Chapter 862 – Effective!

A faint sound was heard and the speed of Ji Mo Ya’s hand movements increased!

Ji Mo Ya activated another shield just as a sound was heard and a similar faint sound could be heard instantaneously after it.

The second shield had been breached!

The lightning broke through two shields simultaneously, then it struck both Ji Mo Ya and the dragon.

White Dragon roared again. Its huge body turned red and it was flying about unstably. It seemed like it was trying to get rid of something.

Both of Ji Mo Ya’s hands were shaking. His entire body was bleeding…

Each round of Lightning Tribulation was stronger than the one before!

Plant Sage nodded his head. “Not bad. As expected of the number one genius of humanity!”

Wine Sage rolled his eyes, he wondered who was questioning the genius’s actions earlier on.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s flawless face turned purple with rage, she could no longer keep her calm.

The members of the Ji Mo Clan sighed in relief. A slight joy returned to their faces.

“Husband! The next time, place this under your feet!”

That had been Huan Qing Yan. It was unknown when she came out of the dimension and she stabbed one long spear after the other deep into the ground.

She was worried for Ji Mo Ya, so she thought of an idea to use metal to ground the lightning.

This Lightning Tribulation should be a form of electricity as well, it should be able to be redirected by conducting through metal and then into the earth. 

If the lightning could be redirected into the ground, wouldn’t it be easier for Ji Mo Ya to face the Lightning Tribulation?

Let alone nine rounds, he might even be able to withstand more than nine hundred rounds!

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Huan Qing Yan was proud of her genius way of thinking.

She managed to come up with an excellent idea under pressure!

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Ji Mo Ya was puzzled, but he did not ask about it. He only said, “What are you doing out here? Quickly return inside!”

Huan Qing Yan scurried away. 

She shouted, “Remember, step on it!”

Ji Mo Ya had no time to process everything, he did as told, placing his left foot on it.

A bolt of even stronger and more threatening lightning was already coming towards him!

The fifth Lightning Tribulation!

It struck Ji Mo Ya and White Dragon like a cannonball.

This time, Ji Mo Ya felt… 

That his body was much more relaxed than before…

He felt an extreme pain briefly, he was unable to move his left leg that stood on top of the metal spear…

But Ji Mo Ya was delighted.

It worked!

It really worked!

The crowd was puzzled.

“What happened? This Lightning Tribulation seemed easier than the one before?”

“Who knows? None of us ever had to experience one before.”

They could not hear what Huan Qing Yan said as they were too far away. 

The two Half-Sages looked at each other. They knew in their hearts that it was likely the work of the metal spear.

Bai Li Zi Xi saw Huan Qing Yan appearing for a moment and she got angry and was beyond words.

It was Huan Qing Yan, who kept on ruining her plans!

The dark clouds in the sky became even more menacing.

The entire sky looked like a boiling pot of dark clouds, rolling and boiling within.

Countless flashes were seen in the sky and a short while later, the sixth Lightning Tribulation descended!

This time it was different from before, this Lighting Tribulation was chain lightning!

The front end of the lightning struck White Dragon while its other end was still connected to the black clouds.

White Dragon could no longer be holding back. It swung its giant tail and went straight at the lightning.

White Dragon gave a loud roar and grabbed the chain lightning with its claws. But it only lasted for a moment before it turned, almost transparent, and it fell from the sky.

Ji Mo Ya quickly intercepted the dragon with one hand and condensed his spirit energy into a ball and blocked the lightning.

The speed of the lightning was swift; even though it had a longer length, it quickly ended in a flash.

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