Chapter 194: Devil Break Arrow

With his cultivation level at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm and comprehension of three mystic class, mid-tier sword intents; Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist found no difficulty in passing the second floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower.

Now that he has passed the second floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, he could redeem a true art.

This time, Li Fuchen redeemed a 3 star secret technique.

4 star secret techniques could only be redeemed after passing the fourth floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower.

As for 5 star secret techniques, one would need to pass the seventh floor of the tower. And to Li Fuchen, that was much too far a target.

This 3 star secret technique was called Primary Clear Hand. It allowed qi flowing through the hand to be transmuted into primary clear qi. The burst strength of primary clear qi was much superior than the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. The Mystical Dragon Secret Technique could increase one’s qi burst strength by two fold, but the Primary Clear Hand could increase one’s qi burst strength by more than two folds.

But the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was an overall increase, whereas the Primary Clear Hand only increased the qi’s in one’s hand only.

In terms of rarity, the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was still superior.

Other than the 3 star secret technique, Li Fuchen redeemed a mystic class, high-tier sword art.

In the Azure Water Sect, a mystic class, high-tier martial arts wasn’t considered a true art, only mystic class peak-tier martial arts were categorized as true arts.

Of course, not just anyone could redeem mystic class, high-tier martial arts; except for direct disciples and inner sect elders, or anyone with a higher or equivalent status. If anyone else wanted to redeem a mystic class, high-tier martial arts, they would need to have some significant contribution to the sect first.

Li Fuchen’s redeemed a mystic class, high-tier sword art named Blaze Devil Sword Style.

This was a horrific sword art. At its peak form, it had the power to easily repel demons and spirits.

Li Fuchen didn’t expect himself to comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent within a short period of time. It wasn’t realistic even with his pale blue soul spirit. Even though he may have a sufficient perception, his cultivation level was too far off.

Even so, Li Fuchen ended up redeeming it. He didn’t know when he would return from this training trip. Perhaps during this training period, he would eventually comprehend the Blaze Devil Sword intent?

Not in a hurry to set off for his training venture, Li Fuchen concentrated on cultivating the Primary Clear Hand.

As he gradually got a deeper understanding of the Primary Clear Hand, Li Fuchen understood that the Primary Clear Hand wasn’t any inferior to the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

Even though it didn’t provide an overall boost like the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique did, it instead boosted the burst strength of one’s hands by more than two folds. Other than that, it enhanced his palms. When at the completion rank, his hands wouldn’t be inferior to a yellow class, peak-tier weapon.

The Primary Clear Hand had a total of two ranks. At the first rank, one’s palm color would glow of a pale pink.

At the second rank, the hand would turn pale yellow.

Only at the completion of the second rank, would the hand recover back to its original color.

Looking at his pinkish tender hands, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but cry from laughter.

His hands were too smooth and tender. If one didn’t look intently, they wouldn’t be able to find any pores.

But they weren’t the same as the hands of a woman. These hands were indeed tender and soft, but they weren’t weak. These jade like looking hands looked as though they were carved from jade, but contained a whole lot of strength.


Without using any qi, Li Fuchen stabbed his right hand into a yellow class, mid-tier ore.

Pfff, pfff, pfff…

Using both hands to stab consecutively, the yellow class mid-tier ore, was stabbed into a beehive.

‘Isn’t this equivalent to a body refinement technique for the hand?’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

After a few more days, Li Fuchen’s hand turned into a pale yellow color.

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His pale yellow hands gave off an icy aura that was extremely ruthless.

It seems as though these hands gained its own consciousness and could claim a life anytime it wanted.

Li Fuchen analyzed his familiar yet strange hands.

He realized that once the Primary Clear Hand has attained the second rank, numerous delicate patterns appeared on the surface of his skin. Taking a closer look, these patterns obviously contained the essence of the Primary Clear Hand.

“This secret technique sure is mysterious!” Li Fuchen was overwhelmed with feelings.

A secret technique was still a martial arts. But it actually had a huge difference though in comparison martial arts.

The final goal of a martial art was to comprehend its intent.

But the ultimate goal of a secret technique was to uncover its heaven and earth secrets.

The path of the two arts were different.

One was to create, the other was to uncover.

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“It is time for me to go venture.”

It wasn’t easy to attain the completion rank for the Primary Clear Hand. Besides clearing a majority of the meridians in one’s hand, the cultivator would need to reform the structure and flesh of his hand to allow it to grow tougher and increase its ability to withstand larger forces.

Right now, perception wasn’t useful. The fundamental process could not be completed with shortcuts.


“You want to go out and train?”

In the direct disciple grand hall, Zhao Wujin was surprised.

Li Fuchen nodded, “Yes.”

“Isn’t it a bit too early? You are just at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm now. It wouldn’t be too late to go on a training venture after you break through to the 6th level of the Earth Realm. I believe it would only require you another few years.” Zhao Wujin suggested.

To temper oneself in the outside world was too risky. Out of every ten direct disciples who ventured outside, one or two of them would perish.

To venture outside, one not only needed ability, but luck too. Without sufficient luck, you would end up meeting a Heaven Realm martial artist.

Li Fuchen replied, “I want to grow even faster. The Azure Water region isn’t able to satisfy me anymore.”

“Grow even faster?” Zhao Wujin shook his head. Without life how would one continue to grow?

The true meaning of growth was to grow steadily with one’s foundation.

All in all, he could never understand the thoughts of a gold class direct disciple.

All of these gold class direct disciples lived in solitude and  were stubborn. Once they had their goal set, not even ten horses could drag them back.

Only Sword Maniac was slightly better.

But Zhao Wujin knew that Sword Maniac was a bit special. He was only obsessed with sword arts and nothing else.

Zhao Wujin almost forgot that he was also once a gold class direct disciple, although he wasn’t one of the elites.

Sighing, Zhao Wujin said, “I know your heart is set. I won’t try to persuade you anymore. These are three Devil Break Arrows and a crossbow personally crafted by me. It is for you to defend yourself. If you encounter any enemy that you cannot win against, a single Devil Break Arrow may perhaps help you turn the odds in your favour.”

“Devil Break Arrow?”

Li Fuchen curiously received the 3 arrows that were a meter long and had a width of a chopstick.

This arrow is made of the mystic class mid-tier, black gold ore. At the arrowhead position was a black crystalline ore that looked to be fatal.

Zhao Wujin explained, “The arrow’s shaft isn’t anything special, it is just ordinary black gold ore. But the arrowhead’s crystal is a Devil Break crystal that can’t even be bought with tens of thousands of gold coins. It is specially made to break qi. You can try its power.”

Hearing Zhao Wujin’s statement, Li Fuchen released the True Inferno qi from his body and formed a protection qi. His right hand poured qi into the Devil Break Arrow as he then thrusted it towards his own body.


With extreme ease, the arrow pierced through Li Fuchen’s qi protection.

“Such fatality.” Li Fuchen gasped.

If anyone used this Devil Break Arrow to deal with him, it would have killed him with a single arrow.

Of course, it would have to hit first.

“Thanks Grand Elder.” Li Fuchen thanked with gratitude.

Zhao Wujin replied, “It wouldn’t be too late to thank me after you return.”

These three Devil Break Arrows were just a countermeasure. It was an unknown whether they would truly be useful against an impeccable enemy.

After leaving the direct disciple grand hall, Li Fuchen headed towards the resource hall. He redeemed a total of 2 million contribution points worth in pills and other items.

The next day, Li Fuchen rode the class 2 demonic blood horse and galloped from the Azure Water Sect.

From the skies, Zhao Wujin followed stealthily. 2 weeks later, as Li Fuchen left the Azure Water region, only then was Zhao Wujin willing to return back to the Azure Water Sect.

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