like this. The sky is already bright.”

Yan Bing could not continue pretending. Her cheeks immediately blushed and she glared at Qin Tian, “Big bad wolf, rascal, you…”

“Sister, why aren’t you scolding him?” Yan Bing suddenly asked. Yan Xin’s face immediately turned red and she quickly grabbed a ragged piece of clothing to cover her chest, glaring at Yan Bing.

Yan Bing looked down at her own chest and screamed, floundering around to find a few pieces of cloth to cover her chest.

Qin Tian could not help but glance at her, casually saying, “I’ve already seen your body, covering it again is useless.”


“Rascal, I’ll kill you.”


Yan Bing did not care too much, hammering Qin Tian’s chest with small punches. However, there was no strength in them at all and they just felt like an itch.

As if disturbed by Yan Bing, desire rose in his heart again and his evil thing suddenly turn hard.

Seeing his evil thing rise, Yan Bing’s expression turned to shock and she screamed, “Ah…”

Likewise, Qin Tian did not care about much. First time strangers, second time friends. Immediately pressing Yan Bing under his body, he watched her cheeks flush like ripened peaches with their sweet nectar and could not wait to swallow it.

Yan Bing resisted, although there was no strength in her. Allowing Qin Tian to pinch her twin peaks, a crisp feeling of numbness made her unable to bear it. She moaned.

“Sister… sister… save me.”

Yan Bing’s eyes were filled with charm, she did not actually want to escape Qin Tian’s control. Looking over and seeing a silent Yan Xin watching them, she called out gently as she placed a hand on Yan Xin’s arm. Taking advantage of the opportunity……

Yan Xin did not know what to do, her whole body powerless. Yang Bing gently pulled and her body tilted up, the few pieces of cloth covering her chest fell off.

As her fair white body came into contact with Qin Tian, her breathing increased slightly and she reddened even more.

Seeing this, Qin Tian no longer held back and directly embraced her.

“One more time…”

 Another battle, merry and lively…

Two hours later.

Qin Tian lay on the bed, Yan Xin and Yan Bing on his chest. Quietly listening to his heartbeat with a face of sweetness.

Qin Tian saved them twice, now they had become Qin Tian’s women.

At this moment, Yan Bing was not as fiery tempered as before. She was like a little bird lying in Qin Tian’s arms, completely obedient. As for Yan Xin, she was not as cold as usual and was instead shy, gentle, and incomparably meek.

What is happiness?”

“Happiness ah.” Qin Tian smiled lightly, then tightened his arms a little. Thinking of the rings he refined from last night, he smiled and said, “I brought you two a present.”

“What present?”

“Did you really go into the Thousand Snake Valley?”

Qin Tian laughed mysteriously and took out two rings from his space ring, saying with a smile, “In my hometown, rings are gifted to beloved women as a token of love. When I entered Thousand Snake Valley, I found a cores of ice and fire attributes, so I made two phoenix rings.”

Two rings. One icy white as though it was made of ice crystals.

The other was fiery red, like flowing magma. They were glamorous, differing in color and shaped as a phoenix. The carvings were as vivid as though they were alive.

Yan Bing and Yan Xin both immediately fell in love with them.

“The ring is beautiful.” Yan Bing took the red phoenix ring, her eyes lighting up in excitement as she immediately said, “Thank you, honey.”

Yan Xin picked up the ice crystal colored phoenix ring and as her heart beat faintly, she whispered, “High-grade Immortal tool.”

Then she blushed and with a voice like a mosquito, said, “Thank you, honey.”

“Haha…” Qin Tian laughed loudly, “In our hometown, you don’t say honey, you say husband.”



“Then thank you, husband.”

Yan Bing excitedly kissed Qin Tian.

Qin Tian looked at Yan Xin, smiling faintly.

Yan Xin whispered, “Husband,” and gave Qin Tian a playful peck.

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Qin Tian laughed again then finally said, “Wear the rings on the ring finger of your right hands. From now on, you are Qin Tian’s women.”

They both did so at the same time. After putting it on, the rings glimmered and the two of them were charming.

The two phoenix rings were high-grade Immortal tool and although they had neither attack nor defense bonuses, they carried a special effect. After putting it on, the wearer’s beauty and charm would be enhanced.

It was like equipping a charm ring in a game.

Qin Tian sighed again, “Happiness ah…”


Zhou Wei was covered in injuries. After climbing for an entire night, he finally reached the top of the cliff. Glaring at the wooden house, he gnash his teeth, “Qin Tian, Laozi isn’t done with you!”

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