Chapter 9 – Mental Energy Crystal

“Puchi Puchi”

Other than their screams, there was also the sound of fighting. The Nightwalker Bats and… the Blood Water Fleas were fighting.

Maybe, he would be able to take advantage of the situation.

The energy crystals of Nightwalker Bats are Mental Energy Crystals, the type of crystals that Yang Tian needed.

However, Yang Tian did not bring along the mutated pig as its size was too big, it would not be able to help with his covert operation.

With a new shield and Tang Saber in his hands, Yang Tian turned into a black figure as he moved in the night.

The battlefield was up front, the Blood Water Fleas burst out from the thirteen mummified corpses and were attacking the Nightwalker Bats in the sky.

As for the corpses on the ground, if one were to take a close look, they would notice that the skin of the corpses was covered in red eggs.

There were also a few more fresh bodies on the ground. Hu Jun and the rest were not in it, it was likely that they have hidden themselves during the chaos.

Nightwalker Bats and Blood Water Fleas both hunts in groups. They might be only Rank 1 creatures, but they are not to be underestimated as they possessed the ability to instantly kill a Rank 3 creature.

The Blood Water Fleas were looking for an opportunity to burrow into the Nightwalker Bats’ bodies and feast on their flesh and blood. While the Nightwalker Bats would constantly release their soundwave attacks, the Blood Water Fleas that were struck by the soundwave would be instantly squashed by the claws of the bats.

A Blood Water Flea managed to burrow into the body of the Nightwalker Bat, but another Nightwalker Bat immediately attacked its companion without hesitation. The Disorienting Soundwave struck the injured Nightwalker Bat’s body, killing both the Nightwalker Bat and the Blood Water Flea within it.

The body of the Nightwalker Bat fell three meters away from Yang Tian. After properly hiding, Yang Tian slowly approached the body of the Nightwalker Bat and used his Tang Saber to extract the energy crystal inside its brain.

Mental Energy Crystal

As for the Blood Water Flea, these creatures do not possess energy crystals, but their bodies could be turn into something very valuable in the hands of an Alchemist. The higher the rank the more valuable the Blood Water Flea would be.

Amongst humans who awakened abilities, a portion of them awakened non-combat related abilities: The Alchemist, Smith, and Runemaster.

Alchemists as their name suggested, possessed the ability to refine potions and pills. They may be alchemists that can create blue or red potions or alchemists who can create pills that enhance the ability of Metahumans. All of them were individuals that were sought after by many in the later period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Smiths possessed the ability to forge powerful equipments and was also worshipped by many people.

Runemasters were the most mysterious of the three professions. The bizarre runes they create allowed them to possess great deterrence, unlike the other two professions. Runemasters themselves did not possess any fighting ability, but the runes they created possess extremely powerful destructive power.

A Lord Rank Runemaster could produce a destructive power that was even more terrifying than Epic Rank creatures.

To Yang Tian, the bodies of the Blood Water Fleas were useless objects, his main goal was to obtain Mental Energy Crystals from the Nightwalker Bats.

After Yang Tian collected ten crystals, he immediately left. Greed would often not lead to a good ending, knowing when to be content and retreat was the true way.

Yang Tian chose to leave when the creatures were still fighting.

When Yang Tian returned to the manor, he discovered the trace of an anomaly

Occupying my manor when I am not around?

Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai discovered that Yang Tian was not in the manor, so they sneaked in and hid inside the warehouse.

The mutated pig did not discover them but that did not mean that Yang Tian would not know.

All the food was stored within the warehouse. Yang Tian called the mutated pig, this time, his murdering heart has been ignited.


Yang Tian kicked opened the large door of the warehouse, they were currently eating the hardtacks and mineral water that Yang Tian had stored in there.

Cold energy began to emit from Yang Tian’s body, causing the student who was eating the food to uncontrollably shudder. The mutated pig roared when it felt the rage coming from Yang Tian.

“What… are you… trying to do” Hu Jun trembled as he spoke.

He felt as though he was current within an ice cave, cold air had instantly surrounded him and froze him completely.


Yang Tian threw the Scimitar in his hand. Before Hu Jun could even think of reacting, the Scimitar had pierced his heart.

However, as a Rank 1 Flame Warrior, Hu Jun did not die immediately.

Lee Si Kai that was beside him also did not expect the other party would display such an extreme reaction when they were only stealing a bit of food.

However, he did not know that this bit of food was more than enough to exchange the lives of several people in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. From Yang Tian’s point of view, even if he adds all of them together, they were still not as important as that bit of food.

“All of you have successfully made me angry”

Yang Tian’s legs pushed off like a spring, instantly appearing in front of the dying Hu Jun. He slashed his saber at Hu Jun’s head.

Striking the heart might not make him die immediately but piercing through the head would certainly kill him instantly.

Lee Si Kai was only able to react now, using the speed of a Cheetah Warrior, he managed to successfully block Yang Tian’s strike. The Tang Saber in Lee Si Kai’s hand was also obtained from within the warehouse.

“Can you please listen to…”

Before Lee Si Kai could finish speaking, Yang Tian’s leg was already on his stomach.


A powerful kick landed on Lee Si Kai’s stomach, causing him to take several steps back while his face flushed red.

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Yang Tian raised his hand and slashed it towards Hu Jun’s neck.

“Wait… Wait a minute”

The female teacher was also part of the group who was stealing food. Earlier on she was too terrified to speak to Yang Tian, but now that Hu Jun was about to die, she has to stand up.

However, the words of the teacher were certainly not enough to stop Yang Tian from continuing his actions.

The next scene had caught Yang Tian rather unexpectedly, the female teacher pounced towards Yang Tian. Her clumsy action did not manage to catch Yang Tian, he simply took a side step and caused the female teacher to eat dirt instead.

“We only came to steal food because we are really hungry beyond words. We can compensate you, please let us go”

Yang Tian stopped his actions, the female teacher thought that her words were effective and quickly added”

“We are truly sorry for eating your food. We will certainly compensate you for it”

However, Yang Tian did not reply to the female teacher as he was looking at the identification card that she dropped on the floor.

“You are… Guan Qing Xue?” Yang Tian’s voice was slightly shaky as he spoke.

“Yes… that’s right. I am Guan Qing Xue”

“Do you have a student called Xiao Mei Yi and a boyfriend called Duo Liang?” Yang Tian grabbed the shoulders of Guan Qing Xue excitedly.

Guan Qing Xue, what a familiar name. No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity the first time he saw her.

In his previous life, the first time Yang Tian met Guan Qing Xue, her face was riddled with knife scars and not as beautiful as she was now. At that time, Yang Tian was only a Rank 2 Beast Tamer while Guan Qing Xue was a Rank 5 Night Assassin.

Guan Qing Xue saved Yang Tian’s live countless times, yet she had never asked for anything in return. Yang Tian did not know how come such good luck had happened to him as well.

During a conversation with Guan Qing Xue, Yang Tian learned about what happened to Guan Qing Xue after the Apocalypse happened. One of her students called Xiao Mei Yi became food for a Red Carapace Beetle while trying to protect her. While her boyfriend, Duo Liang, gave her away to a small Monster Hunting Group in exchange for a bit of food.

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She experienced countless sufferings under that group of Monster Hunters. However, they were all wiped out during a mission, allowing Guan Qing Xue to escape from their clutches.

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