Chapter 267: Challenge

“Not bad, not bad. This kill move is much more dominant than I imagined.”

The preeminent man appeared behind Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist out of nowhere.

Li Fuchen turned around and wrapped his fists, “Master.”

The preeminent man nodded his head, “But it is still not enough. Next, I want you to create an even stronger kill move. It will not do if it is just slightly stronger. It has to be at least half a rank stronger, closer to the mystic class high-tier sword art.”

‘Stronger by half a rank? Closer to the mystic class high-tier sword art?’ Li Fuchen’s expression changed.

His first kill move was already much stronger than others, which was around 130% of the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s power. His second kill move was around 30% stronger than his first sword move, which was around 170% of the Blaze Devil Sword Art. If the third kill move was stronger by half a rank, then it would be at least 30% stronger than the second kill move. Which meant that it would have at least twice the power of the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

Of course, his current Blaze Devil Sword Art had yet to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent, and was only at the perfection rank.

Once he comprehended the Blaze Devil Sword intent, no matter how strong a mystic class mid-tier kill move was, it wouldn’t be comparable to the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

Unless his mystic class mid-tier kill move could breakthrough to the mystic class high-tier.

“Why? You can’t do it?” The preeminent man asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “I can do it.”

In his dictionary, there wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do.

As long as he had enough time, he would be able to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent.

“It is good that you can do it.” The preeminent man smiled. He wanted to slowly force out Li Fuchen’s potential.

From what he could see, Li Fuchen’s potential had yet to be fully exhibited. In fact, there was basically no one who could burst out with their full potential. It had to go through plenty of training and desperate situations before it could happen. This was why there was a difference in achievements even among those of the same bone frame grade.

‘When developing the third kill move, I can try testing out the Rotating Flow Sword intent.’

Li Fuchen already had a framework prepared for the kill move.

Just as Li Fuchen was about to concentrate on creating the third kill move, some of the write-in disciples under the preeminent man couldn’t take it anymore.

“Elder shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), Cheng shixiong invites you over for a chat.”

On this day, a write-in disciple came to where Li Fuchen was practicing his sword art.

“What is it regarding?”

Li Fuchen knew about this Cheng shixiong this write-in disciple was talking about.

All those write-in disciples under the first Mystic Martial Expert were mostly people that passed the third mystic martial door. But there were two who passed the fourth mystic martial door and one of them was Cheng Guangjie7jieelder or big sister. This Cheng Guangjie was the no.1 direct disciple from the Long River Sword Sect, but he was slightly younger than Lu Yun who was the no.1 direct disciple from Cloud Creek Sword Sect. He was ranked 60 on the Star Ranking and had great ability.

“Everyone is under the same master and it is natural for everyone to drink and mingle around. Elder shixiong wouldn’t refuse right?!” This person let out a fake smile stared at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded his head unenthusiastically, “You can go first! I will come later on.”

How could he not know that this was a challenge from the write-in disciples?

The status of a personal disciple and a write-in disciple was just a statement from their master.

If master wanted you to be a personal disciple, you would be a personal disciple. If he wanted you as a write-in disciple, then you would only be a write-in disciple.

If Li Fuchen placed himself in their shoes, and if he as a write-in disciple, he might go challenge the personal disciples as well.

There might be a possibility that master would have higher regards for you after defeating a personal disciple? Which meant there was a possibility of becoming a personal disciple as well.

When Li Fuchen arrived at the rendezvous point, there were nine write-in disciples waiting already.

The leader of these write-in disciples had an average build but looked extremely muscular and he had a pair of chilling eyes that were very imposing.

Cheng Guangjie. The no.1 direct disciple of Long River Sword Sect, at the 9th level of the Earth Realm. He was accepted as a write-in disciple by the first Mystic Martial Expert over ten months ago.

There was a rule in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. After residing here for a full year, one had to leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain and never to return.

There was only less than two months time before Cheng Guangjie had to leave.

Before he left, he wanted to become the first Mystic Martial Expert’s personal disciple. He would then have a backer when he was in the outside world. He wasn’t satisfied with just relying on the Long River Sword Sect.

“Li Fuchen, you came.”

Cheng Guangjie addressed Li Fuchen by his name and didn’t address him as Elder shixiong.

Li Fuchen didn’t mind either. He just found a place and sat down.

“If there is anyone who wishes to challenge me, then come at me! There is no need to beat around the bush.” Li Fuchen didn’t have time to dawdle with these people. If he had such luxury of time, he would rather spend it on creating the third kill move.

Cheng Guangjie laughed, “Of course we are definitely going to spar and exchange pointers. But I, Cheng Guangjie is a man who knows about basic etiquette. Let’s have a drink first.”


It didn’t take much time to drink some wine, hence Li Fuchen accepted it.

After drinking three rounds of wine and with the influence of the wine, everyone’s battle intent was high in spirit.

“Elder shixiong. I, Lang Tao will have a taste of your expert moves.” A youth with long limbs stood out with sharp eyes.

“Please!” Li Fuchen stood up as well.

Cheng Guangjie said, “For it to be fair, everyone will fight within the Restriction Formation Array.”

The place of their gathering wasn’t a normal place, as there was a Restriction Formation Array by the side.

The Restriction Formation Array was a formation that restricted one’s qi cultivation.

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This Restriction Formation Array would restrict everyone’s cultivation to the Qi Realm. As such, everyone’s qi cultivation would roughly be the same and they could only settle it with their martial arts moves.

In fact, without the Restriction Formation Array, everyone was able to control their own qi cultivation. But in moments of desperation, there was only a few who would truly be able to suppress their own qi cultivation. If the suppression wasn’t done properly, there might be casualties.

This wasn’t something that Cheng Guangjie wished for.

Once Li Fuchen entered the formation array, he could feel that his qi cultivation was fixed at the 9th level of the Qi Realm and it couldn’t increase any further. He had a feeling that his Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and Primary Clear Hand wouldn’t be able to enhance his qi either.

“Such a mystical formation array!”

Li Fuchen finally witnessed the mystics of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

Regular sects didn’t have the capability to possess this Restriction Formation Array. Even the elite influential forces in the East Unicorn Continent might not have it.

While standing in the Restriction Formation Array, Lang Tao and Li Fuchen were ten meters away from each other.

“Elder shixiong. Be careful now.”

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Lang Tao drew his longsword, while a sharp sword intent surged out.

Lang Tao might only be a write-in disciple, but he had received many pointers from the preeminent man and had drastic improvements in his sword art. He was also able to create his second kill move.

“Just come as you wish.” Li Fuchen had on a calm expression.

“Wind Sword: Twist Kill!”

Lang Tao’s first move was a kill move.

This was the first kill move which he created before coming in here. Its power was relatively stronger than a mystic class mid-tier sword art.

This move was just a test. He wasn’t so arrogant to assume that this move could defeat Li Fuchen.

After being enhanced by the qi of the Qi Realm, his longsword was like a twister which twisted towards Li Fuchen.

“Bring out your true capability” Executing the Blaze Devil Sword Art, Li Fuchen used a casual sword move to smash his opponent’s kill move, forcing his opponent to take several steps back.

Lang Tao’s kill move was too weak and wasn’t even comparable to the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

“Okay. Kill of Wind!”

Lang Tao took in a deep breath. His eyes turned extremely sharp and the longsword in his hand turned into a storm which was assaulting Li Fuchen. In that instant, that killing qi’s violence was enough to put fear into people’s heart.

“Too weak.”

Li Fuchen didn’t even have to execute his kill move. Using the Blaze Devil Sword Art, he thrust towards Lang Tao.

The seemingly horrific storm instantly dissipated.

This sword attacked directly at the opponent’s flaw, hence there wasn’t even a need to use a kill move.

“Using a mystic class high-tier sword art?” Cheng Guangjie squinted his eyes.

His vision was extremely sharp and it took him just one look to determine if Li Fuchen was using a kill move or not. A kill move was very extreme, while Li Fuchen’s sword move had a grace that a kill move wouldn’t have. This grace was something that belonged to a complete sword art.

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