Chapter 751 – Foolish Girl?

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This was an oyster region; there were countless sea oysters on the coral reefs and between stones.

There were big and small ones of various shades of colors, some of them were opened while some were closed…

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At the very front of the oyster region, gathered a group of people.

There were all wearing the uniforms of Surging Wave Academia and were also the loudest.

“Those who are passing by, don’t miss the chance! Authentic Surging Wave Academia Water Repelling Talisman! For only one hundred thousand spirit stones, you can buy one Water Repelling Talisman that lasts for 2 hours!”

“Up front is the world-famous pearl oyster region, be it, male or female cultivators, this is a cultivator world where your face matters. With those Beauty Pearls, you will be one step closer to your man god or female goddess!”

“If you wish to sleep beside a man god or female goddess, then don’t ignore the Water Repelling Talisman because it is expensive! If you want to harvest Beauty Pearls, you must possess a lasting and trustworthy Water Repelling Talisman! If not, you can only watch the Beauty Pearls from afar and be unable to touch it…”


Business was not too bad; some of the observers were rather rich. They immediately took out a hundred thousand and bought a Water Repelling Talisman before leaving.

Of course, the poorer kids made up the majority as well and most could not afford the price tag.

One of the observers said, “A hundred thousand is too expensive, can you give some discount?”

“That’s right, it’s so expensive! You guys from the Surging Wave Academia are here to steal money.”


The students who were Water Repelling Talisman replied, “What are you guys talking about, we are giving a fair trade here. The amount of Water Repelling Talisman we have with us was also not much; if you hesitate any longer, even if you want to buy, there would be none left.”

Huan Qing Yan squeezed through the crowd, ‘So they were here selling Water Repelling Talisman.’

Leafy allowed her to breathe, therefore she did not exchange for any Water Repelling Talisman when she set off.

If not, she would have been able to earn a small fortune.

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan saw a very short figure in the crowd. She thought her eyes were playing a trick and she confirmed it again!


Dorna turned his head and saw Huan Qing Yan, “Foolish Girl?”

“When did you come in? How come I did not notice!” Huan Qing Yan was surprised and happy. As there were too many wandering cultivators then, she did not take special note of the area.

Dorna was also very happy and swam over, “I just wanted to try my luck when I came, I did not expect that I would be selected by the Blood Moon Hidden Realm. I tried to look for you in the previous layer and did not manage to find you.”

The Wood Layer was very vast, even Ji Mo Ya was unable to locate her; so it was normal that Dorna was unable to find her as well.

She only felt happy and surprised, there were many fortunes within the hidden realm; she believes that Dorna must have his own share of harvests as well.

“What are you doing here?”

Dorna shyly replied, “Everyone who entered the Water Layer could only breathe freely for one day. After a day they would lose their protection, they would either drown or be unable to search for treasures underwater again. I did not prepare items for staying underwater while my Spirit Treasure did not have a water attribute as well.”

So, there was such a thing. Huan Qing Yan had just entered the sea and did not know of this rule.

If she knew, she would have exchanged some Water Repelling Talisman to make a fortune.

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan thought about the Waterdrop Fishes; the Water Repelling Talisman was made from the swim bladder of the fish…

“I do not have Water Repelling Talisman on me but I have the materials for making Water Repelling Talisman; the swim bladder of the Waterdrop Fish. I wonder if it is useful, you can try…”

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As she spoke, she took out a swim bladder, this was the leftovers from the time she made Waterdrop Fish cuisine for her Master. She kept the swim bladder after preparing the fish, Huan Qing Yan knew that it was useful and had not threw it away.

This was the first time Dorna saw this thing as well and do not know how to use it. After receiving it, he tried blowing spirit energy inside the swim bladder and the swim bladder turned into a huge air bubble…

[Translated by Cuppa]

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