Chapter 2 – Begins

The gasping Yang Tian laid down exhausted inside the warehouse, panting heavily. After some time, Yang Tian finally recovered some strength and went into the house to rest.

A bed and some simple furniture, that was everything inside the house.

Yang Tian did not shower and went to sleep immediately. That night was also the soundest sleep that Yang Tian had, he had been in constant alert during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, preparing for any unexpected dangers that might appear.

Of his twenty years of living in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Yang Tian spent it all on running for his life and had never stopped to rest. Either due to the dangers coming from the otherworlds or from being pursued by other human forces, all of them had caused Yang Tian to become exhausted.

However, Yang Tian had never once thought of giving up, his hate-filled heart had sometimes caused him to even forget who he was. Sometimes he did not even know whether his actions were right or wrong.

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Yang Tian in the Post-Apocalyptic Era seemed to give the impression that he was always visible and out in the open, but in fact, he was a venomous snake that hid within the darkness and would deal a lethal blow to his enemies at any time.

This was why Yang Tian was unable to obtain the protection of other human forces, and one of the reasons why otherworld lifeforms were hostile towards him as well.

“Origin Crystal… Origin…”

The sleeping Yang Tian seems to be enjoying a pleasant dream as a bright smile appeared on his face.

When Yang Tian woke up the next day, he returned to his cold demeanor.

“The plants must be cleared by today.”

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Yang Tian picked up the hoe and continued where he left off yesterday. At noon, Yang Tian ate some compressed food and rested for a while before he continued working. Fortunately, there were not many wild plants, Yang Tian finally managed to clear everything after spending the entire day.

6600 square meters of land has been completely removed of all wild plants. As for the domestic animals reared at the remaining ten percent of the area, Yang Tian was somewhat hesitant.

The instant Apocalypse begins, all the animals around the world would start mutating. Even cockroaches would turn into creatures with offensive capabilities, let alone the domestic animals.

In his previous life, Yang Tian was a Beast Tamer. However, he was not the first batch of humans who awaken their abilities. It was only until much later, after he obtained the inheritance of a Rank 3 Beast Tamer, did he become a Beast Tamer.

During his early days, Yang Tian was just another ordinary human who was suffering in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. During that time, he could not protect himself, let alone fight the mutated animals on Earth.

Currently, there was a combined total of thirty chickens and ducks, and ten pigs being reared in the Manor. When Apocalypse begins, they would all go through a mutation. However, that was not an absolutely bad thing. In his previous life, a police retiree had a police dog that mutated, but the mutated police dog did not attack the retiree. Instead, it continued to treat the retiree as its master.

Thanks to that, the retiree relied on his mutated dog’s abilities and managed to protect the people around him.

However, such situations were rare and few, most of the animals would attack and devour their previous masters.

Anyway, Yang Tian was not thinking about having them acknowledge him as their master. Instead, he was thinking about the power that they would condense after the mutation. Animals that were in their initial phase of mutation would rarely produce any Energy Crystals within their bodies. However, it was not entirely impossible as well. From Yang Tian’s perspective, this might be an opportunity for him, as domesticated animals that were in their initial phase of mutation was something he could still manage. Therefore, Yang Tian would like to test his luck. Of course, if the animals were willing to recognize him as their master, Yang Tian would also gladly welcome and accept it.

“Everything will begin early morning the day after tomorrow.”

The Apocalypse will descend very early in the morning and begins with the appearance of a small wormhole in Earth’s atmosphere, the first batch of otherworld invaders would arrive on Earth through it. However, the wormhole was only powerful enough to bring in Rank 1 invaders. From Yang Tian’s memories, the first batch of invaders came from the Insect World, all sorts of insects will wantonly invade Earth.

With the strengthening and size increase of the wormhole, other invaders would also start coming into Earth, invaders from otherworlds such as the Monster World, Abyss World, Dark World……

If one were able to endure the first wave of invaders, a Blood Rain would fall on the third day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era in the early morning. After being doused in the Blood Rain, humans would obtain the ability to resist the otherworld invasion.

“I wonder if I can get the ability I want.”

In his previous life, Yang Tian obtained his Beast Tamer ability through another method. When Apocalypse began, Yang Tian did not awaken any abilities, neither did he experience the dousing of Blood Rain on the third day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era. During his early days, he was only an ordinary human that traveled everywhere with various refugee groups.

However, the current Yang Tian was very different from before, he would grab hold of every opportunity presented to him. In his previous life, he was able to use the inheritance of an ordinary Beast Tamer and raise it up to a level where great leaders of otherworlds would become terror-stricken when they heard news about him, becoming the Number One Beast Tamer of the Celestial Empire.

Looking at the starry sky, Yang Tian waited for the descend of Apocalypse. This time, he would not allow any opportunities to escape.

During the third day, Yang Tian rested the entire day, waiting for tonight.

The domestic animals within the Manor were Yang Tian’s first step of becoming powerful. The moment Apocalypse descends, the domestic animals would start mutating, Yang Tian had prepared for that already.

With a Tang Saber and shield prepared, Yang Tian was currently considering if he should kill the pigs first. Even after the chickens and ducks mutate, they would not have a sharp increase in attack power. However, the body of domestic pigs would expand and become larger, ten of these creatures would be too much for Yang Tian to handle.

“Oink Oink”

When Yang Tian approached the pigsty, the pigs started grunting from unease. There were even two pigs who charged at Yang Tian.

“These two must be killed.”

Before the descend of Apocalypse, many animals would start to behave violently, and the first target of their violence would often be humans. Since Yang Tian had noticed it early, he would not allow them to remain alive.


With the drop of his saber, the two aggressive pigs died under Yang Tian’s blade. This also served as a warning to the remaining eight pigs. These pigs all retreated and looked at Yang Tian in fear.


Yang Tian was able to sense the emotions that the pigs were emitting since they have developed fear towards him, then it would be impossible for them to recognize him as their master.

Yang Tian created a small slit on their necks, causing them to bleed. By early morning, they would become weak from the loss of blood.

At that time, even if they mutate, their attack power would not be too strong. The only drawback was that the odds of Energy Crystals being produced inside them would also decrease.

As for the chickens and ducks, there was no need for him to do the same. If they recognized Yang Tian as their master, he would gladly accept them. If not, he would not hold back and just wipe them out.

Time went by slowly, very soon it was midnight. The instant Apocalypse descends, Earth’s magnetic field would experience an alteration that would cause most electronics to be destroyed. At the same time, various calamities such as volcano eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, etc. would also appear throughout the entire world…

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