Arc 6 Chapter 81: Who’s your mummy?

“For some reason, I feel full of energy and ready to fight,” said Mileena as she walked back and forth near the extinguished fire.

“I feel like I just woke up from a good sleep,” said Varbu stretching his muscles.

“I always feel like that when I make a fire,” said Maya.

‘It’s all because of your skill,’ thought Akira.

“So is everyone ready and able to keep going?” asked Akira.

They all nodded their heads.

“Alright since we don’t know where or if there is even an enemy ahead of us we’ll need to be sharp. Maya, we’ll leave deactivating the traps to you. I will…”

“Wait! Why are you leading the group I’m the oldest!” said Maya.

“Stop interrupting Maya. Varbu is older than you and he has no problem with Akira leading,” said Mileena.

Maya looked at Varbu as if accusing him of being born before her just to thwart her plans.

“As I was saying I will be right behind you along with Mileena and Varbu will be the rear guard. This is needed since we don’t know if this place has any secret trap doors for monsters to pop out of or on the small chance the enemy outside find a way past the large stones. It’s better if we keep moving now that we are fully refreshed.” said Akira.

“Right let’s do it!” said Mileena getting herself pumped up.

They marched forward deeper into the large pyramid.

Maya showed off her skills by finding all the traps and disabling them before they were able to be triggered by Mileena.

As they reached a set of stairs that went down deep underground they were forced to stop several times and wait for Maya to clear all of the traps that had been set up to activate if any careless person passed by.

At the bottom of the stairs was another set of stairs this time going up.

“Who the crap designed this damn pyramid,” complained Maya after the 5th set of stairs.

She was getting annoyed at having to deactivate so many traps.

“Instead of feeling like a dungeon, this place makes me feel like we’re exercising at one of those hardcore martial arts training grounds back in Caidia. Up, down, up, down,” said Mileena.

When they reached the top of the sixth set of stairs leading back up to the normal ground level they entered a small room.

Akira looked around and saw no monsters, traps, or stairs. There was only a hole in the floor right in the middle of the room.

“Well at least it’s not stairs,” said Varbu holding the magical green fire lantern over the dark pit and looking down.

Picking up a loose stone from the ground Akira tossed it into the hole. He listened to it bounce around for well over a minute before the sound stopped.

“I’ll go first. But just in case something unexpected happens better do this…” said Akira.

A black light covered his body as he transformed into a werewolf.

He grew several inches taller, with his muscles exploding out, and thick black fur quickly covering his entire body along with a long fluffy tail sprouting from his rear. His teeth and fingernails became sharp deadly tools for ripping and tearing.

“OOOOO!” exclaimed the surprised Maya this was her first time seeing a werewolf transform.

Holding onto his shield Akira jumped into the hole feet first before Maya could say anything else.

Akira slammed into a slippery slope and lost his footing, falling onto his butt.

As he began wildly sliding down the slope faster and faster Akira placed his shield in front of him to protect himself from anything that might be ahead of him.

It was a good thing because several seconds later he felt several thumps against his shield as he sped down the slope even faster activating the traps that had been put in place to kill anyone that dared to step foot in the pyramid.

Bam! He slammed into a wall and came to an abrupt complete stop. His body was extremely sore but no bones seemed to have been broken.

“AHHHHHH!” came the shout of two people from behind him their voices echoing down the slippery slope.

Thump! The two screaming sisters who were holding each other slammed into the dazed Akira as he was trying to stand up. Akira groaned in pain as they all laid on the ground in a heap of limbs.


The sound of something large sliding down the slick slope could be heard and this time Akira was ready. He grabbed Mileena in one arm and Maya in the other and rolled to the side just in time.

“Hey what are you…”

Bam! Varbu slammed into the wall and let out a loud groan.

“Oooh… I hope this is the only one like that. My body can’t take more of this,” groaned Varbu.

“Seriously I’m going to kill whoever designed this place,” grumbled Maya.

“They’re probably already dead,” said Akira standing up and distancing himself from the two girls.

They all sat down to take a break in order to let their sore bodies regain some of their lost energy.


But their rest time was cut short with the appearance of a shuffling undead that was slowly making its way towards the group.

It was fully armored in ancient rusty armor. The armor looked extremely odd but still had a sense of strength to it even in its old and rusted condition. It must have been the best armor that money could buy several hundreds of years ago.

Akira inspected the undead to check its information [Tomb Guard lvl 32].

The sight of the undead [Tomb Guard] brought memories of his past where he had defended a fort against a wave of undead. It was a time when he was still blind to the atrocity’s, dangers, and pleasures of the world that he had experienced since he had started his journey.

“UUUUUHHHHHHH!” moaned the [Tomb Guard].

Since Akira didn’t speak undead he could not understand what it was saying. For all, he knew it could be complaining about a stubbed toe.

Waking up from his past thoughts Akira stepped forward with his shield held in front blocking the [Tomb Guard] from passing.

An arrow flew right past his ear and lodged itself in the [Tomb Guard’s] rotting head. The [Tomb Guard] ignored the attack and continued to walk forward.

When the [Tomb Guard] reached Akira it began to bang on Akira’s shield with its stiff arms that had surprising power behind them. It wanted to get past Akira and take a nice bite out of them and maybe have some tasty brains for dessert.

Mileena appeared at Akira’s side and stabbed the [Tomb Guard] in the heart her daggers piercing the old rusted armor.

She jumped back behind Akira before it could retaliate.

“Good attack but it’s an undead so attacking its heart is useless,” said Akira blocking the attacks that were meant for Mileena.

He pushed the arms away and used his skill [Shield Bash] to create some space between him and the [Tomb Guard] allowing Maya to send several more arrows into the undead’s head.

The memories of the past fight popped back into his head reminding him of the use of fire to defeat the undead.

“Varbu can you shoot a fireball at this thing?” asked Akira as he blocked another powerful attack from the [Tomb Guard’s] arms.

“Move to the side I can’t aim it that good!” Said Varbu.

Akira jumped to the side and hugged the wall with his shield out in front of him for protection.

FWOOSH! A fireball flew by and slammed into the [Tomb Guard] and it began to burn like 500-year-old dry wood.

The [Tomb Guard] continued to move forward still ready to fight but after three steps it fell to the ground and broke into large charred pieces.

“Wow that thing sure can catch on fire,” said Maya.

“Smells bad,” said Mileena.

“Varbu are you good?” asked Akira.

“I can still use the skill if needed,” said Varbu.

They continued walking down the passage taking out any [Tomb Guard] that appeared before them.

After another half hour of walking and fighting both walls of the passage curved out and widened enough for several people to stand in a line before the plain gold covered stone door that was the height of two adult men.

Akira looked to Maya is eyes asking her to check it for any traps.

“I can’t see anything. So it should be safe to open,” said Maya as she stepped away from the door allowing Akira to walk forward.

Akira summoned Nox just in case they needed help with the coming fight.

Upon seeing Nox jump out of Akira’s shadow Maya Let out a Gasp.

“So cute!” said Maya.

Nox’s face turned into a frown and he growled at this new person who had hurt his pride.

‘I am not cute!,’ said Nox grumpily.

“He doesn’t like being called cute,” said Akira.

“Oh you can talk to him?” asked Maya.

“Yep,” said Akira turning back to the stone door in front of him.

Using all his strength Akira pushed the door opened to reveal a medium sized domed room.

Everyone was ready for an enemy attack but surprisingly the room was empty except for a large sarcophagus in the middle of the room and a few trinkets and pots scattered at the bottom of the walls.

They cautiously walked into the room looking around for anything suspicious.

BAM! A large flat stone slammed down behind them blocking the exit.

BAM! BOOM! The sarcophagus lid was blown off and slammed into the wall on the left.

“Get behind me,” shouted Akira expecting an attack.

Nothing happened. They waited for over a minute staring at the sarcophagus.

A bony hand appeared and grasped onto part of the sarcophagus pulling its body up into a sitting position.

[King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th lvl 35]

The mummified king’s head slowly turned to look at the intruders that had come to play with him.

“UUUUUUU!” said [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th] greeting the unexpected guest as he stood up. He was no barbarian and would at least greet the intruders before exterminating them.

He stretched his arms out and pointed them at Akira, who was the closest.

Swoosh! Two fabric projectiles still attached to the mummy’s hand shot out and slammed into Akira.

Akira was only able to block one of the projectiles with his shield as the other bent in mid-air and stabbed at Akira’s shoulder piercing his armor.

The attack was blunted by his thick fur that was even tougher than his armor causing only a minor scrape.

The mummy wraps quickly retracted back towards the mummy’s hands in less than two seconds.

“Don’t get careless,” shouted Akira.

When the next attack came Nox tried to bite the fabric in order to rip it but missed as it avoided his teeth and stabbed Nox in the rear end and the side causing major damage.

“Yipe,” shouted Nox in pain as he unceremoniously ran to Akira and jumped back into his shadow to recuperate.

Before Akira could do anything other than ready his shield [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th] began hammering him with multiple barrages of the mummy wraps trying to get past Akira’s trusty shield.

Twang! Several arrows started to fly over Akira’s head aimed at [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th]’s head.

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The mummy wraps stopped their attack on Akira and knocked the arrows out of the sky.

The lull in the attacks allowed Akira to send a [Sword slash] forward aimed at the mummy kings body but it was intercepted again by the wraps but this time they were cut in half.

“Step to the side!” warned Varbu.

A fireball flew past Akira a little to close for comfort heading towards [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th].

But was again the attack was blocked by the mummy warps. They started to burn fiercely but the part that caught on fire was discarded by the mummy.

While the mummy was busy trying not to become barbecue Akira bent his legs and used the native werewolf skill [Pounce] to close the distance.

He landed right next to the mummy and grabbed onto its head twisting it with his full strength tearing it off before jumping back away from the mummy’s hands.

While in the middle of his jump multiple fabric projectiles flew out of the mummy’s headless body and wrapped around Akira.

The wraps slammed him into the ground and began constricting him trying to suffocate him and break him in half.

Akira’s muscles bulged as he grit his teeth while he struggled to break free of the tightening fabric.

Fwoosh! Another fireball flew past Akira and slammed into the main body of [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th].

Luckily the fireball was able to land due to the mummy being preoccupied with Akira.

The mummy ignored the fire as it started to spread all over its body and even spread to the wraps covering Akira.

With a great as snarl Akira was able to tear through the now weakened burning wraps and roll away trying to put out the fire from the remaining wraps still clinging to him.

[King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th] stepped out of his sarcophagus and ran forward its burning hands stretched out as it ran towards Mileena and Maya.

Akira was able to stand up and used [Shadow-Chains] stopping its charge for a second allowing Varbu to step forward and swing his Quarterstaff at the burning mummy sending it flying back into a wall.

Even with all the damage [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th] had received, and even though he now looked like a human torch he still stood up and charged forward again trying to attack them.

Akira used the skill [Cross attack] and sent a large blue X towards the charging mummy who ignored it and kept charging forward.

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Flop. The burning [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th]’s body was cut into four pieces and fell to the floor where it continued to flail around as it burned.

Varbu sent another fireball into the dissected mummy to help it burn faster.

More than five minutes past before all that remained of [King Mumahoptoetanaha the 69th] was ashes.

Akira walked over to the pile of ashes and pick up multiple magic stones that had been used as decorations on the king’s jewelry.


Level up!
Level up!

Lvl is now 33

New title received!

One who hates his Mummy: 
It looks like you have some mummy issues.

+5 fame

+4 to Toughness

Akira sat down and let out a sigh as he read the messages that popped up.

After finishing reading he opened his stat window and put the bonus points into the regular stats.

- my thoughts:
"Mummy, he is being mean to me," last words of a mummy to his mummy.
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