Chapter 753 – Thank You Saintess…

The sea centipedes possessed some intelligence; they would only attack the person who opens the oysters and would not attack others.

Huan Qing Yan observed for a while and discovered that the odds of finding a pearl was roughly 1%.

While the probability of sea centipedes appearing was nearly 80%!

The remaining were empty oysters.


While Huan Qing Yan was observing, Dorna beside her had already started taking action. He opened three, one was empty while the other two held sea centipedes. He was currently fighting the sea centipede.

The sea centipede is long, about the size of an adult person’s arm. To Dorna, it was nearly as tall as he was.

Fortunately, Dorna was agile and vicious with his attacks.

Handling one sea centipede did not pose a problem for him.

She was not in a hurry to open oysters and simply checked her surroundings while strolling like it was her back garden. The closer she approaches the center of the region, the larger the oysters became. Of course, the sea centipedes that came out of these oysters were also larger and more dangerous as well.

“Foolish Girl, why aren’t you hurrying up to open oysters?” Dorna did not understand Huan Qing Yan’s behavior of looking about.

It was not easy for them to enter the oyster region, now that they have Water Repelling Talisman, they should use the opportunity to quickly harvest as many pearls as possible!

Huan Qing Yan shook her head, “I am not opening them first, I am scared of centipedes.”

Dorna was defeated by this reason, this lass is too willful. Fine, so be it if she did not want to open any, he would just open more and give pearls if he found any.

Just as the two of them conversed, surprised voices suddenly came from a group of people close by a large coral reef behind them.

“Woah. As expected of the Saintess, to manage to open and obtain such a huge pearl!”

“Indeed. It is the size of a baby’s fist, what’s more, it is pink. That is a Beauty Pearl!”

“This Beauty Pearl is likely to worth a king’s ransom. Any woman will possess the heart of wanting to be beautiful, if the Beauty Pearl Powder is eaten, ugly girls will become beauties while beauties will become celestial fairies…”


Huan Qing Yan pouted her lips, what wrong road did she take to always encounter the Saintess!

Truly the saying, enemies will run into each other frequently.

Under the admiring voices of everyone, a group of people walked out from the side of the coral reef. In the very center of the group, it was none other than Bai Li Zi Xi.

Beside her were a group of respectful youths giving all sorts of praises and could not wait to praise her till flowers bloom on her.

Bai Li Zi Xi only mildly smiled and courteously gave some short replies.

When she saw Huan Qing Yan, her smile turned even more radiant. She walked to the back of the group and stood in front of a lady whole seemed slightly plump and was covered in black, including her face.

“Yu’er, you have been disfigured by the Honey Fruit Bees and was also blinded in one eye. A girl’s looks are of utmost importance, this Beauty Pearl is my gift to you.”

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With a black cloth covering her face, Tuoba Yu’er replied with tears and gratitude, “Thank you Saintess…”

The honey harvested was limited, after her Uncle Yan applied what he has on her, she managed to survive. However, Shang Qiu Yan has died from the bee stings.

“No need to be so polite. It is only right to help a friend in need.”

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The handsome youths nearby all started to sing praises at her instantly.

“The Saintess truly has a magnanimous heart, a huge Beauty Pearl like this is worth millions.”

“You fellas have spoken wrongly, our Saintess is not only beautiful, but her heart is also as beautiful. She is already as beautiful as a celestial fairy, there is no need for her to use the Beauty Pearl…”

Huan Qing Yan smirked, it looked like Bai Li Zi Xi was planning to put up another show anew.

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