Chapter 737 – If You Can Act, Then There’s No Need For B*******

“What are you glaring for? You dare to glare at me? Merely a wild girl from the countryside…”

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Huan Qing Yan smiled, “Yes, I am a wild countryside lass and is not as graceful as noble ladies who likes to brag that they are from the Eight Great Clans. A young lady’s first word is a curse, what a wonderful education! In addition, I am the first to discover the Honey Fruit here, if someone must leave then it should be all of you, I shall not see you out.”

At that moment, Mu Rong Xin Nuo finally caught up to the group.

“Lady Huan, our deepest apologies. Xiang’er, you are still young and do not know much; Lady Huan is a daughter of a good family, you cannot insult her again. If you do, I will not be in contact with you again from now on.”

As she spoke, she even stood beside Huan Qing Yan, but Huan Qing Yan emotionlessly moved away.

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Against this Lady Cousin, she did not have the ability to trifle with her so it would be better to just stay away.

Tuoba Xiang’er did not relent, her sister Tuoba Yu’er stopped her and spoke instead, “Xin Nuo don’t be angry, Lady Huan my apologies, you are indeed the first to arrive here. However, in front of natural treasures like these, there has never been the rule of first come first serve. Anyone who encountered it has the right to it, don’t everyone agree?”

Tuoba Xiang’er was the first to nod, Shang Qiu Yan also nodded…

Currently, there were a total of five people including Huan Qing Yan. Four of them were a group while Huan Qing Yan was alone, with such numbers, even the wrong could be said as right.

Huan Qing Yan was so angry she wanted to laugh, what a wonderful logic.

On the other side, Mu Rong Xin Nuo continued her peacemaker attitude, “Lady Huan, my apologies, everyone was here to seek for opportunities. Why not we all harvest the Honey Fruits together, if you do not get much, I can share some of mine with you later.”

Her words were nice, even saying that she would share if Huan Qing Yan did not manage to pick a lot… But what she actually meant was that she agreed with the rest, that one have the right just for encountering the opportunity.

Huan Qing Yan silently assessed the overall combat capabilities of these women.

One was a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master, two were Early-Stage True Spirit Masters, one Nine-Star Spirit Master.

She has dual spirit treasures; One can be used to handle the Mid-Stage True Spirit Master while the other could be used to handle the two Early-Stage Spirit Masters. As for the Nine-Star Spirit Master, she can ignore by simply using her master’s Ice Shatter Beads to freeze her for a few hours…

In other words, she can handle all these women without much problems. Should she just give them a beating?

If you can act, then there’s no need for b*******. This phrase could be used in all situations.

After she considered all the possibilities, a surprised voice suddenly came.

“Eh? Honey Fruit?”

This time, the person who arrived was a child that was around seven years old. The boy’s cultivation was not weak as well, a Late-Stage True Spirit Master.

Huan Qing Yan was wondering who he was when Tuoba Xiang’er excitedly called out, “Lil’ Uncle Yan. Come and harvest the Honey Fruit; we have discovered it, yet this woman came to snatch from us. Help us beat her away…”

Damn! Huan Qing Yan knew it, how could someone so young reach the level of Late-Stage Spirit Master. So, he was a senior, his condition might be due to some secret technique that he learnt.

That Lil’ Uncle Yan stuck out his tongue at Tuoba Xiang’er childishly.

Even angrily said, “Who is your lil’ uncle, I am only seven years old. If you call me that again and I will not play with you from now on…”

Huan Qing Yan was amazed, it seemed like another weirdo has appeared.

Tuoba Xiang’er immediately admitted her mistake, “Yes, yes. Lil’ Brother Yan, can you have help us shoo this woman away, she wants to steal our Honey Fruits.”

“Humph, you do not like her, but I like her. This elder sister, let us collect these Honey Fruits together.” The Lil’ Shota blinked his big eyes cutely at her~~

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