Chapter 3 – Master Recognition Contract

When the Apocalypse ended, Earth’s population would be reduced by thirty percent while the remaining seventy percent would face the invasion of otherworlds. Within the first three days of the invasion, the world population would experience another sharp decrease, only fifty percent of the population would remain.




Yang Tian was already prepared for the arrival of the Apocalypse.

“Rumble rumble”

The entire manor experienced an earthquake; However, Yang Tian was not flustered. He adjusted his body and quickly ran to the pen holding the chickens and ducks.

The bodies of the domesticated fowls were constantly expanding and have already reached a height of half a meter. The domesticated pigs were even more exaggerating, just their height alone had reached two-meters, while fangs grew out from the sides of their snouts.

Fortunately, the wound that Yang Tian created on their necks was not yet healed. Even with their increase in size, they still lack the stamina to attack Yang Tian.

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They have completed their mutation however the earthquake was still ongoing. The pigs laid on the ground due to the loss of blood. While the gazes of the chicken and ducks landed on Yang Tian.

As expected, they were targeting him first.

The attacking power of the chicken and ducks laid solely on their beaks, as long as Yang Tian can defend against their beaks, he would be able to kill them all.


The ducks called out before they moved and surrounded Yang Tian. After mutating, not only did their bodies experienced a change, their intelligence had also increased. 

The duck facing Yang Tian was the first to attack, Yang Tian raised the shield to his chest to block the sharpened beak of the duck. Rising the Tang Saber on his right hand, he brought it down and cleanly chopped off the neck of the duck, decapitating it.


The other ducks all started to attack Yang Tian. Having a rich combat experience from his days during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Yang Tian did not counterattack immediately. Instead, he focused on blocking the first wave of attacks.

However, the attack rhythm was too quick. It caused Yang Tian’s hand that was holding the shield to start trembling from the effort of maintaining his stance.


The chickens also joined the battle, causing the difficulty to increase even more.

“I overestimated this body”

However, this did not mean that Yang Tian was out of methods. He temporarily let go of the Tang Saber and used both hands to hold the shield, at the same time, he positioned himself whenever the opportunity arises and started moving towards the house.

In front of the house, Yang Tian had placed ten Scimitars.

“Finally here.”

Whenever his defense was stable, Yang Tian took up one of the Scimitars, took aimed and threw it at one of the ducks. The power of the throw was strong enough to occasionally kill more than one duck.

Due to their large numbers and tightly grouped positions, each time Yang Tian threw a Scimitar, more than one fowl would fall.

By the time Yang Tian threw all ten Scimitars, there were only more than a dozen mutated fowls left. Yang Tian returned to his original spot and picked up his Tang Saber, he plans to use the saber to deal with the remaining mutated fowls.

“Pu pu”

One strike one animal, within a few minutes, Yang Tian wiped out all the remaining mutated fowls. However, Yang Tian was also laying down on the ground, he has expended too much stamina during the fight.

“No. I must kill those mutated pigs.”

Yang Tian looked at the pigsty, after the mutation, the pigs would also develop powerful recovery abilities. If Yang Tian did not kill them early, they would quickly heal and recover from their conditions.

Their wounds should be slowly healing now, Yang Tian picked up the Tang Saber with great effort and walked to the pigs. The pigs seemed to know what was about to happen and started to release low growls, attempting to scare Yang Tian into a retreat.


Yang Tian smirked in disdain, their lives were already in his hands, yet they still tried to scare him.

Yang Tian slashed down on a pig’s neck but was unable to kill it with that attack. It was saved by the thick flesh on its neck.

Mutated pigs possessed a relatively powerful endurance, only after multiple slashes did Yang Tian finally killed one.

Seven more to go. When the remaining seven saw Yang Tian killing their companion, they released low growls of unwillingness. However, this could not stop Yang Tian’s intention of killing all of them.

It took Yang Tian three minutes to kill one mutated pig. Killing all eight pigs would require Yang Tian to hack for an entire twenty-four minutes.

Yang Tian’s body was already on the brink of collapse. However, the willpower he developed during the Post-Apocalyptic Era had allowed Yang Tian to not only last twenty-four minutes but even two hundred and forty minutes if the situation calls for it.

“Last one.”

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The last mutated pig no longer growled at Yang Tian, instead, it looked at Yang Tian with pleading eyes.

However, this is the Post-Apocalyptic Era where it is either your death or mine, Yang Tian would not hesitate.

Seeing Yang Tian’s cold gaze, the pig knew that its pleading was not accepted.


The mutated pig uttered a sound and a glowing piece of paper flew out of its forehead.

A Master Recognition Contract?

Yang Tian did not expect a mutated pig to know how to create a Master Recognition Contract. As a Legendary Beast Tamer in his previous life, Yang Tian was very familiar with this contract.

Master Recognition Contract, it will allow the contractee to enslave the contractor. If the contractor did not follow the orders of the contractee, the punishment for them will be death. In addition, if the contractee loses their lives, the contractor will also die as well.

This was an extremely unfair contract, but for the sake of its survival, the pig had no choice but to take out the contract.

Yang Tian received the Master Recognition Contract, the Contractor section held the Soul Imprint of the pig. All he needs to do was to put his Soul Imprint on the Contractee section and the pig would become his slave.

This was also a Rank 1 Contract that only works on Rank 1 creatures, the mutated pig was Rank 1 as well and fulfills the conditions. However, this did not mean that the contract would become ineffective when the pig reaches Rank 2. Once the contract was signed, it would be in effect permanently regardless of how high its rank would become in the future.

Humans during the early period of the era might not know how to create a Soul Imprint, but that did not apply to Yang Tian.

He just needs to extract a speckle of his soul, placed it on the contract and the contract would be established. Compared to owning a Rank 1 mutated beast, this bit of soul was nothing much.

Having a mutated beast during the early days of the Post-Apocalyptic Era would help him reduce many troubles.


Contract formed.

The Master Recognition Contract disappeared, at the same time, a connection was established between Yang Tian and the mutated pig.

The mutated pig softly grunted, as its owner, Yang Tian immediately understood what it was trying to say.

The mutated pig was hungry. This gave Yang Tian a bit of a headache, looking at the size of the mutated pig, its food capacity would certainly not be small.

However, to allow the mutated pig to quickly recover, Yang Tian was willing to pay the price. With a Rank 1 mutated beast with him, he would be able to collect more resources during the early period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Yang Tian went to the warehouse and brought out a large bag of rice, it should be barely enough to keep the mutated pig half full.

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