Chapter 584: Seeking revenge for the smallest grievance

(Part 1)

When Niur heard that heartbreaking call and saw that she couldn’t completely wipe the tears on this huge dragon’s face, she found it all very difficult to bear in her heart and cried. Even she herself didn’t know why she was crying. She cried simply because she wanted to cry. She cried because of the blood connection with her mother deep within her bones. She cried for what could have been.

“Young Master…” Liuli pulled Long Yi’s sleeve. Her eyes were also filled with tears. She knew the pain felt from separating with one’s kin because she herself had never seen her mother even in her farthest memories. At this moment, her heart ached even more.

Long Yi patted Liuli’s shoulder and walked in front of the black dragon Fandi. Compared to the golden dragon Sa Lianya, Fandi was weaker. Just a moment ago upon sensing Niur’s aura, he had struggled. Now, he was still, and his eyes were closed. The black scales all over his body had turned dim and lusterless long ago. If it weren’t for the weak aura he emitted, everyone would have thought that he had already died long ago.

Long Yi pointed at Fandi’s glabella and injected his strong internal force and spirit power into the black dragon’s body, nourishing his withered internal organs and heart veins. At this moment, his only thought was to cure these two before anything else. He absolutely couldn’t let Liuxu see them in this kind of state; she would be very broken-hearted and most likely consumed with hatred. Although she had been quietly cultivating the past few years and her temperament seemed calm and indifferent, Long Yi knew that once she erupted, she would be so unyielding that even he wasn’t sure that he would be able to persuade her.

As matters stood, who could be held responsible for the suffering Fandi and Sa Lianya had endured? The previous Divine Dragon King who had issued the orders had already become part of the guardian Dragon God’s energy. His remnant energy used to guard the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan. Another thing that could be held responsible was the clan rule of the Dragon Clan, but denying that clan rule would be equivalent to denying the members of the Divine Dragon Clan who complied with this one rule. Could it be that both the Divine Dragon and the Demonic Dragon Clan should be completely wiped out?

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After a long time, Fandi opened his eyes, but Long Yi was shocked to find that both his eyes were completely white. There were no signs of his eyeballs.

“Uncle, what happened to your eyes?” Long Yi asked in surprise. Just from this matter of Fandi being blind, he could anticipate that Liuxu would never let this matter drop.

“Uncle? Thank you for bringing my daughter. But, I want to ask your identity first. I apologize for being rude.” Although the voice of Fandi didn’t have strength, there was a hint of toughness and prestige.

“Actually, I am… a good friend of your oldest daughter, Liuxu, and Niur, your younger daughter, is my goddaughter. As for my specific identity, I am the Prince of an empire on Blue Waves Continent’s,” Long Yi explained.

“Your identity shouldn’t be so simple. Just based on that strange energy you injected into my body, I can feel that your strength already outclasses mine,” Fandi said.

“Eh… in fact, I have other identities as well, I am also Lightning God’s inheritor,” Long Yi thought for a bit and said, purely for the sake of making Fandi feel at ease.

“No wonder! Thank you for taking care of my two daughters. As for my eyes, when I was first imprisoned here, they were burned by hellfire.” Fandi helplessly sighed.

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Long Yi frowned. First, not to mention Fandi’s eyes, just those ten black iron chains embedded into his spinal column were very thorny to deal with.

 Long Yi muttered to himself while thinking about how to break off those black iron chains without damaging the spinal column nerves. But, Niur’s wail from the other side made him unable to concentrate; therefore, he walked over and picked up Niur, saying, “Niur, be obedient. Don’t cry. Your mother will be even sadder if you cry.”

Hearing Long Yi, Niur stopped crying, but she still choked with sobs. And when Long Yi used his warm big hand to wipe her tears, she hugged Long Yi’s neck with her little hands and didn’t let go.

“Niur is truly obedient. Quickly call your mother,” Long Yi caressed Niur’s hair and gently said.

Niur looked at Sa Lianya. At this time, Sa Lianya heard Long Yi, and her eyes suddenly shone.

“Mo-mother,” Niur softly called out. She was still unaccustomed to saying this. She was very accustomed to shouting “Father” while snuggling in the Long Yi’s bosom.

“Good, good! My… my child…” Sa Lianya was somewhat excited and happily spoke these few words before losing consciousness. She was truly unable to endure any longer.

At this moment, Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, Midi’er and Leguxiya who had gone the two other directions arrived here by following the marks Long Yi had left after finding nothing on their sides. When they saw the tragic appearance of these two dragons, anger involuntarily welled up in their hearts.

 “Aunt Salianya!” The Midi’er siblings sadly called out, but their aunt had already fallen unconsciousness. How could she hear their call? If she were awake, she might have been happy to see her nephew and niece. After all, when all was said and done, she had used to dote on them.

Long Yi handed Niur to Liuli and discussed with Li Qing and Barbarian Bull at one side about how to extract those black iron chains from their bodies.

“If the other end of these black iron chains is completely hooked to the spinal column, then we first need to exert powerful energy to protect their spinal columns, then use external force to break these chains. Merely, the spinal column is too fragile. Even a little injury might lead to great consequences,” Long Yi said.

“Young Master, as I see it, only you could completely protect their spinal column and assure that no injuries occurred by accident. It is impossible for any of the rest of us,” Li Qing said.

“I also understand this. Merely, I am also not one hundred percent confident in my ability to do this. Moreover, the ends of these black iron chains have already become one with their flesh and skin after being embedded in their body for such a long period of time. Perhaps, those iron hooks that were hooked into their spinal column are also like that. It might be impossible to break them off from outside. Only by cutting the bodies open and separating the two directly is viable. For that, the most important thing is that the body must have enough vitality. In addition, we cannot let patients fall asleep. I reckon that kind of pain could exceed the cruel torture they experienced on Ninth Floor Hell. If by any chance, one of them lost consciousness along the way, then that would be truly troublesome,” Long Yi shook his head and said while frowning. This task not only needed them to be sufficiently careful; it also needed Fandi and Salianya to have sufficiently tough nerves. Naturally, living until now had already proven their toughness, but their constitution was already exhausted and their vitality was weak. This operation would be quite difficult. In addition, this kind of pain would have to be repeated ten times because they both had ten black iron chains. It was very likely that they would not be able to endure this and die.

While discussing, they thought of more ways, but all of them were very risky.

At that time, suddenly dragon roars came from far away. Without a doubt, the seven elders of the Dragon Clan were coming.

Sure enough, several golden lights flashed, and the seven great elders of Dragon Clan landed in this valley in their humanoid forms.

Looking at Long Yi and his group, these seven great elders didn’t speak. They had never thought that these people would actually thoroughly destroy the forbidden land of the Dragon Clan. Even the guardian Dragon God of the forbidden area had completely vanished.

“Princess Midi’er, Prince Leguxiya, you two have brought outsiders and trespassed in the forbidden area. This is a capital crime. Are you still not coming over to admit your crimes!” One of the sinister-looking elders, Elder Aluosi, shouted angrily, breaking the silence.

Long Yi looked at him with his sharp eyes and sneered. He naturally recognized this elder of Dragon Clan. This elder was none other than that Dragon Clan Elder who had made him vomit blood in Illusory Forest in the past. Since Long Yi had met him again, it would be impolite to not repay him for his previous gift.

Long Yi walked forward and stopped the Midi’er siblings who were somewhat frightened. He calmly said, “Who do you think you are? You dare to raise a howl and cry in front of me?”

Aluosi was so angry that his beard trembled. Watching Long Yi, his gaze became all the more sinister and ruthless. Then, he angrily said, “In my Dragon Clan’s forbidden land, when was it your turn to be so unbridled? At that time, if I hadn’t let you go out of kindness, would you have gotten a chance to stand here and talk in front of me?”

“Elder has a good memory. I, Long Yi have always remembered your mercy. At that time when you made me vomit blood, I vowed to pay you back thousand-fold, no, ten thousand-fold. Granted that one thousand-fold is good, two thousand mouthfuls of blood is even better. Tsk tsk, I wonder how much blood your old bones can vomit,” Long Yi said with a very bright smile. His pupils however were dangerously narrowed. emitting an ice-cold baleful aura.

“Presumptuous!” The complexion of Aluosi became green then white. He was unable to endure anymore. Rushing over, he raised his hand and an illusory dragon claw shot towards Long Yi’s neck at a lightning speed.

Long Yi just sneered and stayed still without dodging. He punched out at the last moment using the internal force of his AoTainJue.

Boom! With these two people as the center, the ground caved in. Then, Long Yi took two steps back, and his fist felt somewhat numb. As for Elder Aluosi, he was sent flying. Even after landing, he was forced to take eight steps back before he could stabilize himself. His right claw was convulsing, his lunula was torn and bleeding.

“What? Did you think you could do whatever you wanted like in the past?” Long Yi swung his hand and sneered after jumping out of the crater.

“Impossible… impossible! In such a short few years, how can you achieve such strength?” Elder Aluosi shook his head in disbelief. A human being normally couldn’t defeat him even if he or she had reached the Sword God realm. In the past, so-called Dragon Slayers could kill dragons with low cultivation realms, but even they were doomed upon encountering an elder-level dragon.

“Now, aren’t you greatly regretting not killing me at that time? You ought to regret it. I have the principle of returning that which I have received a hundred-fold. If people respect me one inch, then I will respect them one yard. If someone made me vomit a mouthful of blood, then I will make him vomit one thousand mouthfuls of blood as repayment,” Long Yi said with a smile.

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