Chapter 192: The Strength of Reincarnation Realm

After some sorting out, only three out of the fourteen direct disciples that were assigned to the seventh branch survived.

They were Emotionless Sword Xue Feng, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, and Xiang Tianqiang.

Xiang Tianqiang’s luck was rather good.

The first Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist targeted Emotionless Sword Xue Feng

While the second Heaven Realm demon dao martial artist Li Fuchen.

Xiang Tianqiang kept on fleeing and put a huge gap between him and the battlefield. Even along the way he didn’t meet any danger.

“I wonder how the sect will react?”

Even Li Fuchen felt that 11 dead direct disciples was a serious issue. A mere Devil’s Hand Guild actually took out 11 direct disciples. Had it been all of the top 10 demon dao organizations attacking in unison, the results would be catastrophic.

Although the possibility was minute, but with it being a possibility, it was a major threat.

With the seventh branch destroyed, Li Fuchen and the remnants of the seventh branch temporarily resided at the sixth branch.

A few days later, the news travelled to the Azure Water Sect.

The upper echelons of the Azure Water Sect were furious.

In the Azure Water Grand Hall, the Sect Patriarch, Sect Protectors, and highly ranked inner sect elders were all gathered.

“Damn those demon dao organizations. We have to eliminate them along with their roots this time.”

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“Of course we have to uproot them. It has been about 12 years since the last large scale eradication right? I wonder how much information the Secret Covert Faction has gathered.”

“I don’t think all that information is still reliable. These demon dao organizations are all extremely cunning. They would change the location of their headquarters every few years. Some demon dao organizations even have multiple hideouts to confuse enemies as to which is real or fake.”

“No matter how much information they have, this time, we have to uproot all the demon dao martial artists. I think our strategy in gathering information isn’t reliable. How can it be that easy to find out all the information of the demon dao organizations and wipe them all out in one go? We should do a sweep every few years, so that they dare not expose themselves and force them to leave the Azure Water region.”

“Che! Force them to leave the Azure Water region? Is that even possible? What do martial artists rely on for cultivation? Resources right? If they move over to other regions, they would either have to join other demon dao organizations or live with their tails between their legs and experience a tough life. Even though our Azure Water Sect is a massive existence in the Azure Water region, resources come by rather easily. They can also simply find a normal human or weak pugilist to practice their demon dao martial arts.”

“With a fast cultivation pace, a Qi Realm martial artist who cultivates demon dao arts can easily progress to the Origin Realm within a few years. In another dozen years or so, they would be able to progress to the Earth Realm. If they have some talent, they could become Heaven Realm experts in just 30 to 40 years. But in order to maintain this high pace of cultivation, they need to have their own territory.”

The speaking inner sect elder appeared to be wise as he analyzed the demon dao organizations with precise details.

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“Elder Gu is right. Demon dao martial artists can cultivate at an absurd speed but during the midst of their cultivation, they have a probability of turning into a mad demon. As they progress further, the probability becomes higher. To maintain such a fast pace of cultivation, they would need to consume countless innocent lives. If they are in an unfamiliar territory, they wouldn’t have as many sacrifices to consume. Unless absolutely necessary, I don’t think they will leave the Azure Water region.” One of the inner sect elders supported Elder Gu’s analysis.

Hearing the different opinions from the various inner sect elders, the middle aged white robed man waved his hand, “There is no point in arguing about all this now. Let’s wait for the Secret Covert Faction commander and ask for her opinion.”

“Sect Patriarch, the Secret Covert Faction commander has arrived.”

A guard’s voice echoed from outside the door.

“Summon her in.” The white robed man said.

The Secret Covert Faction commander was a middle aged woman who had sharp eyes and an emotionless expression. Her cultivation level was very high, she was at the 9th level of the Heaven Realm.

“Shi Ma Liu pays her respects to the Sect Patriarch.” The middle aged woman bowed with a wrapped fist.

“Faction Commander Shi Ma, tell me, how many demon dao organizations’ lair locations does the Secret Covert Faction have a grasp on?” The white robed man asked without beating around the bushes.

Shi Ma Liu replied, “After 12 years of hard work, the Secret Covert Faction is now in possession of 15 demon dao organizations’ location. Among them are 6 of the top 10 demon dao organizations. They are the Venomous Musca Guild, Dead Man’s Valley…and Five Poison Triad.”

“Hooh? Even the location of Five Poison Triad’s lair is in your hands?” The eyes of the white robed man lit up.

The Five Poison Triad was one of the top three demon dao organizations in the Azure Water region. Within this triad were dozens of Heaven Realm martial artists. There were five triad chiefs, all of which were at the 9th level of the Heaven Realm. They were titled the Five Poison Primary Elders. They are known as Blue Scorpion Primary Elder, Gold Toad Primary Elder, Red Chain Primary Elder, Thousand Feet4Thousand Feetcentipede-masked man (Evil Dao practitioner) s Primary Elder, and Gecko Primary Elder.

“Your faction actually possesses so much information. It seems like the previous plan did actually work.” Hearing Shi Ma Liu explain the information on the 15 demon dao organizations, everyone was surprised.

Taking a deep breath, the white robed man spoke without any suspicion, “It is good enough to possess the location of 15 demon dao organizations. For this large scale eradication, even if we cannot wipe out all of the demon dao organizations, we will at least be able to clean up 80% of them.”

“We shall act immediately. To prevent a leakage of information, the eradication will begin now. Someone go invite the Supreme Elders here.”

(TL note: Chief Elders changed to Supreme Elders)

“There is no need to invite me. I am here.”

A grey haired veteran suddenly appeared in the grand hall. He let out a qi presence prowess even before he was infuriated. Within the grand hall, only the white robed man could match up to him.

“Supreme Elder Xie, you are right on time. This eradication of the Five Poison Triad may need your assistance.” He didn’t intend for all the supreme elders to participate in the large scale eradication, he just wanted to ask around to see which supreme elder was willing to participate. Since Supreme Elder Xie was here, there was no need to inform the other supreme elders.

“I am just a bag of old bones. It would be good for me to do some exercise.” Supreme Elder Xie nodded.

A moment later, more than 200 inner sect elders were mobilized. Up in the skies of the Azure Water Sect was a massive amount of human figures covering the sect. Even without letting out any qi presence, there was already an endangering aura condensed in the sky.

Swish, swish, swish…

The multiple inner sect elders split into 15 groups and instantly flew out. Among them, Supreme Elder Xie’s shadow could not even be seen, it was as though he was invisible.

On the first day, four demon dao organizations were eradicated.

Second day, eight.

On the third day…

“Supreme Elder. The Five Poison Triad is right below that hill.” The one who informed him was one of the upper echelons belonging to the Secret Covert Faction.

Supreme Elder Xie nodded and informed Grand Elder Zhao Wujin, “Lockdown the entire area within a ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters radius, don’t let a single fly get out.”

“Yes.” Zhao Wujin and the rest of the inner sect elders spreaded out.

“This hill looks troublesome. It seems I have to use the secret technique.”

Supreme Elder Xie took a deep breath. When he exhaled, an absurdly petrifying qi presence exploded. The qi presence felt like it stopped time and was ready to destroy the heavens. It covered an entire few miles in radius.

At the same time, the clouds above the sky began to spin.

“Sect Origin Swords, congeal!”

Tens of thousands of sword qi appeared in the air. It then quickly merged and formed a giant sky sword that looked to be able to strike at the heavens.

“Fall!” Raising his right hand high up, Supreme Elder Xie swung down ruthlessly.


The 100 meter high hill got split into two.


Supreme Elder Xie consecutively swing his right hand. The giant sky sword thrust another cavity into the ground. Every cavity was about ten meters wide and was immeasurable in depth. It was though the giant sky sword was about to pierce through the earth.

The inside of the Five Poison Triad has already turned into a big pot of mixed porridge. The power of the Sect Origin Swords was too overwhelming. Every time the sword thrust in, a large amount of Five Poison Triad members would get buried alive or killed by the shock waves produced by the giant sky sword.

“It’s a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.” One of the Five Poison Triad chiefs was shocked.

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