Chapter 193: Second Floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower

In the East Unicorn Continent, a Reincarnation Realm expert was the true higher life form.

They governed the sect, while the sect governed the land.

If a sect didn’t have the backing of a Reincarnation Realm expert, that sect would most likely be eliminated in the blink of an eye.

Only by having a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, could a sect carry on its legacies.

The primary elders of the Five Poison Triad didn’t expect for the Azure Water Sect to find their lair. For the past years, they have always used underground routes to return back to their lair. Never have they once exposed themselves during their return route.

With just a turn of the head, a majority of the Five Poison Triad’s lair had collapsed. The rest of it continued to breakdown as countless rocks and mud fell. Don’t even mention a Heaven Realm martial artist, even a Reincarnation Realm martial artist may not be able to withstand the current situation.

Swosh, swoop, swosh…

Shadows escaped from the crevices and fled in all directions. From their qi presence, they were obviously all Heaven Realm martial artists.

“Scatter and exterminate.” Supreme Elder Xie laughed coldly. He clenched his right fist tightly and suddenly opened it up again.

Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo……

Like flower girls scattering petals, like a peacock’s feather display, the giant sky sword scattered into tens of thousands of sword qi. Each of the sword qi was enough to kill one Heaven Realm martial artist.

“Golden Toad Body!”

A veteran wearing a dark golden robe released his qi presence. A golden toad’s shadow shrouded him and blocked the numerous sword qi.

“Gecko Tail Substitute.”

Another brown robed veteran took the initiative to break one of his fingers. The broken finger exploded into a blood mist and formed a blood clone. The blood clone blocked the attack and allowed the veteran to preserve his life.

“A 4 star secret technique? Intriguing, but a pity you still have to die.”

Supreme Elder Xie controlled even more sword qi to assault the two of them.

Boom! Bang!

The first to fall was the gold robed veteran. The golden toad shadow which shrouded him withstood about a dozen sword qi until he finally collapsed.

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Next was the brown robed veteran. His 4 star secret technique was rather hard to deal with. He could constantly cripple parts of his body to create blood clones to sacrifice themselves for him. But the forming of blood clones was slower than the destructive speed of the sword qi. After a dozen sword qi attacks, the blood clones bursted along with the true body into bloody mists.

“Is there only two?”

Supreme Elder Xie frowned. After killing 20 plus Heaven Realm demon dao martial artists, it only expended a few dozen of his sword qi. What he was concerned about, were the other three primary chief elders of the Five Poison Triad. Could they have died under the surface of the ground?


8 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters out.

“Sect Origin Swords!” Zhao Wujin roared as thousands of sword qi shot at the Blue Scorpion Primary Elder.

The Blue Scorpion Primary Elder was rather formidable. Even amongst the inner sect elders of the Azure Water Sect, he was considered to be in the top 20. A pity that he has no way to deal with Zhao Wujin’s Sect Origin Swords. He was instantly slashed to death by the countless sword qi.

On the other side, four inner sect elders teamed up to deal with the Red Chain Primary Elder. After numerous tens of moves, the Red Chain Primary Elder was slain.

Though the Thousand Feet4Thousand Feetcentipede-masked man (Evil Dao practitioner) s Primary Elder was still nowhere to be seen.

After a few hours, Supreme Elder Xie and the others had no choice but to give up. From their information, they understood that the Thousand Feets Primary Elder was adept at tunneling. It was assumed that he has already tunneled an escape path.

With regards to this, everyone felt helpless but they weren’t disappointed either.

A single Thousand Feets Primary Elder couldn’t create much chaos by himself.

What’s more, if he dared to reappear to create chaos again, the Azure Water Sect could spend some resources to find him again.

This world was huge. There was every type of martial arts and secret technique that you could imagine.

In the sect, there was a secret technique that was specifically for tracking. As long as they could obtain a trace of your qi presence, you would be tracked to the edge of the world.

The news of 15 demon dao organizations being exterminated wasn’t advertised. The ones who knew of the information were only the upper echelons of Azure Water Sect and the remnants of the surviving demon dao organizations.

Seeing that the Azure Water Sect displayed their prowess, the surviving demon dao organizations didn’t dare to revolt. They knew that the Azure Water Sect generally didn’t make a move unless necessary, but once they did, they would force you into extinction. Which was why, within these few years, it would be better to remain low profile.


After staying at the sixth branch for a week, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist went back to the Azure Water Sect.

He could sense that the Azure Water region would have a long period of peace. During the times of peace, the Divine Wind Faction and Iron Blood Faction would undoubtedly enjoy the serenity too. Staying here would only be a waste of time.

He needed to go challenge the Direct Inheritance Tower again then go to the outside world to train himself.

That’s right, he was preparing to head into the pugilist world to train.

It wasn’t his way of life to carry on his normal cultivation routine.

He would not wait until he reached Heaven Realm in the Azure Water Sect before venturing out to the outside world. This kind of life was too boring and too dull.

Each level of the Direct Inheritance Tower was much harder than the next.

As of now, amongst all the direct disciples, only three of them have managed to pass the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower. And the three of them did not include Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

Of course Li Fuchen didn’t have the ability to challenge the third floor yet; his objective was to pass the second floor.

Arriving at the Direct Inheritance Tower, Li Fuchen saw Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

In just a few days, Xue Feng’s cultivation had actually reached the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

‘He should be here to challenge the third floor!’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Xue Feng noticed Li Fuchen too. He had quite a deep impression of Li Fuchen. In his heart, he had already treated Li Fuchen as the same kind of human as their kind. (Note: kind meaning those with same bone frame talent)

Taking back his gaze, Xue Feng entered the Direct Inheritance Tower.

A few moments later, the lantern of the third floor lit up.

“He passed?” Li Fuchen’s eyes brightened.

On the first floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, the formation pattern produced a class 3 mid-tier demonic beast. The formation pattern on the second floor and third floor were both set to produce class 3 high-tier demonic beasts.

But the second floor created a weaker class 3 high-tier demonic beast, while the third floor formed an extremely formidable class 3 high-tier demonic beast.

Walking out of the Direct Inheritance Tower, Xue Feng’s expression turned to a rather gentle one.

Sword Maniac was obsessed with sword arts. Other than training in seclusion, it would be cultivation. He didn’t intend to go out and temper himself at all.

Except for Sword Maniac and a few rare individuals, the rest of the direct disciples have all gone out to train themselves.

And he, also intended to venture out to train himself.

He long had the plan to venture out once he passes the third floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower.

“If you want to venture out, it would be best to go to the Hundred Battle region. It is a region that is ten folds larger than the Azure Water region. There will be countless opportunities for chanced encounters and countless dangers to temper oneself.”

When Xue Feng crossed shoulders with Li Fuchen, he sent a message into Li Fuchen’s ear.

Li Fuchen laughed lightly. His location in mind to temper himself was indeed the Hundred Battle region.

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It was a region where there wasn’t an absolute ruler. There were plenty of influential powers within and plenty of martial artists too. It was rumored that there are hidden tombs of absolute masters, which was also why it attracted so many expeditions from martial artists.

When the amount of people increased, there would be more conflicts too. It was unknown as to how many martial artists died in the Hundred Battle region, thus leaving behind unique martial arts manuals. The Hundred Battle region was also considered the place where one could obtain martial arts manuals.

In addition, the Hundred Battle region was a place where there were countless of dangerous monuments. It is said that, that region was where absolute masters used to conduct wars. Since those absolute masters vanished, they left behind the scars of their battles which became dangerous monuments.

Li Fuchen didn’t bothered about how Xue Feng knew he was venturing out for training.

Prodigies all lived a life of solitude and only another prodigy could understand their way of thinking.

As the previous challenger exited the Direct Inheritance Tower, Li Fuchen took a few steps forward and entered the tower.

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