Chapter 752 –Oyster Region

Along with the expansion of the bubble, a layer was created between Dorna and the water!

“Eh, it is useful!”

Dorna also felt surprised, there was a layer of air in his surroundings. He attached the expanded swim bladder to his waist and wherever he went the water would be parted. He was able to breathe freely without any pressure.

“This air bubble will likely last for about an hour. Foolish Girl, not bad, this thing is very good.”

Huan Qing Yan took out another ten swim bladders and gave it to Dorna, “Here, inform me once you finished using these.”

The amount of Waterdrop Fishes within her dimension was closed to a calamity.

It has too many Waterdrop Fishes!

Dorna accepted them without being modest, he already owned Foolish Girl many things already, he will find a chance to repay her once he gets stronger in the future.

The exchange between the two was also noticed by sharp-eyed individuals.

Several people who were too poor to purchase Water Repelling Talismans approached, “Young Lady, can you sell us these mysterious swim bladders cheap?”

Huan Qing Yan casually replied, “Twenty thousand spirit stones for one!”

The seniors over there sold a Water Repelling Talisman that could last two hours for one hundred thousand spirit stones and Bally mentioned that the swim bladder could last about one hour. After some calculation, she casually gave the price tag of twenty thousand.

Who knew that person immediately gave Huan Qing Yan a Spirit Stone Card that was worth one hundred thousand spirit stones, “I want five!”

The other side was selling a hundred thousand for two hours while he could get five hours, this simple calculation made it very easy to decide.

With a start, the others also started to surround her.

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Five, two, three… through the selling of the Waterdrop Fish’s Swim Bladders, Huan Qing Yan managed to earn several million spirit stones within several minutes.

Spirit Stones are the currency on Spirit Treasure Continent, as bringing along normally was not convenient, a Spirit Stone Card with indicated values was used to make it easier.

Flowers were blooming in Huan Qing Yan’s heart. The seniors nearby all viciously glared at Huan Qing Yan as they watch her enter the Oyster Region with everyone.

Everyone bought Water Repelling Talismans so that they could enter the Oyster Region to harvest oysters.

Upon entering the outer region of the place, Huan Qing Yan saw someone holding a white pearl the size of a fingernail while laughing crazily with hands on his hips.

“Wahahaha. Heavens would not disappoint those who gave effort, this daddy has finally obtained a pearl.”

“What pearl is that?” someone asked with envious and jealous eyes nearby.

“Unfortunately, not a Beauty Pearl but a Stamina Pearl. However, this daddy is also satisfied.”

As he spoke, he sat in lotus position on the spot and started to absorb the essence of the pearl…

A bundle of grey spirit energy slowly emitted above the person’s head, the surrounding people all looked at it with enviously.

Despite being envious, they did not stop their movements.

They continue to search for oysters and dig for their pearls, unfortunately, not all oysters possessed pearls. Those containing pearls were extremely rare and few, most of the oysters would not have them. Having no pearls aside, sometimes a sea centipede would suddenly jump out from the oyster and ambush the harvester.

If they were not alert, they would be bitten. The area bitten would swell badly and become extremely painful.

After Huan Qing Yan entered the region with the rest, they all split up. She did not take action immediately and had decided to observe first.

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The oyster region was very vast, it was unknown which oyster would contain pearls and which would contain sea centipedes, it completely relied on your own judgment.

Oysters should not be opened without thoughts as a sea centipede possesses a strength that was equivalent to an Early-Stage True Spirit Master. If unable to kill the sea centipede on the spot, the sea centipede might gather and it would eventually become a deadly situation.

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