Chapter 266: Second Kill Move

For the next period of time, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist spent most of his time creating a kill move.

If he was asked to create a kill move previously, he was only able to create a new kill move which would be similar in strength to the first kill move he created. But now, with guidance from the preeminent man. The path to creating a kill move was much wider now, and he started to notice those details.

Like qi manipulation, foundation strength, and burst strength. In addition, he also started to pay attention to his spirit will, to make the kill move filled with killing qi.

Other than that, Li Fuchen felt that his mystic class mid-tier sword intent was rapidly making progress and was slowly approaching the level of a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

On the Second Mountain…

The white-haired elder would offer Chiyu Ye some guidance in between a few days.

Chiyu Ye’s cultivation was already high, but after getting guidance from the white-haired elder, although he didn’t make rapid progress, he was still improving at a fast pace.

“My sword dao is the Tyrant Sword Dao which has many similarities to your Monarch Sword Dao. I shall bestow you a few sentences which you can always consider about at all times.” The white-haired elder said, “The Monarch Sword Dao is the sword dao of management, everything must be within your control, even the sword in your hands. Thus, you need to have a heart of the monarch sword. Your actions may be filled with hatred, but your thoughts must be filled with value. When the day comes when you are able to master that sword in your hands, your combat ability will have a thorough transformation.”

“Heart of the monarch sword?” Chiyu Ye was carefully reflecting on these words.

The white-haired elder continued, “There countless of prodigies in the world, but some are bound to vanish like regular people, it is precisely because they do not understand the path they need to walk on. One’s innate potential is the lowest criteria to be successful and it is impossible to go far by relying on one’s innate potential. Only by having a strong heart would one be able to become a true martial expert.”

The white-haired elder drifted away after finishing his statement.

Chiyu Ye’s innate potential might only barely be sufficient to be his personal disciple, but since he took Chiyu Ye in, he naturally had to give him proper guidance. After all, in his heart, he didn’t think that innate potential represented everything.

If innate potential represented everything, then this world would be very dull.

Fate was such a simple thing.

“Heart of the sword monarch!”

Chiyu Ye’s eyes were blooming with a glow of a monarch. He was clenching his fist tightly and thinking, ‘This sword of mine has to surpass everything in the human world so that it can be worthy of being the Monarch Sword Dao.’

On the Third Mountain…

The man with the phoenix eyes was guiding Su Muyu.

In his opinion, Su Muyu wasn’t inferior to Chiyu Ye.

The only thing she lacked was age and experience.

If Su Muyu attempted the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain a few years later, it wouldn’t be a difficult task for her to pass the sixth mystic martial door.

The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain might be known as fair, but in fact, there were areas where it was unfair.

But in this world, there was no such thing as absolute fairness.

Because sometimes, fairness by itself was unfair at times.

Of course, not everyone could be like Li Fuchen, having such achievements at the age of twenty.

“Su Muyu, I might only be ranked no.3 among the Mystic Martial Experts, but as long as your innate potential isn’t inferior, I am confident that your progress speed will not lose out to anyone. Perhaps, apart from that Li Fuchen.” The man with phoenix eyes spoke confidently.

His confidence came after understanding Su Muyu. This girl had a deep understanding of the martial arts and would be able to understand many things from single guidance.

“Many thanks, master. Muyu will work diligently.”

Su Muyu was very confident with her own perception. Her spirit will and cultivation might not be comparable to Chiyu Ye’s temporarily, but her martial arts perception was definitely not inferior to his.


To Li Fuchen, creating a sword move could be considered simple and also challenging.

It depended on what kind of sword move he wanted to create.

Was it a regular kill move or a horrific kill move.

It was obvious that if he created a regular kill move, it would be a dishonor to his master. Hence if Li Fuchen wanted to create a kill move, it had to be an absolutely terrifying kill move.

The kill move’s power had to minimally surpass Li Fuchen’s first kill move, ‘Sword Flow’.

In addition, for this new kill move, Li Fuchen didn’t plan to fuse two different sword intents.

A single sword intent was enough.

He chose the Starfire Sword intent.

The Starfire Sword intent was a sword intent that had ample burst strength. As long as Li Fuchen’s creative ability was sufficiently competent, he could create an extremely incredible kill move. A kill move that would surpass ‘Sword Flow’.


Wielding a withered tree branch, Li Fuchen thrust at a huge boulder.


Before the withered tree branch had thrust out completely, it burst apart in the air and disintegrated.

“This will not work. Are my qi manipulation and burst strength not flawless enough?” Li Fuchen shook his head.

He had manipulated his qi to the Qi Realm but was still unable to thrust with the withered tree branch.

A kill move’s power was very terrifying, hence the level of details had to be extremely high.

The preeminent man’s requirement was to use Origin Realm qi to execute a kill move with a dried up tree branch.

If Li Fuchen could successfully execute the kill move, then it would be considered successful, otherwise, it would be a flawed kill move.

Li Fuchen wasn’t even able to execute the kill move by using Qi Realm qi, let alone Origin Realm qi.

As for the reason, it was very simple.

If one’s qi wasn’t manipulated sufficiently, it would leak easily. And once it leaked, it would shatter the withered tree branch.

Other than that, his burst strength wasn’t sufficient as well.

When the preeminent man used the withered tree branch to execute his move, his strength had layers of burst and wasn’t just bursting without any plan.

The withered tree branch might have still shattered, but that was later on.

Time flew by quickly.

One week later…


Manipulating his qi at the Qi Realm, Li Fuchen wielded the withered tree branch and thrust quickly and violently at the huge boulder.


The huge boulder shattered, while the withered tree branch shattered slightly later.

“There is finally some progress.”

Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

In the first abode. The preeminent man let out a smile when he sensed it through space.

Li Fuchen’s perception was too strong. He was actually able to achieve this phase using a sword intent with such powerful burst strength.

There were millions of different kinds of sword intents and some of them were very hard to manipulate, like Li Fuchen’s Starburst Sword intent.

If it was a flexible sword intent or a yin type sword intent, it would be much easier to manipulate.

Another three days had passed.

Li Fuchen was already able to shatter the huge boulders without damaging the withered tree branches.

“Next, I can start using Origin Realm qi.”

Origin Realm qi was too dominant and when used with a kill move, the withered tree branch would immediately explode once he made a move.

But this wasn’t a problem for Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen wasn’t lacking in perception. The only thing he lacked was sword dao foundation and time.

With guidance from the preeminent man. Li Fuchen’s sword dao foundation was rapidly increasing.

Once his sword dao foundation increased, it was easier to perfect the kill move, as every day there would be a new change.

On this day…

Li Fuchen took a deep breath in.

The withered tree branch was ordinary looking in Li Fuchen’s hand, there wasn’t even a trace of qi leaking outwards.


As the withered tree branch thrust out, the air had flashes of a mirage, which gave off a feeling that had a shocking burst strength.


The huge boulder was shattered, even the surface of the ground was shattered, while the withered tree branch in Li Fuchen’s hand remained intact.

“The second kill move is finally complete.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes had this terrifying radiance.

After spending a month’s time, he finally created his second kill move.

This kill move was extremely swift, violent, and berserk, exhibiting the Starfire Sword intent’s characteristics to the extremity.

The crucial thing was that this kill move wasn’t a disorderly kind of berserk, but an orderly kind of berserk.

The power was even more reserved and even more condensed.

‘I shall name the second kill move, Sword Burst!’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

The first kill move was named Sword Flow, while Li Fuchen gave the second kill move the name of Sword Burst.

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